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  1. 16 minutes ago, esfumato said:


    You can always add some assets, some flags, some berets, some t-shirts, uniforms, or whatever that is needed for the game mode.


    But arma 3, needs a good Military Multiplayer Game Mode.

    No money, No experience, No character Development, Just several teams, teamplay, winning-loosing. Something that allows to use every asset available and allows you to use all the potential that the game have.




    On the rest of the topic, I copy My opinion from other thread.

    Also, I have to say that most of the Third Party DLC's that are worth buying, are the Famous Mods that are already available. For me.


    ACE3, Advanced Combat Environment

    Removing all those horrible Menus I'm in with more realism into arma 3.


    CUP, Community Upgrade Project

    Even since the alpha of Arma 3 people wanted to port the terrains and campaigns to arma 3, So if they manage to solve the issues like the water ponds, and update the content and textures I gladly would buy this. Arma 2 and previous correctly ported. Also... Bring back the CTI game mode to arma 3.


    Red Hammer Studios

    FFAA Fuerzas Armadas

    Unsung Vietnam

    And many more...



    To this, Lets say ACE MOD version 1.0 is free and remain free at steam workshop. But ACE DLC version 2.0 is paid content... for me no problem at all, you can choose.



    To this, If I am not forced to download and update this content... who cares if there are hundred of third party DLC's each year, I will buy update the ones I want or any at all.


    Some "assets" like berets, "some" retextured tshirts won't cut it, mind you BI will be looking for a business partner not someone who can open photoshop and drag a paa into texview. You can't put a script in a mod, it runs server side meaning hosts will have to manually add it. So what are you paying for, a script or some quote quote assets?


    If famous community building mods are already available like ACE, CUP (which like I said previously, are just ports with some features which, I'm sorry, if BI wanted to they could do themselves and already have on some) and RHS without cost, why would updates have a pricetag? And when you said there can be 100s of DLCs, do you really think BIS has the time to sign 100s of contracts and support 100s of developers? The bigger the team, the bigger the risk of leaks, and due to the anonymity and nationless nature of the gaming industry expect to see "leaked" variants on the Steam Workshop (this isn't free anymore, NDAs are signed and people will quit their jobs to focus on this, legal action WILL have to be taken at some point when problems arise) which even now has almost no takedown support for mod makers another reason why I personally would resist uploading anything onto there as expressed by many members of our community. I'm sorry mate but put some thought in before you recommend something like this. 


    When it comes to ports, I myself would be interested for something revisited like the Malden map DLC, its terrific and everyone loves it not because its a 1:1 port from the previous Malden but is re-imagined and contains new buildings and enhanced terrain. That is something I'd pay for, not for something that should be free contained in a previous title. If you want to buy something that is already released, why don't you click the donate button on their websites? 

  2. 36 minutes ago, Undeceived said:

    Great idea, BIS! And good to know about your continued commitment for the game.


    My suggestion is that you take CUP into this program. :icon5: 


    What? CUP is 85% ports from the previous title, ArmA 2. 


    No offense to them, they're a brilliant team and love em dearly helped me very much on the discord, but Lord Christ if you want A2 weapons you can just buy the previous game. 

  3. Just now, haleks said:

    That's not what Pufu said : wether or not they are on par with vanilla content in terms of quality, most addons and missions barely relate to the "2035 setting", or take some liberties with the lore depicted in Arma3.


    Thats what I mean, vanilla worthy as in fitting with A3s current timeframe. 

  4. 7 minutes ago, PuFu said:

    a side-question from me - since no one really makes content that actually fits armaverse anyways, does the "pitched" content needs to fit in this universe, it is advisable it does, or is it simply unimportant...


    Woah man watch what you say, alot of people make vanilla worthy content!

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  5. On 10/29/2017 at 2:40 AM, Opstad said:

    Hi there
    I am a Active user of Arma3 and have been for years now, but there is one improvment that i am missing.

    And that is the way we "Holster" the main weapon... to day as you might know we Holster it on the back like a hunting rifle...

    so my tip is to Change the whole holster setup from the Back to the Cheast like the moast units in real life do... with the stock up and the pipe down.. like it was on a 2 point sling.

    That is a big wish for the next Update.


    Best reguards

    sergeant major, Opstad of the:  Norwegian Task force, Norway


    Not all units carry sidearms to start, enlisted infantry (at least in the US, main ArmA faction) do not carry sidearms. Also its just a selection of the model, a mod already does that with its platecarriers.


    Not an issue imho. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, stburr91 said:


    It's pure speculation on my part. 


    With the new third party DLC announcement today, it makes me think that A4 could be 3 or more years out, and this new strategy it to keep the community active. 



    I agree that would save time, and development costs, however....


    Arma 4 could be 7-8 years after Arma 3's release, I think people will want a new game, with a new storyline, and all new assets. 


