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    Tanoa Bridge CFG

    Got it. [["bridgesea_01_f.p3d","a3\structures_f_exp\infastructure\bridges\bridgesea_01_f.p3d",true],""] I try to create it with a simpleobject but encounter errors both times using both of those.
  2. hillary's implanted agent destroys an airbase
  3. Run, run as far as your little legs can run because this Zluka Mishka is going to bite your ass with 5 warheads. Tatat RHS, CUP
  4. omg, how do you compete with these pics. are you all using photoshop lol for the cc? damn nice fog BIS agia 2040
  5. M. Glade

    Water, Water & Water

    I'm sure the community can side with me on this one. I love ArmA, I have 7000 hours combined since Harvest Red. I try to play every aspect of the game equally, but I find lacking in one sector - the waterborne aspect. Awesome, we have 4-5 vehicles to play with and diver suits water guns etc., this was expressed greatly in the Alpha with Stratis when the team always showed us that the game would be balanced on all zones. With Tanoa, I really really do feel that something is missing in the Ocean, during the campaign I've always heard the soldiers talk about ships and the pacific. Ok we have the pacific, but where are the ships? I've been to all the coral reefs and explored them underwater in Tanoa, but its not enough. Tanoa is a beautiful map, but some of the Islands are only accessible by boat. Honestly, I would love to see more features, objects and environments in the water: boats, static ships, bases (since CSAT is a "destabilization" force which is like what, China and Iran?), more water-borne units (Landing Craft lets say). Hell, what is this Blue line industrial port and message saying "Tanoa has been devastated by its shipping industry", there are no ships on Tanoa. I'm not saying BI didn't do a good job, they did, definitely. They're adding all these new launchers, units and out-of-game features and kind of missing something that was 50% of us (the community)'s focus back 3 years ago. Regardless, awesome game. Sorry for the grammatical errors, I did this in a hurry. Thanks!
  6. I accidently clicked ok when the apex thing popped up for removing the action menu key to main mouse click (left mouse), and now I can't change it in settings or in controls it just makes me open the menu instead of shooting. Before I was able to scroll and left click a thing from the action menu but now I have to enter or mid mouse (which is a pain), I like it before when you can do it the a2 way.
  7. M. Glade

    New Interaction Menu Button Broken

    no, i mean it was before by default left click but now its not by the apex popup
  8. M. Glade

    You've played to much Arma when:

    when you play too much arma you start to decompile and recompile the campaign missions thinking it will change surroundings irl
  9. M. Glade

    Ask us anything!

    Will there be integration of the ArmA 3 / 2 vehicles and cars - maybe even some cars? Also what will the new PVP system bring in terms of medical and technical things, like kicking doors instead of clicking open on them.
  10. Russian & US Special Forces meet in Northern Syria - 2017. (Glad trump was elected, can you fuckin imagine? US and Russian forces fighting durka durkas together, wow!) Kunduz, RHS, VSM, a bunch of other mods idk.
  11. photodump - VSM, RHS S&R securing an embassy taken by Syndikoot Snip Snop
  12. VSM, Mil Gear Pack, RHS, Apex, Direones (tried it out finally) Extra:
  13. M. Glade

    Water, Water & Water

    ArmA 3 was that, as I explained in the OP. ArmA3 was branded as a sea-friendly-underwater-adventure experience with Altis and all that underwater caves and stuff they only did in the BETA and Alpha. Since ArmA 2 had no underwater and an extremely buggy swimming system, ArmA 3 was to fix that. Thats why im saying we should as a community maybe ask to bring more in this certain area, as ArmA 3 (honestly) is almost perfect!
  14. A Dutch Coast Guard aircraft lands to repair a substation.
  15. M. Glade

    Water, Water & Water

    No - even ships like in ArmA 2 for the marines would be great, static works, really really well. I mean NATO is a developed faction and CSAT seems way in the future so there must be some new water stuff right? But AAF and whatever else won't afford a fucking destroyer lol
  16. Off to Altis (don't try at home, i have a good computer) Fijian Ranger Regiment following a coordinated NATO strike
  17. M. Glade

    Water, Water & Water

    Yep! I see more actions in the airports then in the water, Tanoa has small swamps but not large enough for any scale combat.
  18. M. Glade

    New Blood?

    I don't know if its just me, or my game is weird. But I noticed after getting shot in the leg your character spurts out blood like crazy, this is vanilla no mods. Was this updated recently? Thanks!
  19. M. Glade

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Before you talk about America's clown, talk about your own, Trudeau. I left Ottawa as soon as that French terrorist went into office, Putin is on the side of Trump - everyone knows that. So you're saying stopping strikes on ISIS and letting Islamics live on CFBs are the way to go? Dude thats fucking pathetic, right now no one wants to continue the mess in the Mid East. Even the Iraqi Government has had enough (or whatever was left since the U.S. invaded). I'm glad we are still keeping "advisers" there, but is 70 guys really enough? Trump will hold office, we'll see what unfolds, but from what I see so far is something people have been waiting for a long time, greater U.S. - Russia relations. I'm sure the libtard up north is going to be pissed, As for Libya I can't comment.