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  1. Now that you mention it, it would suck for people just getting into the game. It kinda inspires me to try my hand at making my own.
  2. I only recently myself passed 666 hours. Spending time in the editor and not closing the game will do that to you.
  3. tinter

    Newbie to Arma 3 - weapon sway is ridiculous.

    VTS_Weaponresting removes the sway, or atleast reduces it drastically. When you're resting your weapon atleast, as you should be able to tell from the name of it.
  4. tinter

    Dust Storm Composer WIP

    This looks really cool. Gives me a lot of scripting ideas.
  5. Is anybody experiencing slow load times? It's really slow at first I thought my game wouldn't launch anymore, it eventually did though and when I disabled the loading of this mod it was fixed. I'm not sure if it's some sort of compatability issue between mods, or maybe it could be me running dev branch.
  6. Did anybody ever figure out a fix for units spawning in the center of a marker and blowing up?
  7. What happens if nobody is playing as the group leader?
  8. tinter

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    Perhaps you can upload a mission in which you get this issue, then I can make a video and see if it's the same as what you get.
  9. tinter

    Firing Mode Reset Glitch

    At they very least, I think the default fire mods for the machine guns should be fully automatic.
  10. tinter

    Unit Caching Alternatives [SP]

    It's very easy, just find it and place it. You can input the range you want and choose whether or not to exclude air units.
  11. I have a script which removes nvgs and IR lasers from units and gives them flashlight which are forced on. This works for all units as it runs every 30 seconds. I can find it if you'd like me to.
  12. tinter

    Unit Caching Alternatives [SP]

    Sounds like the inbuilt simulation manager is pretty much what you're looking for. It's under modules, object modifiers.
  13. tinter

    Firing Mode Reset Glitch

    The Zafir is the worst at this. It barely even needs a semi auto mode. Atleast I'd prefer no semi mode than getting reset to it all the time.
  14. tinter

    No women at all

    I've heard someone say(Take it with salt), that BIS' decision to not have women in the game has something to do with wanting to avoid conflicts about having women fighting in a video game. ---------- Post added at 10:35 ---------- Previous post was at 10:34 ---------- Doesn't make any sense about why they would add women in Arma 2 though.
  15. You should extract it on top of the folder with all the converted models.
  16. Won't be here for a while so I leave you with this mostly functioning Su24M.
  17. Well I hope you don't mind me posting the updated version of the Su-27 and B52 and B2 versions working in Arma 3. Not many shiny features, but they work.
  18. I don't know what it was from originally, but I got it from the link you posted. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?158854-quot-Legacy-of-Cold-War-quot-aircraft-models-pack&p=2522024&viewfull=1#post2522024
  19. Well I'm just playing around with configs and trying to get them playable in Arma 3. As for the Su-27, if it didn't come from the Legacy pack, then I don't know where, but in any case I have it right here. http://i.imgur.com/tqxkqGI.jpg http://i.imgur.com/6AXahKE.jpg http://i.imgur.com/R510r4B.jpg http://i.imgur.com/oniQOcr.jpg
  20. Changing the animations for the drivers make every much better as they're actually in the cockpit now. The problem is just that it's troublesome to actually look out the window. ---------- Post added at 11:16 ---------- Previous post was at 11:11 ---------- Also more code snippets. class UserActions { class OpenBombBay { displayName="$STR_B2A_OBB"; position="GearArea"; radius=30; onlyforplayer=false; showwindow=0; condition="this animationPhase ""fst_1"" < 0.5 and player in this;"; statement = "this animate [""fst_1"", 1];this animate [""fst_2"", 1];this animate [""fst_3"", 1];this animate [""fst_4"", 1]; this addweapon ""MK82BombLauncher""; this addweapon ""GBU12BombLauncher"";"; }; class CloseBombBay { displayName="$STR_B2A_CBB"; position="GearArea"; radius=30; onlyforplayer=false; showwindow=0; condition="this animationPhase ""fst_1"" >= 0.5 and player in this;"; statement = "this removeweapon ""MK82BombLauncher""; this removeweapon ""GBU12BombLauncher""; this animate [""fst_1"", 0];this animate [""fst_2"", 0];this animate [""fst_3"", 0];this animate [""fst_4"", 0];"; }; }; If you look in the scripts here for the part that allows you to open and close the bomb bays, you can see under statement that they actually add and remove the weapons here. So if you're looking to update the armaments, don't add the weapons in the MainTurret, but rather down here. Just remember that magazines do need to be added in the MainTurret. This is only for planes with bomb bays.
  21. Wow, it's good to see that the Blackbird can do 3300km/h and replicate the real life tactic of outrunning SAMs.
  22. Are you remembering to export the mission to mpmissions, and not just clicking save? That is, use the save as function instead.
  23. Is there anyone who would know about the pilots sticking out of the cockpit?
  24. I'll trust him then, and yes, many thanks!
  25. Alright, that's really helpful. I'll try that out. ---------- Post added at 13:47 ---------- Previous post was at 13:46 ---------- Although are you sure it shouldn't be simulation = "airplanex";? That's what the Buzzard uses.