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  1. Dude im talking about RL. As this claims to be a simulation i find your vid ridiculous. even good is not accurate at 2200 meters, in RL. in fact world top sniper have problem to hit a target of 30x30cm@1000 meters with a cal50.
  2. sniping from 1,4km up? Strange little world you came from ;D. For 1km you need a Cal50 and a target big like a car and you still may miss a lot. Get real man.
  3. Hello, I am looking for an active german clan/squad with dedicated members. military gaming style prefered. Me is an Arma 2 vet (Blackfly), a good shooter and 35 years old. I used to play Arma 2 with the germany-fun clan. Maybe some of them are around here? I'm online usualy from 18.30-2.00 CEST. Skype: thaisor (nomad) or just send me a PM :-)