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  1. Go to Eden editor NATO > Turrets and then you manually place them on ship object.
  2. I'm getting more and more curious about how these briefing room tables / screens and the HDTVs all aboard the destroyers are supposed to work. Or my imagination is bad. And is there any way to open/close/lock each of the doors on the carrier.
  3. I assume there'd be issues with rotors going into the sides of the hangar and then exploding everything, so it'd be probably limited to 1 helicopter which the hangar can fit 2 if rotors are folded.
  4. Experienced this issue too, sad you can't taxi the ghosthawk like you can with the UH-60 in real life, with wheels.
  5. M. Glade

    Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    Thats such an awesome machinima man haha needs to be put in the news/blog.
  6. At first I thought its just random malfunction of (was it ever implemented?) the missiles but i'll try to recreate it. I reckon its just a splended camera bug but it definitely didn't explode or go to the correct trajectory. Also, is there any hiddenselections for the 4 dozen TVs in the destroyer? And what'd be the use for the briefing room screen and desk, like any dedicated area to put it.
  7. Yeah I agree the SAMs need a buff, with the newer jets you can throttle 100 and just fly away after a couple turns.
  8. Yes, that photo is 5sec before impact no trail and like I said it didn't detonate.
  9. Yeah but it legitimately malfunctioned and didn't explode when contact with surface.
  10. It's the 230mm mk41, pretty certain its for Harpoons but there are no other ships to sink haha
  11. Is it normal for some missiles rocket and warhead not engaging and basically flying like a rock in the sky and not causing explosion? Costing $50,000 a piece I expect NATO to be up to CSAT standards, smh.
  12. Vehicle in vehicle transport, just put the boat in the rack.
  13. You can also put HEMTT and Marshall The 120mm platform isn't aligned perfectly with her bow and rotating it will cause it to fly in ArmA physics. But I think this is from me firing it I don't know.
  14. M. Glade

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Hate to be the guy to ask for things but it'd be cool to see Navy Ghosthawk / uniforms for such a big mod like Aegis, would really immerse the NATO naval criteria alot more!
  15. Why is the 120mm "mk45 Hammer" limited zeroing to 2000 metres? I'm pretty certain that the rounds are effective at much greater distance. Also, anyone got recommendations for vanilla USN uniforms now that we got a bridge? These helicopter pilot things, don't really, fit.
  16. Put the boat rack in one of the boat hangars/outlets then sail near it and you will get action menu selection.
  17. Alright thanks, i'll play in Eden some more just thought it went into the back a bit much. And there is this bug.
  18. Even when the Radar is destroyed the SAM can still locate and fire soon after (CSAT Rhea). Small diameter bomb can't be selected on the Buzzard/Gryphon? Not sure if intended. And the hangar on the Destroyer is very small so you can't really properly fit a Ghosthawk (let alone AWACS :D), so maybe add a fold rotors option? Chemlight looking colour leaks on the ships fore.
  19. IT COMES WITH A BOAT RACK? Jesus christ, i'm done. Edit: Great to see the ability to change flag/name/number.
  20. M. Glade

    Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    Still very depressed about not having an ouija board!
  21. Can anyone let me know what happened to the Tanoa Hunters and HEMTT? I swear there were textures for them.
  22. M. Glade

    Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    It does have a gunmount though, a simple retex for CSAT (or, possibly customization judging from the note of 'interiors') can see some pretty interesting SP scenarios. Maybe, just maybe we may see mobile versions of the SAMs since they're already modeled for both factions' vehicles but realistically the thing will be so far away there won't be a reason to move them if they're being utilized. I'm not complaining, it's progress! He'll probably be doing splendid splits on all the Eastwind devices hes stockpiling, some of those shooter animations too forcing Kerry to watch
  23. M. Glade

    Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    I'm so happy that we finally see a possible hint/resolve in the never ending conflict that is ArmA 3 universe. And what happened to Miller haha!
  24. M. Glade

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    We really, REALLY need a GTA level style of vehicle doors opening / closing when you enter them. I'm tired of seeing a guy across the map press a button and float in the air for a second and disappear into a tank.