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  1. Works fine for me, how far is your target?
  2. Not in the Jungle Hex tho.. Would be nice to maximize potential of this last minute, final DLC. Give the community as much that can be given with quality constraints and usability (ex. Tanoa colored vehicles etc.)
  3. Some recommendation for CSAT. I don't really understand this, its like a cross between year 3050 warfare and 1970s soviet invasion of afghanistan, I think CSAT needs new tanker coveralls.
  4. (2029) New "NYX" tankette rolls off the Altis Vrana owned vehicle and munitions plant. The logistics officer for the AAF isn't too happy about the traffic jam. Nikoaton's Anims, Direones and ReColor by our resident time-waster talented graphics professional Greenfist!
  5. Please get a new helmet for AAF. Even if its just a slight modification, its not very aesthetically pleasing to be using an ArmA 2 port.
  6. Please replace the overused Offroad 50 cal technicals with these beautiful new Jeep Wranglers with the LIM/M249 for the Apex missions. I'd really love to replay those missions with new juicy juicy content! (if not done already)
  7. So cute, lil boy here wants a cuddle
  8. Hope @Alex150201 made it back home.
  9. M. Glade

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Minor issue with NATOs DLC jet. The display doesn't fit inside the monitor, its going out of bounds.
  10. M. Glade

    Texturing Van Laws of War

    Use A3 Samples. Its public (included PSD template).
  11. M. Glade

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    You really think I'm saying put the fucking skeletons fingers between each groove and button? No. A simple hand gesture with already available animations to move in the general vicinity of a button isn't very hard and is done by RHS with one of their jet models. So what if its not in the other vehicles? Armored vehicles haven't had interiors but every other vehicle did, now they're getting one, problem?
  12. M. Glade

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Small addition - animations for commanders hand clicking buttons/display and driver (ex. switching to thermals, turning on lights, fire smoke etc)
  13. M. Glade

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    peopel are already complaining and im here having heart palpitations holy shit....
  14. Any news on this yet? Don't see any editor modules as of now. This came in with Tac Ops DLC as most of you know.
  15. You can use AttachTo command to setup a Titan launcher on the back. I don't think this is realistic but it works, I'd rather have a static SPG/RPG variant but hey.
  16. M. Glade

    [Minor] VTOL? (Apex + Jets)

    Can we please add a feature to the VTOL where you can fold the wings, I dont know why you can fold the wings of the CSAT VTOL but not the NATO one which was (I think) made to fit on the carrier. It really matches well with the carrier, but it doesn't fold up like its supposed to, limited space on the deck.
  17. Somewhere in a far away land where Ai walk through rocks...
  18. M. Glade

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Go to the server browser and type Altis Life. I think you forget why ArmA 3 is particularly popular, people are attracted due to the life mods/gamemodes and KOTH/BattleRoyale rather than what can be done with the base game.
  19. M. Glade

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    I don't mind the Ai, they work, and they're mostly enemies. Yeah in singleplayer critiera, its fucked. But guys, BI is working on the new engine. They're (hopefully) compiling all our piss rants in a nice big bucket, and will be sorting that out on the next title. I don't know WHY anyone would complain about Third Party DLC, its not something that the whole community HAVE TO purchase, even if there are listings on the market for third party DLCs no ones is forcing you to buy them, moreover, its a gift from the developers and wonderful staff here more than anything else. Many mod creators have always wanted their FREE time which they devoted to pay off, and this is an opportunity for so. Ok, BI moves forward with the idea and begin taking requests. What is the harm in that? What is the problem? None, when it comes to copyright and people stealing other peoples shit - we as a community will deal with it with finding out and testing, since most mods are quite easily identifable and have a vocal community. It's not going to hurt anyone, might aswell implement it and if it flunks along the line, scrap the idea and devote more resources to the next title. As many people stated here, ArmA 3 (at least the current release), has had a drop in playerbase. But this is primarily due to the past generation of ArmA Roleplay Lifers (sorry to bring them up but you know) realizing that pretending to be a cool and tactical police officer in a game isn't really good for their real life. Aswell as the Battle Royale folk who went to the standalone game, diverting from ArmA. But were those people really contributing? Or were they playing due to YouTube promotions, I think the latter. Like I said before, we on this forum are BI franchise die-harders who have thousands of hours, want nothing but the best for the video game that has consumed us what we may see and believe can differ to that what the casual playerbase wants (which is probably more police cars and so forth). Also, one dislike I have is since the 3rd party DLC will be a very small and handpicked group of mods, why won't there be a lite version on the base game? Surely most of what there will be published won't take that much disk space (except terrains, obviously), so one suggestion from me is to include a main menu option to toggle tester/lite version of the DLC to boost sales and know what people would be buying.
  20. This way you guys can also say it introduces 1 new faction , so "includes no new assets" wouldn't be a true statement.
  21. M. Glade

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    sheep said that BI will see how Tac Ops pans out to see if its viable.
  22. One thing I really love about this Tac Ops DLC is bringing back Coops from A2 (at least his voice actor) some nostalgia seriously hit me, thought I was playing harvest red for a minute.