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  1. I think you misunderstand me. If I load up a mission with this mod, place a jet and fly around for a bit, but then remove it again and save the mission. When I load the mission after having unmounted the mod, it won't load the mission and give the error that this mod is required.
  2. tinter

    =BTC= Revive

    The problem with taking a medkit with us, is that at the start of this mission, all players gear is removed, and new gear needs to be found. I'll probably end up moving back to the old system.
  3. tinter

    =BTC= Revive

    I just played my own mission using this script. I like the overall idea of this script, but the execution could use some work and overall we all found it kinda annoying. When riding an atv and hitting a fence to pass through it, I would start bleeding and need to bandage myself, and give myself morphine and a bloodtransfution. After all that I would also need a medkit. And when I went on a slide and jumped down, I ended up blacking out because I didn't have 3 FAKs to heal myself. Also, after reviving someone they walk slow, but it can be bypassed by shooting them and then giving them the whole treatment. In short, our complaints come down to; it takes a lot of first aid kits, injuries happen too easily and the limping is kinda annoying, and it would be nice to see some other way to compensate for getting revived instead of patched up.
  4. Do you know that missions where the jet has been spawned and removed again, still list this mod as a dependency in the sqm file. I can always remove it manually, but it would be for the best if it could be avoided altogether.
  5. I love having the animals module on and going around Altis, just on a hunting trip. Too bad the animals don't really care about guns. War changes people I guess, and animals are people too.
  6. tinter

    Altis: Which Mod are you waiting for?

    I'm making my own mission, I'm just waiting for someone to play it with. It is of course not easy with a lot of people having school. Including me.
  7. Would go great with this mod. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?162022-Advanced-Cockpit-Interaction
  8. tinter

    CRV-6e Bobcat tracked engineering vehicle

    Actually it seems even if I go slow on flat terrain I can't reliably find out how to trigger them without getting damaged. Q speed or tapping the button to hit them as slowly as possible.
  9. tinter

    CRV-6e Bobcat tracked engineering vehicle

    Really? Maybe my definition of "disarm" is wrong, but I just drove it over a bunch of mines and it took like 5 before it wasn't usable anymore. ---------- Post added at 21:31 ---------- Previous post was at 21:27 ---------- Tried it again and I can see you're right now. You just need to be going really slow.
  10. tinter

    CRV-6e Bobcat tracked engineering vehicle

    That's only antipersonnel mines. I'm a bit sad I can't lower the plow. We get no tractor and we can't even drop the plow on this. Arma's agricultural side is completely dead it seems.
  11. tinter

    CRV-6e Bobcat tracked engineering vehicle

    Does it do anything special?
  12. tinter

    UAV and laser guided artillery

    Are you running any mods? I've had mods interfere with artillery and the like.
  13. tinter

    Advanced Cockpit Interaction

    Don't blame me, I'm too used to ignoring text walls when signing up and just agreeing. I will look for the rules then.
  14. tinter

    Sloped Fence

    Link is broken.
  15. tinter

    Advanced Cockpit Interaction

    I dunno what the rules are on bumping threads, but I'll take a chance. Any updates?
  16. What are the biggest problems you have with making this work for dedicated servers?
  17. I managed to test some more and it's not EBS.
  18. tinter

    =BTC= Revive

    Is it possible to test this new system in SP? ---------- Post added at 18:03 ---------- Previous post was at 17:38 ---------- Ok I crashed a few cars, and now realize I really like this new system. It could do with some better buttons, since the text cuts off.
  19. Is it known that tpw_ebs will mess with mortar aiming? I've tried to order artillery fire through the support module and it never arrived, probably because it missed. I've also tried to shoot various mortars and they missed with several hundred meters. I'm sure it's a mod doing this, and I believe it might be EBS.
  20. tinter

    Ideas for an improved medical system for A3

    Talking about VBS2 and Arma 3 is kind of missing the point since Arma 3 is not a simulator. I'm all for making the medical system better since right now it's really boring, but BIS is not gonna make it like VBS2.
  21. I got the idea of loading another map when the player reaches the border of the current one, however the problem starts already when it doesn't seem possible to load another map while ingame. I hope to be proven wrong, but to my understanding you can't do it through scripting and I doubt even through an addon.
  22. Is it a bad idea to make a new thread asking specifically about the playScriptedMission command?
  23. tinter

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    Can't wait until the suppressor sounds get changed, they're a joke right now.
  24. Is there somewhere I could get more information on how to use the playScriptedMission command?
  25. I'm really hoping that someone will reupload this, because 4shared is asking for me to make an account.