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    Looks Fantastic but worried

    WOW thats really not very encouraging :( So I part with my money and finger in the air time to see how the sim / steam deals with it yet again ?? for such a multi million pound market I am so so surprised this has not been tackled already. !!!!!!!!!! Play the game how it is designed to play FFS !!!!!
  2. Scoop

    Looks Fantastic but worried

    So there are dedicated servers, thats good, tbh VAC and Punkbuster are a waste of time, Battle eye is new to me so I really hope it is a full on No Nonsense hacker owner. ???? Ok so its basically abit old school in the fact that you run with a good crew on a good server. As always far better than any anti hacker program. Thanks for the reply Smurf, any suggestions on servers ? Scoop
  3. Hi to everyone, this is my first post btw I have been looking at Arma 2, now Arma 3 for sometime, it looks amazing just the sort of Sim / Game I have been after for awhile. Now my concerns should be easy to answer as they seem to be a regular feature both within these forums and with the public I have spoken with but as yet unanswered. I am willing to buy the Beta, just missed the Alpha due to a (new PC and Steam) BUT most FPS now days are full of hackers which ruin the experience for the true players. With such expansive maps and cover, plus with the already veterans moaning about the hackers, what measures are going to be in place to prevent it and to make myself pay for it (the Game) !! I accepted the co-op missions and single play would be worth the price alone, but Multi player has always been what I totally enjoy, looking into the you tube vids I think alot of our clan would love it as well. (we are all older gamers which started with a Spectrum 48k lol) and like tatics to plan and then execute. I really do not want to part with my money for yet another Hacked game. Cheers Scoop