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  1. tinter

    Paddle Mod

    If you're looking for keys to replace the action menu, then perhaps the standard movements keys will be fine, as they're not in use when the killswitch is turned on?
  2. I was looking for this a while ago. I found this thread with useful commands on it. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?176565-Interactive-Intel-Items&p=2673505&viewfull=1#post2673505 I bookmarked it and maybe you should too, since it's a bit hard to figure out on your own.
  3. tinter

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Found a bug: If your weapon is holstered and you try to jump, it won't work. You'll vault instead. I'd report it on the tracker, but I don't have a github account.
  4. I'm sorry to bring up the rpg-7 sight once again, but is it possible that you can use a sprite that looks like how the sight would when actually viewing an rpg sight?
  5. Here's a tip, I don't know exactly how mines work, but you can grab the name from their config file. _wep = _this select 0; _name = typeOf _wep; _cfg = (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _name); _DescShort = if (isText(_cfg >> "displayName")) then { getText(_cfg >> "displayName") } else { "/" }; Obviously you might want to use another var than _wep so you're working with the right thing, and you might have to look in cfgAmmo instead of cfgVehicles.
  6. You might want to limit the amount of paved road. I think paved roads were fairly limited during the 1940s, although I'm by no means an expert.
  7. What happened to the ironsight on the RPG-7, it uses some overlay now instead of the real ironsights on it? Why is this?
  8. I want to place units on top of a building, but rather than manually get the height of buildings and figuring out which one I'm placing the unit on, I'd like to know if there's a way to get the position of an object counting what's underneath it. So if I first setPos an object to 100 and it happens to be above a building, then I want to get the altitude of the object relative to the building, instead of above the ground. ---------- Post added at 23:10 ---------- Previous post was at 22:35 ---------- Fixed it myself. It turns out there's a small mismatch in getPos and setPos, in that getPos will return the height above things below it, like I want to, but setPos sets the position relative to the ground. But by subtracting getPosATL by getPos, I get the height I need. This code works fine in the init line of a unit and gives me what I need. null = [this] spawn {_obj = _this select 0; _obj setPos [getPos _obj select 0, getPos _obj select 1, 50]; sleep 1; _height = (getPosATL _obj select 2) - (getPos _obj select 2); _obj setVelocity [0,0,0]; _obj setPos [getPos _obj select 0, getPos _obj select 1, _height]} ---------- Post added at 23:11 ---------- Previous post was at 23:10 ---------- Sleep is not needed and is just there for debugging purposes.
  9. tinter

    HAFM UAZ Cars

    The fov when mounting the weapons is way too shallow and makes it feel weird being on them.
  10. I'd like some help on this. I have quite a few sectors set up like this, but it seems the respawn positions have trouble deactivating. Sometimes an entirely different side can control a sector but the respawn position for the other side is still active? The triggers are set to repeatedly and only activating for blufor and opfor respectively.
  11. I was thinking of something like this just yesterday in fact, but from what I've seen hosting a server, server fps can be a straight 50, while clients only get around 20, so how much would this really help the clients?
  12. Your pack looks very nice, though I wonder if you know this. When the RPG-7 has the 1p78 attached, it clips into the barrel and the ironsights are from inside the launcher. I saw this in the previous version too. Also and rpg-7 with sensible ironsights is so nice!
  13. Bumping in hopes I can get some help.
  14. It seems you can't get out of a helicopter, maybe other vehicles too, if you go unconscious.
  15. If the target has no pulse, they need to be defibrillated.
  16. I'd like to point out that the Xmed post processing effects stay after you die. So you might have to spectate with blurry vision.
  17. tinter

    =BTC= weapons A2

    Nice launcher update, although I noticed the ironsights of the stinger has your head placed inside the tube.
  18. A nice feature for some more casual gameplay would be being able to use first aid kits to treat people.
  19. X39_MedSys_var_Pain_AllowMorphineOverdoseEffect = false; //default true Appears to cause chromatic aberration to be constantly on.
  20. Has anyone had problems with executing people in mp? All my sp tests I've had no problems killing downed units, but I was playing mp yesterday and shot a magazine into a person and he didn't die.
  21. A great thing you could do is to not use compileFinal, that way you can mod the mod, from the mission. Replace functions so if you want a simple heal everything bandage, you could just replace the bandage function.
  22. I configured some variables to look like this X39_MedSys_var_Head_DamageMultiplicator = 100; //default 1 X39_MedSys_var_Head_HeadShotFakeKilling = false; //default true X39_MedSys_var_Head_HeadShotDeathLimit = 1; //default -1 Yet when I walk up to shot an unarmed civilian(Oops) in the head at point blank range with the MXC, they're still standing. Are there any other parameters I should change?
  23. Compared to the screenshot above, it's definitely smaller ingame than in real life.
  24. Have you tried looking through the ironsights? It's more like a scope than ironsights. FOV shouldn't not change.