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    Arma starting to disappoint

    yes, they are pretty sweet at close ranges...but if it is not very good at long ranges..why do they even advertise about it..some months ago they made some pictures with how cool the grass looks and stuff with snipers laying down in it, but they never showed us the other end of where the rifle was aiming
  2. Qosmius

    Arma starting to disappoint

    i have played this series since arma1..and to be honest i cannot really say i am any impressed at all by the improvements done from each upgrade...arma 1 was cool, it had the simulation feel to it and it worked well even thou it was buggy..arma 3 is just a more glorified gfx candy for bf3 players..the same bugs from arma 1 is still in arma3.....like getting stuck into rocks...vehicles cant go over walls properly, poor penetration modell for tanks..body armor for infantry is non excistant, catapulting vehicles if you hit a tree...the list can go on forever if they do not pull theyr act togeter on the full release, this will be the last product i ever buy from them until i actually see a huge leap...man even the performance runs like in arma 1 this series is starting to remind me of call of duty where they just reskin the modells and adds some new maps and then release the "new" game ---------- Post added at 17:39 ---------- Previous post was at 17:37 ---------- this game is not ready for release in september..give it atleast 2 more months before they ship it out ---------- Post added at 17:41 ---------- Previous post was at 17:39 ---------- Im getting abit tired of hearing this, well then "adapt" to this and find better cover. Yes it would be nice to have improved system of this, but you know there are more important things to fix. what is the point of having any kind of grass or camouflage in the game in the first place? lets get rid of the ghillie suits because they are ridicoulous anyways... they have no effect over 200 meters anyways
  3. Qosmius

    Arma starting to disappoint

    this post touched my heart..finnaly someone else than me who sees that arma 3 is just a ripoff from arma 2 to milk customers to boost some other project. only thing they have done so far is adding volumetric clouds, slight better animations to soldiers and reskinned all the vehicles from arma2.. ---------- Post added at 17:18 ---------- Previous post was at 17:15 ---------- heck, even the much promised detailed textures is a failure..at ranges over 200 meters the grass fades away just like in arma 2..so if it is grassy on your screen and you think you are hidden. the enemy sniper sees you as you should be lying in a open field with absolutely no cover..the grass just dissapears over distance...also i seen some crazy stuff when sniping ppls from long ranges..some textures become invisible and i see the infantrymen floating in the air behind a invisible hill...not to mention the poorly optimisation which even makes nasa computers bend over for mercy
  4. ok anyone else than me who thinks tree catapults are a bit to powerful? i mean, if you drive an apc into a tree you have a chance of being catapulted several hundred meters into the air. is this a bug that is really hard to fix since its been present since early alpha
  5. Qosmius

    Tre catapults are overpowered

    ye, trees :) i just find this bug to be hilarious. one time it saved my ass in wasteland when someone tryed to ram me, he hit a tree and got flunged 50 meters away from me and exploded in a tree line :)
  6. this is the future, so ofc they will have anti gravitational barriers around the vehicle to turn it back upside if it should flip over.. this is 25 years into the future, this is what they get. a typical answer for 99% of the threads in this forum
  7. are the ah-99 dagr missiles to powerful for its use? i thought they were just normal rockets mounted with a laser guidance system, how is it then possible for them to take out a panther apc which has the same hull armor as a merkava tank..is this intended? or just awaiting a balancing patch
  8. dont you think the devs have more important things to work on?
  9. is it only me that find it very weird that the tracked apcs controls act very weird. if you have tryed the btr you know what i mean, it keeps twitching all the time when you drive it, the turning rate is just enormous at low speeds which makes it hard to do smooth driving. at hight speeds it is basically uncontrollobale, it turns automatically sometimes too. THIS is not have a tracked apc/tank is supposed to move. as a former tank crew i am fully aware of the vehicles movement and how it should be. pls bis do something about this
  10. since when were helicopter pilots able to eject out from theyr helicopter? i only know of the ka50 that has that capability. i do not believe the comanche or the ghosthawks have that ability. it is only realistic that the pilot goes down with the heli, it is the price you pay for reckless flying... that is why there have been helicopter casualties in the iraq war, downed transport helis that cannot eject from theyr seats, apaches that cannot eject
  11. well you dont see the cars twitch the same way as the apc does...tracked vehicles are more stable than wheeled vehicles, yet it feels like driving a untammed lion because of the not smooth driving and automatic twitching at a bit higher speeds. even if you go in terrain with a tracked vehicles this is not supposed to be happening. for real guys. try out the opfor apc first then come back and talk. try driving it for 20 minutes and you wll soon get annoyed how bad it is.. also the ai controlls are horrible, they do not do what you order them to do sometimes so you have to manually jump into the driver seat and go where you want to then change back to commander or gunner ---------- Post added at 06:11 ---------- Previous post was at 06:07 ---------- if you order the driver to turn right..he does a violent turn to the right then turns back again. i dont understan why this is happening, you have to hold down the right button for it to work in some way, but then it often happens that you oversteer and have to right, left, right, left to be able to hold the vehicle on the road. tank driving is not really user friendly in arma 3
  12. Qosmius

