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  1. NATO Replacement HQ

    yes i can but this give error with other mod based in model of vanilla and missions pre-defined
  2. NATO Replacement HQ

    Thank for say me I fix this in the next Update

    a next update fix various problem thank

    this was a experimental and personal look and I get something problems and for moment I will not release it, other litte change if up coming in the next update...
  5. HQ Replacement CSAT

    I fix this in the next update thank
  6. NATO Replacement HQ

    Update 1.6.3 -Add new platecarrier mpt and helmet with new textures -Add new optionals replasement vehicles in tan camo (WIP recomend BLUFOR: Tropic Vehicle Textures for Tanoa Faction while a texture resourse is add) -Add unit is equipped with P226 (Niarms P226 requerided) -Add new Unifrom and load out to recon team (MTP and M81) -Add New MK14 Vanila black retexture -Removed M14 and SAW for moment -Update with last niarms release version -Other several Fix
  7. NATO Replacement HQ

    end of this month
  8. Injured Ai Mod

    this work in single player?

    yes is correct i fix this in next update
  10. NATO Replacement HQ

    hello yes a new update is ready but i have problem of internet conection on mi country and i will make posible for release the update... the texture in the screenshot is a personal work but i would release a camo retexture proyect ofcourse with all of rights of autor textures, and vehicles camo of nato is ready this will have a tan textures...
  11. NATO Replacement HQ

    Thank man I will update mi mod soon ... i dont have much time and i have any problem of internet conection on mi country but soon i will release the next update with sig sauer and more...
  12. GSTAVO's Weapons

    yes man this mod is great but depend of RHS is much, a only CBA dependence y this will be great, we wait soon a no RHS version
  13. BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Exist a way of change the blood pool textures for the vanilla blood pool in the last dlc lawn of war? Thanks
  14. HQ Replacement CSAT

    Thank I will fix this in the next update
  15. HQ Replacement CSAT