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  1. Alright, under _unit = _type createVehicle _position; (line 159) add _unit allowDamage false; And under _dead = false; (line 183) add Sleep 0.5; <- You can adjust this to your liking. _unit allowDamage true; That might work. Oh, and about the vehicle ZBE_cache "turn off", I modified the original and added that feature myself.
  2. Question: You are not using ZBE_cache, are you? I've had that problem with vehicle's exploding on respawn, and I narrowed it down to ZBE_cache. It briefly disables simulation when the vehicle is spawned and when simulation is enabled again it could damage the vehicle. I have a custom vehicle respawn script, but it would require you to modify your mission a bit. I can give you a link if you want. I've used said script to respawn vehicles on a platform (which I made in eden) out in the sea with no problems.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to make a unit limp and have blood on their legs (possibly other bodyparts too) without actually damaging them. What I'm using now is setHit, it works but the medics and those with "first-aid kits" get the action to heal the unit. I want him to limp and be bloody! So the way I see it, either use a handleHeal to keep the bodyparts bloody and damaged, but that gives the action (maybe someway to remove said action?), or somehow add blood and limping without damage. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. No, he follows orders, just takes a long time to go there, he's limping. But the problem is that I get the "treat soldier" while he's limping and it's quite annoying but besides that it works perfect. I have the setHit on a loop, so that he's limping even if I heal him, like so: [_officer, { _officer = _this; while {_officer getVariable ["doLimp", true]} do { _officer setHit ["hands", 0.5]; _officer setHit ["legs", 0.5]; // 0.5 is the threshold for limping and blood showing up. Sleep 2; }; }] remoteExec ["spawn"];
  5. Hi, I was wondering if there'll be support for the retexturing of the default handguns anytime soon, or ever. They, as of now, do not have any hidden selections and you can't edit the base model to change textures. Are there any plans to enable this kind of retexturing? Thanks
  6. Can they still operate normally then? What I'm after is the ability to have him in my group and still be able to order around and enter vehicles etc. just while limping and looking bloody.
  7. If I have done my calculations correct: Sleep 2400; //40 Minutes in Seconds. skipTime -(40/60); //Go back 40 minutes in time According to the Wiki:
  8. Hey, I was wondering if there's a functions or way to detect which texture from textureSources a vehicle uses currently. I'm using the bis_fnc_initVehicle* to set the texture but I have to write one for each vehicle, would be easier and more neat to have a script that automates the process, for respawn and whatnot, and grabs the texture I've chosen in Eden instead of me manually selecting. * [this, 'Blufor'] call bis_fnc_initVehicle; As per usual, any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  9. Aww, you guys! Yeah, I have come across problems that some have solved but not explained how and I thought that i shouldn't be a part of that. Also since I'll probably forget how I did it in the future... Good to have it documented.
  10. onPlayerRespawn.sqf have this feature implemented automatically: [<newUnit>, <oldUnit>, <respawn>, <respawnDelay>] So you would only need to use that. _newPlayer = _this select 0; //respawned player, setUnitLoadout _oldPlayer = _this select 1; //killed player, getUnitLoadout You can use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getUnitLoadout to save the loadout to a variable and https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setUnitLoadout to apply it to the new unit
  11. Yes, but that would be another manual to be put in each vehicles init. Anyway thanks for helping. I've solved it myself by going through the functions viewer and found the function bis_fnc_getVehicleCustomization, which gives, among other, the vehicles current texture. So with: _paint = ([_vehicle] call bis_fnc_getVehicleCustomization select 0) select 0; I get the vehicles current texture, in the right format (classname in string).
  12. Have noticed it also, both with Base patches and modded ones. As they said, sometimes show, sometimes don't. Tried with remoteExec but no change in result.
  13. This is what I use when I want to force the horn. (driver _truck) forceWeaponFire [currentWeapon _truck, currentWeapon _truck]; You can switch the "_truck" for your vehicle. Hope it helps.
  14. Fiddi

    Changing Recoil

    Players init line should suffice.
  15. There's no way to rebind the "vectoring on/off" on the vtols. It's default key is X. Ideally it would be the same as auto hover.
  16. Fiddi

    Changing Recoil

    There's these commands that changes sway: this setCustomAimCoef *number* this enableAimPrecision *true/false*
  17. Hi, I'm working on optimizing my code. I have an array which needs to remove elements on a regular basis. I use an forEach to test each element for a condition and if it fills that it gets removed from the array. For now I use a simple " _array - [_x]" but I wanted to use deleteAt with _forEachIndex like so: _array deleteAt _forEachIndex; But read it could be unreliable, exactly how reliable is it? Is there a threshold where it becomes unstable or is it always unstable? Exact quote from Wiki: He speaks of backwards. Is it possible to run a forEach backwards? Thanks.
  18. But then this whole thread is pointless, because that's exactly what I'm hoping to do...
  19. Wow, didn't think it would make that much of a difference! Thanks for testing for me :) So, how do I adapt the select command to choose the current forEach element for removal? Though I tested using, "_array deleteAt _forEachIndex" and could not notice any problems, atleast not yet...
  20. And are either of those faster than: "_array - [_x]"?
  21. So I need a script that gets nearby positions in a certain radius. The positions is in an array [[0,0,0],[1,1,1]...] like so. And I have a random position, but I need to get an array of the nearby positions. Is there a simple way to do this? I don't want to have to place dummy objects that snatch performance. Thanks.
  22. Recently I have been having problem to get (non-virtual) artillery support module to work, it worked before. Everything is synced. I have a Scorcher, Mortar and Sandstorm, but none show up in support tab, though virtual does. EDIT: Now they show up but have no option to choose how many rounds and can therefore not order artillery. Very inconsistent behaviour...
  23. Yes, that's what I did. Though I ran a macro on my keyboard to add commas, I don't know how to use the Column editor.
  24. Yep, that did it I think. Thank you :) Did this: { diag_log _x; } forEach SideOpPosArray; 879 Lines, and copied over from the log file. Now to just put them in a file and put the return value in a variable on mission start.
  25. One more, hopefully final, question how do I write such a long array to a file? So I can remove the woodpiles from the mission and just have the positions I've tried copyToClipboard and diag_log but they don't write the entire array.