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    It seems to me the engine generally need optimising though. Even in SP mode, even though I get a fairly playable frame rate most of the time, I get occasional graphical lag, mainly when zooming with scope or binoculars. I'm using an i5 3570k and GTX 660 which I thought should be able to handle Arma 3 on ultra in SP very well. And thanks for clarification regarding servers and dev build. Hopefully this can be put back to normal soon.
  2. MarkC81

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I followed the procedure for getting the dev client to download in Steam but it didn't work, I'll have another go. Is it true that using the dev client restricts access to non-dev version servers though?
  3. MarkC81

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Looking forward to this a lot. Loving Arma 3 so far but the performance really could use some improvement. Would like to see it make more effective use of my fairly decent hardware.