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  1. While waiting for ACE (It'll probably be a while), we can always use this mod. Also I wanted to ask how the script works when you commented out the //_unitDamage = _unit call X39_MedSys_fnc_getUnitDamage; but I can't get it to work at all.
  2. I found a bug. Trying to give someone blood will result in bandaging them, since the bandageUnit function runs instead of the give blood one. Line 49 in otherInteractions.sqf looks like this. [([bLOOD, typeOf player] call X39_MedSys_fnc_isAllowedToUse), true, false, "Blood", "_res = [0, cursorTarget] spawn X39_MedSys_fnc_BandageUnit"], It should look like this. [([bLOOD, typeOf player] call X39_MedSys_fnc_isAllowedToUse), true, false, "Blood", "_res = [0, cursorTarget] spawn X39_MedSys_fnc_BloodUnit"],
  3. How would you feel about modifying your work? I'm interested in toying around with this. I wouldn't release to the public or claim credit for it.
  4. The weird stuck in prone with broken legs thing still happens. Morphine seems too weak, I don't think you should need up to 5 syringes to make someone not hurt. Using the tourniquet to stop all bleeding, but having to remember to take it off again would be cool.
  5. Nova Zona in Cyrillic would be Ðова Зона. ---------- Post added at 16:47 ---------- Previous post was at 16:46 ---------- The reversed "N" that's used is actually an I in Cyrillic. It is this one И.
  6. Do tourniquets not have a use yet?
  7. Updating before I go to bed? How terrible, sleep is for the weak and I am so.
  8. If you're on singleplayer you need to add the line to the player's init, if you're on a listen server the players need the line too, but luckily if you're hosting a dedicated the fine and smart module works fine.
  9. The two biggest problems I see with this mod right now is having no control even when dead, and getting bugged when having broken legs. BTW you can still roll :D
  10. Tried it with a friend on a listen server, gonna try a dedicated in a bit, but for now. This error. Doesn't seem like Epi-pen, morphine or tourniquet has any use so far, atleast it never seemed to be needed to be given. I know not having been given morphine in ACE would make you twitch a lot. VTS weaponresting managed to reduce weapon sway, maybe you can get him to help you do something the opposite? Disabling simulation is definitely a no go, and it needs a suicide button. Also when I tried to move while my legs were broken I started twitching weirdly, and I couldn't move, but it stopped once I treated myself. My friend had a lot of trouble with still not being able to use his keys after he had been revived or he had died. ---------- Post added at 20:03 ---------- Previous post was at 19:25 ---------- Same zero divisor error shows up on a dedicated. ---------- Post added at 20:04 ---------- Previous post was at 20:03 ---------- Also getting same disabled simulation after getting revived error. Then I got blown the hell up by my friend and it says I'm definitely dead, but I still get the counter.
  11. Sorry for my ignorance, but could someone explain what's wrong with the epi pen? As I understand it it's filled with adrenaline and is used to get someone who is unconcious back up, ingame atleast.
  12. tinter

    Altis map misaligned/off

    You should make a mission that shows this issue exactly and will show it everytime.
  13. Signs are terrible. I thought I'd figured them out, but it seems I always place them the wrong way.
  14. Maybe you should use a firednear eventhandler instead?
  15. Get an array of all blufor players, then run the check to make sure all counts of blufor in the trigger is the same as the count of blufor in the array. ---------- Post added at 12:30 ---------- Previous post was at 12:26 ---------- Code example: BluforArray = []; { if (side _x == blufor) then { BluforArray = BluforArray + [_x]; } } foreach playableUnits; Ah yes of course you can use playableUnits instead of all units. Trigger condition. count thisList == count BluforArray; Something like that. You'll have to do something else if there's more blufor units than the players.
  16. As I see it, the holster is not that detailed and the performance gain from removing it is negligible, take into account that you would have to make someone do it, and it's kind of a waste of resources. And while sidearms in holsters would be nice, it's probably just a low priority for them. In any case I'm sure it might be a good idea to put it on the feedback tracker.
  17. tinter

    (STI) A-10 for ARMA 3

    I know Arma 2 had this limitation too, and I believe they got around it by just creating more bullets per bullet shot. That's 5 times more pullet PER bullet.
  18. tinter

    Scopes vs. Holo Sights

    I know more soldiers used to have RCO in the alpha, but they changed it.
  19. Well since I'm making missions for a group I play, I don't think I'd be able to beat that time.
  20. ---------- Post added at 12:44 ---------- Previous post was at 12:42 ---------- To keep it on topic, it's awesome to hear this working out. I was pretty sad the arma 2 javelin didn't work with All in Arma.
  21. You like that image huh?
  22. tinter

    PUNCH OUT! Maybe somewhere down the line.

    We can only hope that they add some awesome stuff when they're gonna add the CSAT and NATO planes for the next campaign, although I can't really see ejection seats being a thing since I haven't heard any words on it, no matter how awesome it would be.
  23. tinter

    Blastcore A3

    While it would of course look cool, you have to take MP into account.
  24. So besides the basic of movement (changing stance, pacing and weapon lowering), shooting (zeroing, drop), something about the inventory, vehicles and then something about tactics, what would be more that needs to be touched on?
  25. 1. All factions have the same type of mortar. 2. Yes. 3. Yes, but you can also point it somewhere and range it yourself, either using the data coming up on the display or get a range chart and try your hand at that. It can also be disabled per mission. 4-5. It's not an outright supported feature, but there are many work arounds afaik. 6. It is not.