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  1. 1 hour ago, jakerod said:

    I don't want to draw this off topic but I did want to respond to this.

    LoW is a self-contained story. It wraps itself up. It in itself isn't a cliffhanger because the story has a resolution. Maybe the main A3 storyline has a cliffhanger but LoW has a resolution and thus isn't a cliffhanger.


    Yes, but it contributes to the huge cliff hanger that is East Wind. 

  2. 10 hours ago, jakerod said:

    What do you mean? (Make sure to put it in spoliers)



    The Oreokastro story created many many possibilities for those 3 parachuting "CSAT" operators, we still have no clue of what CTRG is doing on Altis many months prior to the display of the nuke or whatever the fuck its called (and how they got there in the first place), I don't know either how the LoW DLC was rolled out - it shows no reference to the previous NATO offenses you participate in which is covered in the last installment of East Wind (which in itself is a huge cliffhanger). There is no wrap-up to the story, theres a huge questionmark to what happens with peacekeeping in the pacific and on and off combat in Altis. 


    Alright, you go with Crossroads and make AAF surrender. Now the guy in the pink shirt is elected official and theres a Sgt. Kerry here, then what? What about CSAT, what about their stockpile of weapons, what about their long-term involvement in Tanoa, and where the FUCK does Miller put these weapons and why is there no retaliation from CSAT in the last mission of Apex. This is why LoW is another cliffhanger, because it doesn't show an end to this endless story, it literally just displays a conflict in a city with some references to the previous NATO assaults. 


    I'm not going to lie, it would be a good story if we had someone develop it like BIS did in the first season where you play on Stratis (that was really fun).


  3. To be honest I'm torn...


    I was expecting something AT LEAST LIKE Apex, instead, us singleplayer fanatics (I've stopped playing MP some time ago, rubber banding etc. Arma can be enjoyed in an offline environment) were looking for something interesting to come from tac ops. Instead we get another mini-campaign which will probably be the last addition of SP to this title. And also, no new assets, literally retextures would be something to look forward to...


    Callsign Minotaur for example that @lexx put together is fucking fabulous campaign with no BIS budget, development team or direct engine resources that our beloved BIS has. This isn't just a "I want to play this" post, I and many others want a more developed story to create community scenarios from, and I personally want to see more of the ArmA newcomers to get struck into SP action/hype like previous BIS games. I'm not going to lie, the first season of the East Wind was great but its agreeable that development and story interest was lost on the following seasons. 


    Yes, I've played Orange DLC, but has anyone realized that most of it is another




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  4. On 10/14/2017 at 7:52 AM, yxman said:

    also you can get http://store.steampowered.com/app/390500/Arma_3_Samples/ incl. missions, etc unpacked.


    also http://store.steampowered.com/app/233800/Arma_3_Tools for extraction tools etc


    A3 Samples does not contain the real campaign mission files, only (like it says) samples for you to learn and make your own. 


    @papa6 I suggest you get a pbo unpacker and go into a3/addons and look for missions_f till you find one you'd like to open. It's a tedious process if you don't know where to look, since there are many folders with dependencies (so you need to put almost the whole unpacked in your mymissions subfolder). 

  5. I literally jumped out of my chair when Tanoa's Georgetown was unveiled... Know why?


    FUCKING TALL BUILDINGS! So, this should be a consideration I think for BIS' next game, but personally I'm entirely content with A3 being a long-term platform. When the time comes for another sequel, it better be big and huge (yep, bigger than Altis)!


    Unfortunately to you all, many games in the past 2 years have featured a previous era. I truly believe ArmA is one to be set in the current or near current (2000s), and lest we forget that the ArmA series is entirely modifiable, A-Z. I second other posters here that we need more engine-related things like wetting of objects in the rain and interactive weather, possibly a new movement system so it doesn't feel like the character is playing double VR.

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  6. aroundthecornrsmall.gif


    That extendable mini mirror! How many times I'm around a corner or h-barrier and I don't want to peek my head out because there is some CSAT ai with wallhacks, even just a small reticle in the side of the screen which you can utilize via a inventory item would make mine and alot of other peoples' days a ton easier! 

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  7. On 9/17/2017 at 4:11 PM, sonofthekraken said:

    Yeah, Tac-Ops would be a great chance for Bohemia to reveal some new things, maybe show the Stratis Incident from the CTRG's perspective, shed some light on things.


    Not only a great chance, but the last chance.


    I've been dying to see where this "Kerry" and "Miller" finally goes, and how James comes back alive in Apex. Would pay top dollar to see more progress on this campaign, which started amazingly well with Stratis. 

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  8. 5 hours ago, R0adki11 said:

    @M. Glade please watch your language when posting things in the photo thread. Also please correct your signature and profile. So it falls in the line with the forum rules.


    Hello @R0adki11, I'm sorry but I don't think "retard" or "shit" is exactly abusive or hateful language, as it's not targeted to any specific person or group. There are more vulgar things said in the prologue of the campaign than what I have in my signature, after all, this is a PG16 community.


    My signature is a placeholder, I'll change it for you now anyway as I agree its not exactly ehm, professional? 


    10 hours ago, Evil Organ said:

    @M. Glade, most things usually just wash over me, but there's something bordering on offensive with those pics and captions....especially the last one. Or maybe I just don't get the humour.  


    I'm sorry to you @Evil Organ if you see virtual people in the form of pixels being offended, but last time I've checked the rules its not a problem to call a non-existence fictional man "retard". If anyone believes I've offended them, they should directly speak to me or report it a moderator, but since pixels can't get offended, I can't do anything! 

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  9. 3Qaerq.jpg


    Can we please add a feature to the VTOL where you can fold the wings, I dont know why you can fold the wings of the CSAT VTOL but not the NATO one which was (I think) made to fit on the carrier.


    It really matches well with the carrier, but it doesn't fold up like its supposed to, limited space on the deck. 

  10. On 9/13/2017 at 5:52 PM, Night515 said:

    A light tank - possibly an M8 Ridegway or PL-01 - for NATO, airdroppable from a Black Fish. That or a fictional tank inspired by the M1, like the Schwarzkopf from End War.


    An MBT for CSAT, IE the T-14 Armata along with a Burratino esque artillery variant using the Armata's chassis.


    An IFV for the AAF, like the Lynx, CV-90, or ASCOD Ajax.


    Those are my guesses for tanks, some other stuff I'd like to see are:


    Two new UGVs, one for NATO and one for CSAT.


    An LCAC-esque hovercraft.


    New variants of the vanilla tanks like the Namer w/ 30 mm.


    And features:

    • Active Protection Systems/ERA***

    • PhysX overhaul***

    • Interiors (for drivers)

    • Hitpoint overhaul***

    • Particle effects improvements

    • Opening ramps for APCs

    • Top attack mode for PCML and Titan


    Woah man, this is BIS you're talking about not Activision.