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  1. Yeah Arma 2 DayZ Orgins has that ability where you can take any part from other vehicles to fix your up.
  2. I cannot wait for this to be on some sort of a hive. Because by the time you build a base up and get everything there the server restarts and you lose everything.
  3. Alright man if you ever need a Chicago based server then let me know. I always have high ping to those other servers running it and it seems like they do not run as smooth as ours do when running your mod. So if you decide to add another let us know. Will be downloading V2.2.1 here in a few and if you ever want to check out our server it is clanHBS server.
  4. Hello JoSchaap, first off want to say amazing mod! I have been playing it since it was released. Second I was wondering if by chance my server on my clans server box can be used as a test server? I see the other servers when I go search and was wondering how they get the files early? Our server box is really nice and the game servers we run on it run smooth as butter. Also is v2.2 out yet? I see that there is 2.2.1 in the making right now on the NL server. Hope to hear back from you soon. Keep up the good work!!