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    [Source Files] Sosopol

    @pvt. partz: The map is 10km², although quite a big portion of it is water. @pvt. partz, @jacobc679 & @ officialxtreme: The map should be ready for TB. Here is a little summary of what the different folders contain. Folder "sosopol": Contains all the relevant data for the map. First, it should still be possilbe to just pack this folder with pboProject to bring the map into the game. Second, you can use the included files (like SatMap, Heightmap, and Mask) to setup a new project in TB. Most of the configs should still be useable. The only exception being the lightning config which is not up-to-date to the new standards introduced by the visual upgrade which was released before APEX. Folder "sosopol.Cache" and "sosopol.v4d": Files that are created and required by TB. Theoretically, you should be able to open the original Project file ("sosopol.tv4p") by copying the complete folder "sosopol.Cache" into the folder "Terrainbuilder" as well as all the files included in "sosopol.v4d". Depending on how forgiving TB is, you maybe have to change the name of the folder "Terrainbuilder" to "sosopol". Folder "SourceData": Includes the heightmap in L3DT Format and the source of the mask file. These do not have to be put in your pDrive and can be opened by L3DT or a photo-editing software of your choice, respectively. Folder "Terrainbuilder": Contains the various layers with already placed objects, road shapes and used object libaries. Can either be used for restoring the original project file or be imported in a new project. Bring the whole thing into the game can either be achieved by rebuilding the original project structure (as outlined above) or by setting up a new project file and importing/copying all the relevant files from the folder "sosopol" and "Terrainbuilder". The latter is probably the cleanest/safest way. For instructions on how to do that and an overview on the file structure, I advise to have a look at the various guides on map making (like for example The Atlas Guide) or consult the official discord channel on terrain making. Hope I could help a bit. Kerodan
  2. kerodan

    [Source Files] Sosopol

    To my knowledge you need 3 posts to create a thread. So congratulations, you should now be able to creat a thread. :D Concerning your questions: Have you added the .pbo files for the buildings to the map config (required addons)? That could be the issue but I never used 3rd party mods so it is just a wild guess.
  3. kerodan

    [Source Files] Sosopol

    Cache files are now included (see first post!) .v4d files are still uploading and I will add the link to the first post as soon as that upload finishes.
  4. kerodan

    [Source Files] Sosopol

    Of course you can. I am already uploading them at the moment but it will take a little while. I will also upload the .v4d files, however, do not expect them any time soon due to their size. ;)
  5. Excactly what irOn said. Futhermore you can count yourself lucky that this feature actually worked in the first place. Never did that for me and always resulted in Arma3 crashing ^^
  6. kerodan

    Terrain builder road issues

    @Ghost7788 sry for off topic @Richie tried that several times but was never approved by the moderator. So I kind of gave up on it.
  7. kerodan

    Terrain builder road issues

    Hey, concerning your first issue, I run into this problem quite frequently. My personal "fix" is to just add another point after finishing the drawing process of the polyline. After doing so, I was always able to move the points around without any problems. Coming to your second problem, I really have no idea. From the look of it, I would guess that ARMA can not process the assigned texture. Is this consistend for all roads of the same type or only for some roads? In case of the first, you probably made a mistake in your roadsLib.cfg.
  8. kerodan

    Terrain builder and L3DT Heightmaps

    First of all, you should ensure that the TB Settings (Grid size, Cell size and therefore Terrain Size) are correctly corresponding with the attributes of your heightmap in L3DT (equal resolution etc.) Concerning your specific problem, it would be helpful to get a better example of what you mean with enormous spiky mountains. Maybe it is just a difference in the depiction of your heightmap in L3DT and TB. On a side note, the mask/normal/satmap should correspont in resolution to your targeted map size. If you plan on making a 10x10km map you would therefore need a sat/normal/mask of 10240x10240.
  9. kerodan

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    I would love to see the gear, available through the virtual arsenal, to be more restricted to the class. For example, a marksman should not be able to pick any other rilfe than marksman rilfes while the machine gunner should only be able to choose machine guns. Furthermore it would be a nice touch to have headless client support directly build into the missions.
  10. kerodan

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Use self-interaction / interaction key (atm I am not sure which one) while you have the map screen up. There you can select the map tools.
  11. kerodan

