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  1. Hello, I tried to create a enclosure with H-blocks, every block was aligned perfectly in the editor. However when i test it everything is completely messed up, gaps everywhere and objects are far off from the scale they appear to be in the editor, example being perfectly connected objects turn out to be longer/shorter in game. So how do you create a enclosure/wall of objects? If perfectly aligning them produces a chaos then are you supposed to find the exact incorrect alignment, preview 20 times to make slight adjustments just to make a silly wall? I tried with other objects, created a bunch of perfectly connected objects and it appears they are also completely messed up. I figured i would download the 3D editor after the September 12th release but that probably means i couldn't use the 2d editor anymore, and i do see it being useful. In any case shouldn't the developers map editor just work the way i imagine it to? Is it a bug? It certainly is not well known as i have made many searches and could not find similar topics. I have been working at a enclosure for 20-30 minutes now and it just isn't working, i am nearly close to cracking the editor code and the mess i created in the editor nearly looks reasonable but this is just tiring. Surely i am not the only one with this issue. Is this happening for you too? Any solutions? Much appreciated.
  2. Hey there, i am 20 years old and from The Netherlands. Only recently got into ARMA III and i am loving every second of it. I am looking for a squad that doesn't mind playing with a newcomer (i learn fast). I am a good team player and you can count on me, unfortunately i do not have a headset but i am considering getting one. As of now i don't have a preference for any game mode and i am interested in both Hardcore and Casual play. You can add me on Steam "Sylanthor". Hope to see you ingame!