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  1. tinter

    STI Addons

    All the grenade launchers are like that actually, it's a bit sad since I end up overlooking them a lot.
  2. tinter

    Action Button Mod

    Is it possible to make this work better when using aiming deadzone? Currently it'll always check the middle of the screen, but when using aiming deadzone that feels off, as you have to drag your weapon away to turn yourself.
  3. tinter

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Is there no inbetween value that works well?
  4. I'd say that is actually quite a bit bigger.
  5. I'm wondering about helicopters, will they be configured properly for when the helicopter hits?
  6. How many animations would need to be done for all the guns? I can imagine a lot of weapons could use the same animation. I don't really know many people who know how to animate in arma, but it might be worth it to try and ask Toadie if he can lend some animations or just use some of the ones he has already done.
  7. A thing actually relating to helicopter flight models. I've noticed getting into VRS a lot and trying to recover, normally increasing collective feeds the vortex and in real life when you want to recover you actually lower it. Ingame this "feeding the vortex" behaviour is missing. So if you're in VRS you do not want to lower collective unless it is somehow at max.
  8. I don't know if it's okay to ask this here, as it is a question generally related to helicopters, but no the flight model specifically. I'm wondering if it'd be possible to allow the co-pilot to have more control over stuff like gear and gear brakes. It would make the co-pilot more useful for organized players.
  9. Are you aware that AiATP breaks Zeus due to missing CfgPatches definitions? It's the same issue that A3MP used to have.
  10. Is the implementation for retreating blade stall final(RBS)? I'm asking this a bit cautiously as I'm not sure this is right. At the moment, RBS seems like a rare encounter, I can only recall it happening when diving at high speeds but I haven't tested it recently and I might even be wrong on that. From my understanding the speed limit of helicopters should not be how much the engine can push it, but rather in the area of velocity never exceeded, where going faster would result in RBS. I can fly the ghosthawk at a speed of 360kph and sustain forward flight just fine. Pulling a turn didn't do anything either. Is RBS perhaps not even implemented? It was in TKOH. http://helicopters.takeonthegame.com/technology-checklist/ I'd be glad to hear other people's thoughts on this or info on RBS.
  11. They can always be moved by script after they get ingame, so in the game's logic, they're enemies.
  12. If timing of script execution can wait, putting waitUntil {!isNil "smo_ammoBoxLoadout"}; in your script will suspend it until the variable is defined. Remember than waitUntil can only be used in scheduled enviroment, and for isNil the variable you're looking for should always be a string, or it will try to read the variable.
  13. To throw in my two cents, I doubt Bohemia has given up on any sort of integration. It might not be java, but as Bohemia will need to support Arma 3 until the next game, improvements are going to be needed.
  14. I'm afraid to say what the culprit is, but the facts I have so far are that the frequency of the crashes was reduced when I removed all vehicles from my mission, not counting static weapons. Other than that the crashes stopped when I moved the mission to Altis.
  15. Apologies, but it seems to be simply due to RDS_tanks. Although it only happened AiA maps. Even then I don't have anything to report then.
  16. No I'm not sure what to report as it seems to also not happen if I remove a script. So it seems to be the script in combination with the map. if (!isServer) exitWith {}; _kUnit = objNull; _high = -1; { _knows = independent knowsAbout _x; if (_knows > _high) then { _high = _knows; _kUnit = _x; }; } forEach (call CBA_fnc_players); _pos = [(getPos _kUnit)] call BIS_fnc_findOverwatch; tank_1 doMove _pos; tank_1 doWatch (getPos _kUnit); _pos = [(getPos _kUnit)] call BIS_fnc_findOverwatch; tank_2 doMove _pos; tank_2 doWatch (getPos _kUnit); I'm not sure what to think of this, just running BIS_fnc_findOverwatch on it's own does nothing.
  17. Will the upcoming update fix any crashes related to Sahrani? I have a mission that crashes the server when it's played on a dedicated server. ---------- Post added at 09:34 ---------- Previous post was at 09:33 ---------- I should mention the crashes don't occur when switching the map to altis.
  18. I'm not sure where to find a feature list, but will it be possible to talk through someone's backpack, so as to have someone carry the squad leader's radio for them.
  19. Does anyone else experience CTDs when crashing the helicopter? It seems to happen when the helicopter flips upside down and the main rotor is on the ground.
  20. Are you aware of all the buildings that are placed wrong on Sahrani? Tall apartment buildings float up in the air, short ones sink into the ground, bar gates are rotated 90 degrees.
  21. Are all ironsights the same as in A2? Specifically curious about the RPG-7 myself, as it seems to never really be done properly.
  22. tinter

    Titan Warfare Pack .2b

    It would be nice if you could post links to screenshots of these permissions.
  23. The server doesn't have any .rpt and the mission has a lot of addon dependencies. I'll send them to you anyway, but I'm not sure if it'll be of much use.
  24. I have a vague bug report here. I have made a mission on Rahmadi and Southern Sahrani, but once trying to load them in MP after the initial loading screen is done, a second one shows up that'll never complete and will leave your game unresponsive, despite still running. You can't cancel or type anything in chat. I'm not entirely sure about when this happens, but having moved a mission to altis, by changing it's name and therefore nothing in the mission files, those missions didn't show any issues. Making just an empty mission doesn't appear to provoke with problem though, and since the servers is running some mods, it's hard to really be sure about this problem.
  25. tinter

    Niko's Uniforms Mega Packs

    Is it possible to make a simple looking helmet, for example a metallic all green with no strap. If you're going for some soviet soldiers there's not really any helmets to work with. Maybe just give it a plain texture, giving the strap and microphone no texture and changing the specular map?