    I was thinking we would get an official A4 announcement sometime in 2018, but now I'm thinking it could be longer, again, that's pure speculation on my part. 


    Nah, we love our Armaverse timeline. You can have a new story within a timeframe, like Apex. 

  7. 2 hours ago, esfumato said:

    Situation Report 202




    What are you looking for mate? 30 new maps, 85 new factions?  We have a highly developed game here, I for one was here since the Alpha build and holy hell theres been many great developments. When you asked for features I thought you meant some Eden tweaks and some improved gameplay, not completely new from scratch assets etc.


    If you can't do what you want to with vanilla make you're own mod, this game is built off community made expansions and nothing is stopping you from that. Christ, there are 10 DLCs and you're still asking for something more... 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, das attorney said:

    So do driver setCaptive true.  Or replace him with a medical guy to suit the aesthetics of your mission.  No point getting your knickers in a twist.


    Anyway, you're backtracking.  First you say:



    Then when presented with evidence to the contrary, you start talking about the driver.


    It's a non-issue imo.


    Never said medics are always unarmed. Never backtracked any of my statements. 


    What I said, is that it would better fit the MEDEVAC categories of vehicles to manned by unarmed medical staff. Obviously this is a very small problem, not an issue like you said but something that can be changed simply and probably should. I mean we have a large DLC devoted to the "Laws of War" yet it is broken by NATO, the main "good guys". 

  9. 1 minute ago, das attorney said:

    How does that link have anything to do with who drives the truck?


    The rifleman who is armed is driving a sacred, protected symbol that you are not allowed to engage. The rifleman is a threat, and if he is driving it whilst armed the opposing forces will blow up the truck which is a violation of the geneva convention. 



  10. 2 hours ago, Greenfist said:

    Please don't cry, I'm pretty sure it's very common and within humanitarian conventions for medical personnel to carry light weapons for self-defence.


    Yeah, but the Red Crystal is a "protected symbol" and you are not permitted at anytime to fire upon a vehicle, person or building bearing the symbol, the medical staff manning said structures should be unarmed and non-combatant. I find it amusing that the driver of the medical HEMTT is not a medic, but an armed rifleman. 

  11. Just now, esfumato said:


    Content is Paid (weapons, vehicles, terrains,Missions...) and features or upgrades are free. So If nothing changes there is not going to be any new content for Arma 3.


    So you're saying Malden is not a free platform update? :rock:


    There were many free updates which brought more (like you said) content, BIS never stated that they'd cease these updates which some of them mind you are essential to improve the game and eradicate bugs. 


  12. On 10/13/2017 at 4:39 PM, dragon01 said:

    Blackfish wasn't made for a carrier, and in fact looks a lot like it would be an Army aircraft. Any carrier ops for it would be touch and go, using the carrier as a FARP, not a main base.


    Yeah just realized it doesn't look very, "power projectively deployable". 

  13. 28 minutes ago, road runner said:

    Majorly disappointed to find some private stuff shared with a select group of guys,  of which then started being  used in another well known group, with images posted publicly (twitter), despite express wishes to keep these addons within a very closed group, and not to be distributed.


    Mate just remember if you've 100% created the mods yourself and if some clans/groups/whatever they are called start using them you have every right to ask them to pull it down and if they've packed it into their own pbo, you can go even further. 

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  14. Basically, I  feel that some factions are lacking on headgear/variants/utilization. These things are small but should be looked at for the Tanks DLC, in early dev days we can see there are seperate classnames for berets. An example of this is below, the CSAT officer unit have a separate beret (which is just the same model of the regular black beret), also some CTRG operators in singleplayer wear "Beret [SAS]", I think it would be nice if we get proper detailing of these to be put to use as its first to what a player sees.




    Additionally, it would be nice to have the deck crew units of the USS Freedom wear color matching helmets, not the combat helmets used by armor crews. AAF certainly need a headgear update as they are using ported ArmA 2 models, preferably some variation aswell. NATO is fine however, I find in the texture there is a possibility to add a flag/unitpatch - on every helmet there is a large empty unused space, it would be cool to see use of this space. Superficial and stupid I know, but a tiny bit of selections and retextures/modelling can make hella difference!





  15. 18 hours ago, Stalkermaster2015 said:

    Look I'm being hopeful here that we will get something substantial. They mention three operations which could mean multiple missions in a operation. They also mention having multiple views so hopefully it means you got like a on the ground sort of view mixed in with a tank operator view or heli support or something. Playing from these type of views could make for some interesting replayability which is something they keep going on about. They mentioned apex being highly replayable which it wasn't really. Was a boring slog to get through though the main campaign had a few replayable missions with multiple objectives which were way better then what we got with apex. I know they said in the anniversary post they let us down so I'm expecting big things from this dlc. It's got a good price but it needs to have a good amount of content in these missions. Fingers crossed.


    They said 3 re-playable missions. I feel it will be more combat than story, but whatever, *clicks taskbar and returns back to eden*