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  1. Is there any way to configure seperate reloada animations when bipods are deployed? I'm thinking some of them look a little off, lifting the whole barrel with the bipod up in the air.
  2. tinter

    T-90 Russian MBT

    Looks extremely impressive. Are you gonna add the red eyes in the final model? Asking because they're actually IR panels and can't be seen with the naked eye, it would only show up on a camera.
  3. Hey Burnes, I really like your MK10 LCU. I tried making some changes to it, mainly in the way the attachment system works. Would you be interested in me sending them to you?
  4. Actually I was wrong, it does happen with Vanilla vehicles. What it doesn't happen with is the is the F/A-18 mod. Most likely because unlike vanilla vehicles it uses simulation airplane and not airplaneX. Just wanted to correct that.
  5. Have you made sure that every vehicle can actually function on the deck? I just tried to take off with an AV-8 and it handled like it kept hitting bumps and eventually blew up after it took too much damage. Other vanilla planes do not do this.
  6. As far as I know, Roadway LODs are only for pathfinding with roads. Why have them on a helicopter?
  7. I'm trying to create a overlay for a helmet item, but I'm running into problems quickly. I managed to get my dialog to display, but it's fullscreen and obscures the ingame HUD. I also do not have mouse control. I can get around this by using cutRSC, but I'm just wondering if this is intended for dialogs. Is there any way to display it sort of underneath under the HUD? And as a bonus question, what's the best way to control this by an item? A looping script seems to be the only solution.
  8. That's cool, but it doesn't solve my problem.
  9. Well I'm not doing it in the main menu, I'm doing it ingame.
  10. Display has the same problem. Is there some attribute I need to set to put it underneath the hud and enable mouse control?
  11. tinter

    AI and RPG fire

    You really only have to use doTarget and doFire. How you want it scripted depends on how it'll be used in the mission.
  12. I do believe I've seen script releases in the mod section before. Even if it strictly needs to be a mod then you can just package it up.
  13. Is there any chance of seeing a version of the RPG-7 that the AI will use against helicopters?
  14. Also noticed a few trees in the road some places, and a non existent airfield on the map.
  15. Nice map, could use some things like bridges for crossing, a large city for urban combat, or more medium size ones and at least an airfield for planes. That's just my opinion though, the enclosed forests really make the whole thing interesting, while not denying helicopters, it does heavily restrict them.
  16. Using get in and get out event handlers would probably be the best approach.
  17. For what reason is it not modular? It seems it would very well help out with developing the mod as it would just facilitate keeping a logical data structure, for example having vehicle weapons as part of the vehicles instead of weapons. I don't see when you would ever use vehicle weapons without vehicles, so it doesn't make much sense to me.
  18. tinter

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I just hope that we will some day get AI that can maneuver under fire. Setting up a proper hit and run attack is impossible at the moment, as the AI will not run, but keep firing at the target. The most success I've had with this is using disableAI for FSM and TARGET, but it seems to have problems on dedicated servers.
  19. tinter

    Eden Feature Requests

    And another thing I remember, being able to edit coordinates of multiple objects, but only one coordinate. The way it is now is that you have to tick the edit position button, but if you want to keep the objects' X and Y coordinate intact then there's nothing to really do. But then again this is mostly because the rotation widget is not yet implemented, leading to their rotation resetting when you raise them up and down.
  20. tinter

    Removal of the 2D Editor

    The 2D editor is largely made redundant with this new 3D editor. This is lovely, but it's use remains for niche cases, like with the ship you mentioned and what other bugs we will see that affect the 3D editor but not the 2D one. If BI however can fix these issues, then the added ease of having to only maintain one editor is worth it. For this reason, I'm personally not bothered by it.
  21. tinter

    Eden Feature Requests

    What I personally would like to see. Bring the camera in line with the splendid camera, instead of the way that Zeus does it. The sensitivity based on height above an object is unreliable, especially when zooming in on objects. Involve classnames in searching somehow. Either by default or allowing a toggle between classnames and displaynames. If I specifically want to find something from RHS, I could add RHS to the search field to filter out most things that don't have RHS in their name. Also the ability to see classnames of stuff you're placing or editing, like in the 2D editor. Having it show up somewhere would be nice. Other than that, basically what other people have said.
  22. You shouldn't hotlink to 4chan, those links end up dying at some point. https://d.maxfile.ro/kkkgaqfmyd.webm
  23. Added: New version of Personal Protective EquipmentWhat is this actually though?
  24. I noticed your "Use someone elses' backpack ticket" having a bit of discussion on how to achieve it. Couldn't it be done by allowing you to speak through the radio overlay and then enabling you to open the radio overlay of someone's backpack?
  25. Got an issue with a tank that works pretty well when players use it, but AI consistently undershoot their target. It seems their aimpoint is higher than where the projectiles actually come out. I've googled around and found something that seems to describe my problem. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/176346-tank-under-shooting/ https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/59081-racs-m60a3/page-3 Neither of these provide a fix though, it is apparently an issue with the model, but nothing looks out of place, I've tried moving some memorypoints around but none of them seem to affect the AI in a way that wouldn't effect players. Comparing my model to the tank sample looks fine as well, but I still can't help but wonder if I'm missing a memory point that the sample doesn't have either.