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  1. Hey guys, some of you may know the original BattlEye remote console. While running it from Windows is there any possible way to store the output of the application console to a file like in batch mode with > operator? To start BERcon with the parameters host, port and password allows instant connection without typeing in. Would like to store the live console log into a log file. I know console.log file is exiting and BE log files, too. But imagine the BERcon is on a separate dedicated server. Anybody has an idea? Greetings
  2. fake

    BERcon log

    Tried all possible output ways with batch already. Unfortunately its not working for that case.
  3. Hello guys, I'm trying to fix a problem for another guy. He has the same stupid memory crashs in Arma3 MP like a lot of other people, too. - Windows 10 is up to date - drivers also - tryed already change cmd line -malloc Nothing worked. He's been able to play like 10-20 minutes and than the game crashs all the time. dxdiag: http://puu.sh/pVFOv/9e54784d7e.png rpt & dump: http://www.megafileupload.com/77c0/Arma_3.rar (no panic its a real .rar) Maybe you can figure out what the problem is. We tested so many troubleshoots and read that much posts you wouldnt belive. - FakE
  4. fake

    Arma3 crashes

    #push Unsolvable problem? RPT logs ; crash dump - everything is there.
  5. fake

    Arma3.exe failure

    Problem got solved by setting the malloc to system. Well I read this should be fixed by patch in past, but it seems like it didn't.
  6. Hello guys, Arma3 crashs randomly while joining a server or when playing on one. Most times no message appears, it hard closes the application. Since the last update I'm not more able to join a server. Every game type or mission is loading and the game crashs almost at the same time. It's almost the same failure structure only the hexcode is different. (Well it a RAM error for the non-German guys - but not all the time) This game sux so hard and every update makes it a litte bit more worse, but well if it works some kind of day, its fun, so I want to fix this issue. Has anyone of you an idea? --- Software and hardware were up to date and absolutly modern. Steam failure searching brings no application error on sight. Delete the old mission files and all tmp shit, doesn't help, too. So whats the next step to get this ... working again?
  7. Hello guys! I've just a short question to you. Is it possible (at the moment) to import the mission file of Altis life RPG in 3D alpha editor? Do you know a way or what I can do, that I can edit the mission in the editor? I searched so much sites and forums and can't find any help. Before, let me say thanks for every helpful post! Greetings -> FakE
  8. fake

    Altis Life RPG

    Hey guys! Is there a way to import the Altis life mission file to the 3D alpha editor? If you know that, please tell it to me. I wan't to edit the Altis map with the 3D editor. Is that possible?
  9. Ok guys. I've just understand your opinion. Than I should say sry to Tonic and will think better about all next time. @Green Thx! We have to create a hive system because we have to many players. ;D And we're loving our community which rises day per day. NOW I CAN PRESENT ALL HUGE UPDATES!! So again thank you both!
  10. Hello guys! I think a big amount servers are German servers. We're on of this so I translated the whole mission. After this I tested it and saw the script won't show special chars. I can't understand it because I saw special chars on other servers. So it appears that there have to be a function or declaration where I can control. But I can't found anything like this... Does anyone know how to activate special chars? For example in dialogs, at the chat, at the hind (top right) and so on... Some German "special chars" are Ä ä Ö ö Ü ü and ß. Guys I really need your help! Tonic isn't answering my message... Kind regards #FakE
  11. WOW! Your two guys are my heros! Both of your tipps had solved the problem of the whole script. Now I have to work and edit all files of Tonic useless encoding type. I THANK YOU BOTH! :notworthy:
  12. Just download the standard Altis Life RPG mod. Edit on file maybe the "core/session/fn_syncData.sqf". Edit the hint messages when the player saved his data. Maybe edit to the followring... Than look what happend... This is a shit bug an Tonic won't help... :confused:
  13. Yes I had done and I could see all special chars in all functions (systemChat, hint and titleText). I have a script where I can see special chars ONLY if I pressed Z (only in the main dialog). But I can't found this god damned function or declaration, which replace them. TAW_Tonic don't answer since days and I don't know how to solve. What a shit situation... ---------- Post added at 15:30 ---------- Previous post was at 14:53 ---------- Does anyone have an idea or could solve the problem? :confused:
  14. Nothing found! I've searched for the strings in every file. Nothing was sound, really nothing and I searched in mod without edit. Could there be a "problem" with the broadcast functions?
  15. WTF? You didn't understand, right? I downloaded the mod as it is und start it as it is!!! If I only translate some text maybe at a dialog or a hint (function), I can't use special chars. Nowhere - notime!!! Just understanded? STANDARD SCRIPT - STANDARD START - NO SPECIAL CHARS SHOWN! --- an example: "Übersicht" (means overview) > has one SPECIAL CHAR > Ü ü SHOWN IN GAME: " bersicht" WHY IT IS SHOWN SO STUPIDLY??? --- So how I can "activate" special chars or show them?
  16. fake

    Altis Life RPG

    @ALL Hello guys! I'm very afraid because I translated the hall mod and could see at the end, that all special chars are HIDDEN!!! This is big shit because I finished translation. That couldn't be a bug because I saw the special chars on other servers. HOW ENABLE / SHOW SPECIAL CHARS??? Really I need your help!!! The didn't work in dialogs, in _hint functions and so on...
  17. fake

    Altis Life RPG

    Hey guys! We're a German community so I translate everything in our language. Now I've found some strange error which I hate. Text in functions like _hint or generall in dialogs couldn't view special characters. But a bit dialogs und _hint functions view special characters and the most not. FOR EXAMPLE I used such special characters at the dialog "player_inv.hpp". If I pressed Z ingame and open the dialog all special characters are SHOWN. The same special characters I used in the dialog "gang.hpp". But if I klick to open this dialog all special characters are NOT SHOWN. Now I edit the hall language and saw this bug. I'm frustated. Did anyone know why it shows special characters there and otherwise not? special characters Ä ä Ö ö Ü ü ß
  18. fake

    Altis Life RPG

    Please, I need to know it. :p Does anyone else know, how to hide specific OR simply all Battleye messages?
  19. fake

    Altis Life RPG

    Ok I think your right. So I can disable all Battleye server-side messages? Tell it me now, please.
  20. fake

    Altis Life RPG

    I think that's no good idea to disable all messages, because BEC send info messages before every server restart. But if its possible I think I should hide all. How I can Do it?
  21. fake

    Altis Life RPG

    First I have to say our server is everytime full with 60-80 players. Of cause, we've installed B.C.E. I configuraded everything as well. But we think the messages Battleye writes in chat are too much. So the question is, could I hide all These messages for example this ones which kick players who cant use reserved slots?
  22. fake

    Altis Life RPG

    Does anyone know, how to fix this problem? Are there 100 slots usaable, if I configured them or not? The list is always shown 64 slots, not one more. Could more than 64 players connect or NOT?
  23. fake

    Altis Life RPG

    Good evening! I configurated the server and include the Altis Life Mod and we have a full 60 slot server with very wunderful permance. To expand the server we've edit the slots via. edit the config. Now there's the big problem! It's not possible, that the server get more then 64 slots. If i configurated for example 100 slots, the server will only have 64 slots (the multiplayer list is telling me). I could edit the slots downwards, but not upwards, higher than 64 slots. WE NEED HELP, AS FAST AS IT'S POSSIBLE! Kinds regards #FakE - Philip (German)