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  1. I'm playing around with the editor, where I fly around and engage hostile Ifrit HMG's and I noticed I no longer get radar contacts (grey boxes in the the top center circle). I know that I can't lock on since the AH-9 Pawnee only has direct fire weapons but I used to be able to target. Is this a bug or did Bohemia change the mechanics? (I guess you would need targeting pod to track targets in real life, so maybe this is part of adding some realism?) Video from a few years back where the contacts would show up in the radar (probably need to go full screen to see them)
  2. plankton

    Deleting map objects

    Thanks. Just to clarify I'm using the Stratis map and the build-in editor from the ARMA 3 BETA main menu
  3. Hi there, I'm new to ARMA editing and have ARMA 2 and ARMA 3 Beta installed (both Steam). The last similar thread is 2 yrs old, so sorry if this should be a repost. I want to delete objects on the map that are part of the standard map (Stratis) in order to remove a base and build a new one of my own design on the same spot. Is there a way to delete these map objects?