    Body armour & helmet protection feature

    dont feed the troll elitesniper...jesus what an ignorant person
  13. Qosmius

    Body armour & helmet protection feature

    Elitesniper you really dont know anything about body armor to be saying that stuff...all of the videos they shoot at body armor they usually use FMJ bullets..a capabale body armor at today has no problem at all stopping a regular 5.56 fmj bullet. i bet that in 30 years from now on they should have developed armor a bit more
  14. hello, i noticed today that the apc armor and infantry armor has been improved :) this pleases me very much. i love how the apc can take a missile to the front and actually not explode now instantly (titan at missile) took about 5-6 missiles to completely wreck it but it could also survive a missile to the side and back which is odd for me. actually it took same amount of missiles to kill the apc from the side and back, as it took in the front also now when you get shoot by bullets in your body armor you can hear some sound like it hits a metall wall which is awesome.. i tested on some ai in the editor and the could take 11 hits with the pistol in body armor and 6 by the mxm 6.5mm rifle.. compared to 5 shoots in the legs.. also now helmets work too, but not perfectly.. ai can take 4 shoots to the helmet before they die and 2 shoots to the face? which is weird. they can survive 2 bullets to the helmet with the mxm 6.5mm but also 2 to the face which is also weird.. LOVE the improvements :) but keep on tweaking a bit :) DEV version
  15. isnt it just realistic that the sherman with 75mm will bounce on a panther? it had 80mm sloped armor which was better than the tigers armor
  16. nobody is asking for correct armor values of the tanks today..just make some approximately from your imagination how they think the armor thickness and penetration should be..not some 100% accurate description of how tank armor works and its chobbam armor and how many cm of armor a leopard 2 has..just a rought estimate ---------- Post added at 20:51 ---------- Previous post was at 20:46 ---------- but dont worry guys, it will probably be fixed in the future Arma 5 when we are so far into the future we have spaceships and moonbattles
  17. world of tanks has armor system too, men of war, steel beasts.
  18. Finnaly people agree and see that stuff like this needs to be fixed...It is about time that bis opens theyr eyes and look at the important things. improved animations doesnt mean anything when the rest of the game stinks..sure they added 3d scopes, but does it really matter when every other aspect of the game is very bad? Yes also the community can add in mods, but it is just cheaply done to let the community fix the flaws of the game. we had ace mod since arma 1 and yet they still refuse to take some content from those mods and put it into arma 3 really. it makes me sad. There has been a ton of features and they never even get looked at by bis, if they asked if they could use the mod in the game im sure modders would allow it to make a better game
  19. V-zwo null are those stats for how much damage the missiles does? are you kidding with me...are they still using the hp system for apcs and tanks..god what is wrong with bis i thought they had implemented some new armor stats but no..they still stick to the same things The namer apc uses the SAME hull as a merkava tank..THAT means that the merkava tank will be 1 shotted by the titan missile too...so much for realism. let everyone run around with pwnhammers
  20. Qosmius

    Attaching Explosives to Vehicles

    at the moment it is not possible until the server has this scripted in it. but in plain vanilla it is not possible
  21. fennecus, well you can hear a ceramic sound then, happy? well yeah i was really excited to at first but then i found out it was just arcade mode on :/
  22. sofia, you have to turn off extended armor.. and test again..extended armor is more like a "beginner" mode for players while turning that off would be more like real life damage system. so if you turn that off again you will die from 4 shoots from a pistol to the stomach with or without body armor..apcs die from 1 missile to wherever you shoot them
  23. actually no, they still dont have any armor and body armor doesnt work either. i was just playing in extended armor difficulty. so yeah...every apc still gets 1 shotted by 1 missile to the front still and body armor still have no effect at all
  24. very nice :) can this be used in any server you log into? or do you have to include it in your own missions? :)