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    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Just to let you know, your ArmAHolic link is linking to gamefront.
  2. Khemitude

    TMR Modular Realism

    I find I have to delete the pbo's of each of those for them to actually be removed.
  3. Indeed I took one look at the launcher that you mentioned and it sent my head spinning it's so unintuitive. Your more than welcome to use my code just don't forget to add the quotation mark like I did :D
  4. Whoops yep I meant to put CBA in the top mod line but forgot, I've tried adding the location of it but then when loading into game, it still hasn't loaded it but its also not loading any of the other mods specified either in that case, though in the expasions bit along with the usual expansion that are checked are "ca" and "arma". So to clarify when using the batch file without the location of arma 2, it all loads into game fine and in the expansion menu there is all the mods i've specified activated. But when adding the location of arma 2 none of the mods specified are loaded but neither is the arma 2 stuff either but going into the expansions menu there is now "ca" and "arma" along with the regular operation arrowhead and dlc stuff. I kinda want to use my own batch file as i can tweak and add what not very easily. So heres what I have now, also going to take a quick screenshot to show you what i mean in the menu, note ill be using set "b" so ill be trying to load the Lions of Kandhar mod list Screenshots: Before adding in C:\games\arma 2 After adding it in: ---------- Post added at 21:21 ---------- Previous post was at 20:30 ---------- DERP! Forgot the first quotation mark before "-mod=" So it was reading "-mod=C:\Games\arma" and stopping there because of the space between arma and 2.... all working fine now. Christ that's embarrassing.... after all that I was tearing my hair out trying to figure why it would work.
  5. I'm trying to create a batch file that will Load certain mods depending on the campaign I pick in the command prompt, its all working except for the fact I don't know how to set it up so it uses combined operations as at the minute its just launching operation arrowhead without the arma 2 files. Heres what I've gotten so far:
  6. Khemitude

    Arma 3 Facetrack Noir

    You need to adjust the curves, or if not that then using the smoothing may help.
  7. He he, just re-watched Black Hawk Down yesterday.
  8. Thanks appreciate it. I'd also be willing to do the same for the text that comes up when talking to the resistence and such but I'd need to know which files I'm looking for the briefing was easy enough to find but had a look and couldn't figure out the others.
  9. I have edited the briefing.sqf to make it sound better in English and also to fix any spelling mistakes; Below is what I changed in it, if you want to include it with the mission feel free to add it in.