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  1. tinter

    Virtual Arsenal

    It is not a feature because units are defined as entries in the config. This can't be modified while the game is running.
  2. Now that I've managed to play this with no crashses, I must say it's an enjoyable map. Great job, really.
  3. Running only this and allinarma terrain pack makes my game hang around the windmills. I have a person who can back this up. .rpt says nothing useful. It might take a while for everything to load in, but I can reproduce this reliably, every time.
  4. I placed a unit in 155072 and my game frozen immediately when I went ingame. It must be a mod thing so I'll check those.
  5. Seems like this map locks up my game around grid 1507.
  6. When Bohemia implemented the changes to bis_fnc_mp to allow for execution of commands and not just functions, why did they decide to only allow certain commands? I don't really see what this accomplishes as any command can already be run using the bis_fnc_spawn function, just in a more roundabout way. Allowing certain commands only leads to complicate scripting for multiplayer where in some situations you want to run only 1 command on a machine but you have to either use bis_fnc_spawn or define a function to then use. Being able to allow commands is nice, but there's no easy way to allow all the commands currently allowed and then another one. Personally I see no reason to have this.
  7. tinter

    cfgRemoteExecCommands, Why?

    Does anyone know why this is in place? It seems like BIS should just remove it, honestly.
  8. tinter

    cfgRemoteExecCommands, Why?

    Yeah and that can still be done using bis_fnc_spawn like this: [{createVehicle ['B_quadbike_01_F',position player,[],0,'NONE']},"bis_fnc_spawn",TRUE,FALSE] call BIS_fnc_MP;
  9. tinter

    cfgRemoteExecCommands, Why?

    How is it a security concern? If you have access to bis_fnc_mp then the fact that spawn isn't allowed isn't gonna stop you from just using the function.
  10. tinter

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    They're probably aware, they even said on the release of the climbing system that it was very buggy.
  11. tinter

    Niko's Uniforms Mega Packs

    I have a question about your MARPAT. I'm not very acquainted in camouflage, but the swatch used for MARPAT looks pretty red, compared to pictures I can see that show it more yellow/brown. ---------- Post added at 23:19 ---------- Previous post was at 22:45 ---------- Made a mockup of what I feel matches what I can find on the web. http://i.hizliresim.com/bgmE6Z.jpg
  12. tinter

    Zodiac CRRC - Assault Boat

    Pretty nice, it has useful features and I prefer the handling and speed over vanilla. Only problem is that there's no sound. I'll check if it's a mod conflict. ---------- Post added at 16:34 ---------- Previous post was at 16:27 ---------- Disabled all mods but this, still no sounds. ---------- Post added at 16:36 ---------- Previous post was at 16:34 ---------- If it's the wrong version, I downloaded it from Armaholic.
  13. You can uses _unit disableAI "fsm"; to make them behave less realistically. It's hard to figure out exactly what it does, but it does make them take cover less.
  14. tinter

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Is there any ETA on the patch? Seems like it has been worked on for really long now.
  15. tinter

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    WARFXPE.bikey stops our server from connecting to the steam servers. Does any else have this problem? ---------- Post added at 23:37 ---------- Previous post was at 23:28 ---------- Note: It's a linux server.
  16. On Takistan, rocks doesn't seem to offer cover nor concealment. I keep getting hit through the rock by ai, so they must be able to see me even through the rock. http://i.imgur.com/usYtinO.jpg [player, 30] call bis_fnc_traceBullets shows that my bullets pass right through, it's only 5.56.
  17. Have you considered retexturing some of the stuff? The attachments could look much better with some new textures.
  18. tinter

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Is there any way to restrict line drawing to just squad leaders?
  19. I don't think it'd be worth it, as I doubt it'd make a difference, they both run code in a scheduled enviroment. Unless you mean saving ram from not having them loaded into memory? In which case I don't think it'd really make that much of a difference. Code doesn't fill a whole lot.
  20. Pretty cool concept although personally I don't think I could play with it. Dropping my two cents here to say that, as far as game design goes, you should never put the player in a situation where they can't shoot at all because they're too tired. I don't know if it already works like this, but I'd recommend that being at max would just have to be able to keep your weapon up as long as you're firing, but once you stop you end up lowering it again.
  21. Scripting is powerful, but it is also unintuitive. Especially when trying to get ai to do stuff.
  22. Is it intended that some weapons can't fit attachments on them? Is there some mod requirement I'm missing?
  23. If I may make a suggestion, flares don't burn for very long in vanilla. You might want to make a parameter to increase their time? I've made a script before and flares burn for about 20 seconds, so if you just spawn another flare on top, it might be helpful! Also flares tend to have this annoying sink into the ground effect, if you're not already doing this, you might want to set their velocity to [0,0,0], maybe raise them a bit above ground.