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  1. As a heads up, none of the new variants (any of the gunpod versions, or the cannon or HOT1) work on dedicated server as far as I can tell. The dedicated throws up a "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles.sfp_bo105_pah1'." for whichever version you put in and switches to the next mission in the list. The bench seat and the standard guided AT seem to work fine, although it shows all of the external weapon options at once (but they cannot be used) (http://i.imgur.com/MsXI2u6.jpg). Also, Not sure if the gunner on the HOT1 is bugged or what, but you cant look around and switching to the weapon sight view locks it into an over the shoulder perspective, like you are looking past the pilots in the front seat.

    Are you sure that the mod is running on the dedicated server?

  2. I'm not sure if I should release my own version, as it does seem to work for organized multiplayer, where you have a set modpack and you can ensure everyone has the part that sends the event handler info.

    Also, to save on performance, it would be wise to change the surface splatter monitoring from spawning lots of threads, to a single function that loops through the bloodsplatters.


    I've also discovered a bug with the bloodspray I managed to fix. If you shoot a magazine full auto into a person you'd get some sprays that don't exit their animation properly, leaving sprites that are just hanging in the air. I fixed it by only allowing one spray to be animated at a time, setting a variable to true if an animation is in progress so that any new attempts will quit until it's set to false.

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  3. Also may I suggest adding a BL_var_ prefix to your variables? It's a good idea to keep them unique to avoid some other mod accidentally conflicting. Should use bl_fnc_ for functions, although you can also just use the functions library and it will prefix is automatically. It's cleaner than defining in a script file.

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  4. Hey, I've been playing around with your mod, tweaking the blood and trying to make it multiplayer compatible. This wouldn't work for a public server setting, but the idea I'm using is to split the mod into two, one that initializes units and other that has the function to draw the blood. This gets around the whole locality issue with the hitpart event handler.

    Other than that I've tried creating a seperate rvmat for the surface textures so that they're lighter and making the textures slightly transparent (0.95 opacity).


    I think this adds a nice effect. Good luck with your mod.

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  5. Your textures look great! I'm sure you'll appreciate what I've done with v1.1 as far as texture handling goes ;)

    As far as the shading is concerned, there's nothing I can do on my end to change that, as that's how the UserTexture object in ArmA is shaded. It's outside my realm of knowledge (for now at least).


    Couldn't you theoretically create your own model that you apply the texture to? That should allow you to set the rvmat and have more control over the shading.

    Perhaps if you're using the standard arma object check out hiddenSelectionsMaterials.

    As a command: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setObjectMaterial

  6. I have some questions about view distance.

    First of all, I have my video settings set up as such:


    But it seems the client view distance is higher than what I have set in my video settings. I'm guessing this because I have my OVD and VD set to the same thing, but I still see terrain without any objects drawn on top of it. It seems to occur after getting out of a vehicle, so I guess it doesn't reset properly.

    The other thing I want to ask. Is there support for setting the terrain grid setting to 50 automatically when in air vehicles and setting it to the normal value once you leave? Note I'm saying only air vehicles because it's still obscuring to a degree for land vehicles.

    Just asking now before I actually go make a bug report and feature request.

  7. When the EDEN update hit, gear randomization was apparently disabled for missions created in EDEN. I need this on for my mission, but I haven't been able to get it back either by

    setting bis_enableRandomization to true,

    running the script manually from the pbo,

    running the function,

    using the description.ext parameter that controls randomization.

    I need a simple fix that can randomize the uniforms and headgear without having to get all the classnames myself.

  8. To be honest, I think any implementation would be a waste of time for BIS, they could work on other stuff for all the time it would take to code, implement and debug this. I doubt the end result would prove to have any advantages than any external code editor. If they should do anything it should be to make it easier to work with external tools, like adding a button that opens the mission directory.

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  9. Many problems with performance can be attributed to the CPU. Not because the graphics run on the cpu, but because the AI and scripts running end up so intensive that the CPU is the bottleneck. In MP, the way scripts and ai run is a bit different, but there's also the added synchronization between players to make performance worse. Since arma performance is mainly single threaded, they've explained their reasons before somewhere.

    All in all, this means that the CPU is the main limiting factor, among others. RAM is a big deal, specifically frequency I've heard and graphics matter to the extent of wanting high graphics settings. As far as I know, more players in mp is more strain on the CPU and for many popular public server missions, they have unoptimized scripts running.

  10. I have to say it's really a great job you did on the map, one of the best maps I've ever played. Despite it's size there's just so many interesting locations and so much to do. I especially love the large rivers good for patrol boats and small ones good for zodiacs, almost all the way through. There's really only one spot I know of that is troublesome. At this place on the map http://vgy.me/oTJ18X.pngcoming from both sides of the bridge http://vgy.me/PM1cm1.png a zodiac will get stuck on the ground underneath, if you're going fast enough it'll actually kill you. It seems the engine hitbox is just a little lower for the zodiac and it gets snagged on it. I hope you'll considering doing something about it. Otherwise good luck and Merry Christmas.