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    Endless Survival

    Hey! Well i came across this mission a few days ago and my clan is now at the point that we now have a server running this mission! We have rented a server from HFB Servers and with a few changes to the .PBO (many thanks to Deathlyrage from Breaking Point for doing this) this runs great on a server environment! I myself am a Machinima Network partner with YouTube and im looking to see if you would be interested in me making some video content on this mod to help promote it? Also myself and my clan are more than happy to get involved in any testing and we look forward to the 0.50 release. Great work on the mod dude and we look forward to seeing where it goes in the future! If you wish to talk to me further with regards to making video content or server hosting feel free to contact me. I hope you dont feel im being too forward, we just really love your mod idea and would love to get involved where we can. Cheers!