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  1. Baconeo

    Lockheed C-130

    Do you plan on doing a version without the drop tanks? For us Brits that would be ideal, very nice work on those though!
  2. Baconeo

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    Has anyone fixed the L129 so that the silencer actually shows up as it can get a bit confusing for others when firing etc.
  3. Baconeo

    EricJ Release thread

    Eric just wondering but do you still plan on releasing that L85 model you had a while back with the grippod on it? If I remember correctly it was quite a nice model!
  4. Baconeo

    DG British Armed Forces

    This is a really simple config file change, in DG's Chinook pack he set the maximum mass to 10000 whereas the Chinook in this pack is 2000. If you would like the updated config I can upload it unless DG doesn't want me to.
  5. Amazing work, can't wait for a release :D
  6. That's awesome, we can finally get a fully working Apache!
  7. Are you able to edit Kiory's Parachute Regiment beret as it covers half the screen when you wear it in first person, cheers
  8. Baconeo

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    Awesome, using CSE makes armour that little bit more important! haha
  9. Baconeo

    EricJ Release thread

    Could you possibly take a look at making an L119 pack with different camos (woodland and desert). Lennard had one for Arma 2 but it has not been ported to Arma 3 yet and it is one of my most favorite weapons! Cheers.
  10. Baconeo

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    Did you ever figure out if the values were lower than they should be?
  11. Do you have a fix until the update is out?
  12. Are you able to add in the the little bunny hop and change the walking animation? Coming from AGM is slightly annoying to not have these and nothing to replace them, thanks!
  13. Baconeo

    United States Air Force

    Thanks! When I am putting in my new skins as new vehicles (like you have done with the cargo variant) however for whatever reason I get the U.S. Air Force text overwrite the skin no matter what. If I replace your original textures it won't do that for the main version but still on the cargo. Do you know why this is? Thanks again :)
  14. Are you going to be adding sling loading to the CH-47 Thanks :)
  15. Baconeo

    United States Air Force

    Hi there, do you have any problems with me retexturing your C130J to RAF textures? If you don't would it be possible for you to release a version with no drop tanks? Thanks!
  16. When I drop items from C130J Cargo the parachute does not deploy until the last second/as the vehicle or whatever hits the grounds. Is there a reason for this?
  17. What script or config file do you store the .p3d to use for each LR radio? If you are OK with it I would like to attempt to put in different .p3d's for each LRR so we can have multiple for different ranks in the realism unit I am in. Cheers.
  18. Baconeo

    EricJ Release thread

    I can't seem to find that L85 in your picture in your pack? Is it included or a private model? Thanks :)
  19. Hi guys, making a rifle range script for my unit and struggling with displaying the score to only certain players. Originally in ArmA 2 we had it display the score in side chat but I can't do that and have resorted to hints but because of multiple ranges I need the hints to display to units within a certain area of the ranges, is this possible? Thanks!
  20. I ran without TFR and it did still not work unfortunately. Very confused as to why it will not work.
  21. I put that into my script, had an AI unit named range as well as trying it naming myself range and yet it does not show up. I made sure I was running the map as a server as otherwise the chat wouldn't work. I am not entirely sure where to go from here. Cheers, added that in but unfortunately it does not work as in my script doing what I wanted.
  22. Unfortunately that did not work, is there something I could be missing? I am running AGM and TFR but I would not have thought that they would interfere. This is how the score segment of my code is looking at the moment. tScore = format ["Rifle Range 2 - Targets: %1 Hit: %2", _inc, _score]; range globalChat format ["%1",tScore];
  23. Sorry I should have explained, range is a unit. Do I have to include the _ even if the units name is simply "range"?