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  1. You can do that, I have this in my description.ext for example: class CfgFunctions { #include "SideOps\CfgFunctions.hpp" }; And the CfgFunctions.hpp: class FRED { tag = "FRED"; class sideOps { file = "SideOps\Functions"; class endSideGraphic {}; class infoText {}; class selectMission {}; class squadPatrol {}; class strategicMapOpen {}; class taskPatrol {}; class teamPatrol {}; class typeText {}; class vehiclePatrol {}; }; class missionTypes { file = "SideOps\MissionTypes"; class Case0Rescue {}; class Case1Steal {}; class Case2Target {}; class Case3Destroy {}; class Case4Pilot {}; class Case5Sabotage {}; class Case6Transport {}; class Case7Convoy {}; }; }; Works perfectly and it even shows up in the ingame functions viewer.
  2. Yep, it seems to be fixed! Quick work!
  3. Fantastic! Works like a charm, that's genius. Now only 17 more lines to an even 200. ;) Updating first post. EDIT: The change made the rescue mission show up twice while the convoy none but moving the _counter = _missionPosArray pushBack _foundSafePos; Up under if (_foundSafePos distance _unit > _minDistance && {_foundDistAway} && {_foundSafePos distance HQ_dropOff < worldSize}) then { Fixed it. Also, changed the switch do for a call { if (_counter isEqualTo 0) exitWith {.... Which apparently is faster according to Code Optimization EDIT2: There we go! 196 lines of code, I don't think I can do any better than that. Got som unnecessary parameters for _missionArray in each mission type, so I removed them. EDIT3: Made the whole script into a function, precompiled in init.sqf, and merged it with the functions file where all the other functions are, and got a huge noticable increase in speed. Now finds positions for all missiontypes in under a second as opposed to the 2-4 seconds before. Updating first post with the first mission type.
  4. Hey, if anyone has the time, the desire and patience to help me look over my code, (It's quite a lot) to see if I missed anything or if I could have done a specific thing better etc., would be great! The script in question is a side mission script and have 8 different side missions, which you choose via the strategic map, I've hade great inspiration from DUWS. You can access the mission via the whiteboard placed in the mission. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx8A1AbbWy4AVUpZVFpaM1ItR28 The link contains a mission folder, the parameters in the description.ext does nothing other than AI Skill, they're there to make it compatible for my other mission. You have Zeus, which makes it easier to test different situations. Any ideas for an additional mission type would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance. SideOpsSelectMission.sqf Updated 4/21 11.30 Case0Rescue.sqf Updated 4/21 11.43
  5. Today's devbranch update introduced this error with the RCO scope: 23:22:09 Warning Message: Cannot load texture a3\weapons_f\acc\data\scope_inside_sharp_ca.paa. 23:22:09 Warning Message: Cannot load texture a3\weapons_f\acc\data\collimdot_dot_red_ca.paa. 23:22:09 Warning Message: Cannot load texture a3\weapons_f\acc\data\scope_inside_blur_ca.paa. And made the scope glass black and white, unable to be viewed through.
  6. That's the page I've been using, but it's hard looking over everything, there's always something that could have been missed or done better, which is the purpose of the thread
  7. Thank you for helping out! I really appreciate it! I'll see what I can come up with aswell! EDIT: Found this: _totalMissionArray = _totalMissionArray + [_missionArray]; and changed it to this: _totalMissionArray pushBack _missionArray; Updating the first post with new script.
  8. First two suggestions, wonderful. Really neat. Could I also go so far to instead of _size = worldSize; do: _mapHalf = worldSize/2; _mapCenter = [_mapHalf,_mapHalf]; Since _size isn't used anywhere else? V - (doesn't matter anymore solved it but leaving it for the "archives")
  9. I've used the lookAt command when making a tank turret face the right way. gunner _vehicle lookAt _position; EDIT: Nevermind, read the original post a little more careful.
  10. Yes, I agree. Currently with the "small" interface, the Eden sidebars take up ~50% of the screen, it was fine before, so maybe scale it differently? Also, seems that the Taru pods still aren't in Eden, I can't find them anywhere.
  11. Thanks for all the help, and for bearing with me! So this is the functions script, it's compiled via init.sqf in preparation. I don't think much is to be changed here because most of them are simply BIS functions that I've made small modifications to, but I throw it up here anyway for reference. The only ones I've made from scratch is the three first. But anyway, here is the first missiontype, the player is supposed to find and rescue a lost patrol. Reason I ask for this is because I would like to make this as lightweight on performance as possible, nothing is wrong with the scripts per se, but some things might be done faster. But what I'm most concerned about is if I have missed a possible outcome which in turn could break the mission.
  12. There we go! Very nice. It works, I think i feel it working faster but it's hard to tell, but if anything it's neater! Thank you. Is there anywhere else or shall we move on? :)
  13. _check = {_x < _minDistance} count _distanceArray; if> 15:52:11 Error position: << _minDistance} count _distanceArray; if> 15:52:11 Error <: Type Array, expected Number,Not a Number 15:52:11 File D:\Fredrik\Documents\Arma 3\mpmissions\SideOpTest.Altis\SideOps\SideOpsSelectMission.sqf, line 57 EDIT: think I know why, _minDistance is a number while "_x" is a position
  14. Okay, this line does not work: _check = {_x < _minDistance} count _distanceArray; This shows up as an error: Error <: Type Array, expected Number,Not a Number
  15. In the second for loop, shouldn't it be for "_t" from 0 to ((_array_count) - 1) do ?
  16. Okay, I can probably post one file at a time. Thanks for the interest. So starting with the main file which brings up the strategic map, and finds positions for each mission-type. It is called by an addAction, the player is brought with as a parameter. The function at the end is a modified function which allows for zooming in the strategic map. It's in an other file
  17. It's several files, and would be better to post the whole mission.But if you want, when you get home, though please tell if you still can't open the download link. Thanks.
  18. Fiddi