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Hey there, I would like to report an issue with ACRE. During our coops we often encounter a phenomena where the voice of some people will be overmodulated. However (and this is the real problem), this phenomena is very inconsistent. During some missions people may encounter it for certain other people while on the next mission the issue is not necessarily present anymore. Furthermore, it is not present for anybody on the server. Only some clients seem to be encountering it but not to the same extend. We only have one person for whom this happens consistently. When the issue occurs it is not resolved by decreasing the volume of the affected person via team speak. We first thought it would be due to individual boost settings within team speak but the issue even occurred with people who were not boosted on the client where the issue occurred. Do you have any idea where this problem could originated from? Are there any log files we could provide you with to easily resolve/pinpoint it? Keep up the great work! Looking especially forward when you implement vehicle racks and these nice antennas you showed some weeks back. ;)
  12. Do you have a satmask file loaded up in TB? Without such a file, ARMA will not assign textures to your terrain!
  13. I think that is more of a technical impossibility. Elevation data as well as the layer mask can not be changed on the fly without direct access to the source files. Therefore you will need TB for doing that. Why you cannot change the mask within TB is the thing that really eludes me ^^
  14. kerodan


    Do you mean like crunching your terrain together and loading it up in Arma with a different config outside the terrain pbo? I do not think this is possible. Edit: Looking at the scripting commands for A3 maybe you can test the differnt light values independant of your config but I have no idea how limited these commands are as I have not yet worked on something like that for my terrain.
  15. Well I have no access to x-cam (yet I hope :D) but in my understanding this is theoretically possible as you can export projects to sqm/sqf. Then you can load this file at the begining of your mission and voila you got yourself a city somewhere. However, this is not the main focus of x-cam as it is developed with object placement on new terrains in mind. Furthermore you can already to this with Zeus+MCC or the Mapbuilder addon by Neo.
  16. Parts of my community and me are also working on a small map project and would be very interested in helping you with such a test session!
  17. Well I have zero problems with refreshing my heightmap. Maybe it is related to the file format of yourheightmap? Have you tried something else like, for example, .xyz?
  18. kerodan

    Map Recommendation Request

    What are you bumping here? Are you asking someone to build such a map for you or are you trying to figure out how to build it yourself? In case of the latter have a look at one of the many great tutorials which can be found in this subforum. If you are, however, asking someone to build a map for you it will most likely never happen.
  19. kerodan

    Building now showing on MAP

    Thanks for the reply! Now I have confirmation that I did something wrong as my binlog is flooded with "Bad version 60 in p3d file" messages. :D ---------- Post added at 07:49 ---------- Previous post was at 07:09 ---------- Okay update for the people who run into this issue again (and, like me, do not read the output of the dep3d.exe closely enough): There are some files in your map_altis/data, map_altis/data/water and map_stratis/data folder which are type 64 p3d. At the moment the dep3d will stop when encountering these files and therefore not change the type of any other p3d in later folders. Therefore, the structures are not converted because the exe does not "reach" these files. As a workaround you can just cut out the horizont.p3d and obloha.p3d in the respective data folders for Altis and Stratis and all the p3ds in the water subfolder in the Altis data folder. After that rerun the conversion process and everything should be fine. ;) Do not forget to paste the files back in after!
  20. kerodan

    Mask painting, max ground texture per square

    Thats weird. TB generates layers bigger than 512x512 without any problems for me. However, Bulldozer crashes will booting up.
  21. kerodan

    Mask painting, max ground texture per square

    I am no expert on the matter but I will give it a try. This parameter is important for ground textures placement. If you have a 2048x2048px tile on a 30720 x 30720 px map your satmask is divide in 15x15 tiles for placing ground textures and you can lay down 4 - 6 different ground textures per tile. 4 if you use the "Arma" setting while generating the layers for your satmap and 6 if you use the "Arma 2" setting. Till this moment, I have no idea what the downside is of using the "Arma 2" setting over the "Arma" one. I hope this helped a little bit. On a side note: I also tried different tile size settings but my bulldozer always crashes with smaller ones. Did you experience the same result?
  22. kerodan

    Building now showing on MAP

    Is it just me or is this not working anymore with the latest patch?
  23. @subroc: Check if you placed some objects of the Helicopter DLC. Ran into similiar problems and they could always be traced to one or two objects which are not yet accessible to us. A list of all the Helicopter DLCs objects can be found here. Hope that helps! ;)
  24. You are not serious with that question are you?