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  1. ALHaniah

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Hi Benny, thank's for the new version! i love it.. anyway, i just want to complain about building factories "bases" !! u can build any building one time only and the destine is 500m away from the barracks only! can u explain why? thank you
  2. ALHaniah

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Hi there Benny :) First of all, I would love to thank you for this amazing gamemod .. it's wonderful ..:bounce3: secondly, I want to ask you about the extra vehicles and equipments that you can find in repair trucks! such as the jet, UAVs, mortars and extra stuff i saw in different servers! any idea how to get these mission files Please? thank you again.
  3. I don't think you were fair when u start comparing Graphics video card to poor Graphics-gaming one ! i know some ppl who have gtx570, and they are complaining about the speed and the resolution "Quality" in rendering their "BIG SIZE FILES" projects and doing 3D Animation ... Believe me my friend! I did try a lot of video cards and different types of it! i tried AMD and Nvidia ... and i even ask a lot of Professional ppl ... my choice was right 100% when i made it a year ago till now i believe ... gtx570 is OK! that's right and i do agree! but it didn't build for specialized Graphics programs, Especially for rendering programs such as 3D max and maya, artlants, etc .... the components of my PC all work together perfectly.. one thing i forgot to mention! the motherboard! it's RAMPAGE III EXTREME-ASUS .. thanks for sharing your opinion still! and i do respect it as well :)
  4. yeah budy, it did cost me alot! But hostilely! it worth it as far as now in my opinion! :cool: As u can see, my PC have been Build up for doing Graphics more than Playing video games on it! such as rendering and Designing 3D model things as buildings by using Graphics programs like Autocad, 3D Max, etc.. And the video games works perfect too on it .. witch is amazing thing!! :D
  5. Will, i think that i have the most amazing PC in the world according to the results that already posted up to mine ^_^ Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Processor : CPU INTEL CORE I7-990X EXTREME Memory : 16GB(4X4GB) CORSAIR DDR3 RPM 1600 MHz Hard Disk : 120GB OCZ SSD Video Card : Nvidia Quadro 5000 ( I'm an Architect BTW !! ;) ) NOW TELL ME IF THAT'S COOL OR NOT! :cool:
  6. ALHaniah

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Bipod for supported shooting !!! there is no single Weapon in the game that u can use bipod with to give more accuracy for shooting or foregrip ... Woow! :confused: that's wired! anyone agree!!
  7. ALHaniah

    Arma 3 Beta Steam Release Time

    Still not available in steam! :(