    Eden Composition spawning live

    So funny you should mention the strategic map, I'm working on a Side mission script, involving just that. And I came looking for a way to easily spawn pre-defined compositions. Would be fantastic if that was implemented.
  19. In the video, the car was set to full speed. My convoy moves in limited, I'm actually quite surprised on how well they drive. Sometimes they have problems with <90o turns and the two behind the leader gets stuck, but after a little while they wriggle out of it and continue on their way, and catches up to the leader which have been snail-driving since they fell behind. If relevant, I'm on dev-branch, the fps is 60-70 and the skill of the units driving is 1.
  20. Hello, I would like some advice on how to make a convoy. So the idea is to have a position for a mission in which I spawn some buildings and some crap, essentially a little outpost. I then want to create a convoy, say, 10 km away in a random direction on a road, or at least make them find a road and drive on it, preferrably away from my main base, call it HQ. Said convoy would then make the journey from their spawn point to the spawned outpost, keeping their formation if possible. The convoy would be set to captive and not engage enemies in the area until a player (in multiplayer) comes within 1-2 Km, to have them not being blown up by whatever units may be in the area and keep the player in the center of the action. (A cool detail would be that the convoy is accompanied by a helicopter that follows, but that's not essential.) Otherwise the convoy would comprise of: A truck, like an Ammotruck/Repairtruck to 'simulate' valuable supplies, an APC, for combat support and a car, with a machinegun. That's three, maybe four, vehicles that would ideally keep together on a road driving towards the outpost. So the big question is, how would I generally go about doing this? I know about the function findSafePos but I'm not really sure how to utilize it in this particular situation. The random outpost is easy enough, just to put down a predetermined set of buildings and objects, that I can probably figure out myself. But the hard thing is the convoy itself. Thanks in advance, and hopefully later aswell!
  21. Actually, what I have so far works pretty well. Only 1/20 was unsuccessful, but that convoy spawned blown up for some reason, so not actually because of AI driving. The others while they braked for no reason some times, all arrived at their destination without damage.
  22. Fiddi

    Eden Composition spawning live

    I also would like this kind of feature. A script command like ArmaFiend says, where you can specify name of the composition, position to spawn in, the direction in which to spawn in etc.
  23. Fiddi

    Eden Feature Requests

    A way to turn off the server you started when previewing the mission in multiplayer would be great.
  24. This works: While {true} do { Sleep 0.1; _roads = _spawnPos nearRoads _roadRadius; _roadRadius = _roadRadius + 50; hint format["%1", _roads]; for "_i" from 0 to (count _roads -1) do { _connectedRoads = roadsConnectedTo (_roads select _i); if(count _connectedRoads isEqualTo 1) exitWith {_spawnRoad = _connectedRoads select 0;}; }; if (!isNull _spawnRoad) exitWith{}; }; Now to actually spawn the convoy, how do I get the convoy to face in the direction they should, ie. face the roads direction and the waypoints direction, so that they avoid 180o turns? Also to spawn them after one another instead of on the same position.
  25. Well, thanks for all the help, I'll continue and try to figure out and will post updates here.