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    Hey people. If you're looking for a place to cause "Arma-drama", to get an ego boost by being in charge of others in a milsim unit, and to constantly bicker with your teammates, check us out today...we'd love to have a good laugh before giving you the boot.

    All joking aside, our little group Phoenix Security is a tight-knit community for mature and chill players who wanna steer away from the milsim world while still getting to be part of a tactical, professional experience. Personally, I'm a "tactics, techniques, & procedures" junkie and everyone in the group is all for teamwork and striving to become our best as a cohesive group -- but we're doing everything we can to avoid ranks, overemphasis on fancy websites and rosters, and anything else that (as we've all seen from our past experience with milsim groups) will start to hinder or even tear apart our group later on. We want to develop good relationships with each other and create an atmosphere of cooperation and, if you will, esprit de corps. We'll be having our main games on Friday nights at 5PM Central Time and we'll probably play at other times throughout the week when we get the chance. We like to play other games aside from Arma 2 just to hang out and get to know each other better. I also plan to record and upload footage from our missions every week to a Phoenix Security gaming channel on YouTube.

    If you're interested in checking things out or talking to one of us, hop on our Teamspeak 3 server (grphoenix.ts.nfoservers.com) around 6PM Central Time any day of the week and you might catch us. If that doesn't work out, shoot me a friend request (IncendiaryAgenda) on Steam or send me a PM on this forum if I don't see and accept your Steam friend request within a day of sending it. If you wanna see us in action, keep an eye on this thread -- we should have our first video up in a week or two. I promise I'm better at playing Arma than designing logos! :P


    The Surgeons is an Arma 2 Private Military Company community with a focus on "tactical precision". In other words, our ultimate goal is to achieve the highest level of cohesion possible as a team. To do this, we avoid everything that could distract us, such as putting too much work into fancy websites, being obsessive about recruitment, or getting caught up in unnecessary milsim protocol. Most importantly, we look for players with specific qualities -- including a professional attitude and a willingness to learn -- and then teach them a simple and effective set of techniques and procedures that have been refined and improved by The Surgeons founder over the last two years. If you're looking for a place to make friends, to become part of a close-knit group of players you can trust in a firefight, and to improve your skills as an individual and as part of the team, The Surgeons could be the place for you.


    To become a member of The Surgeons, please visit our Steam group page and follow the instructions in the Guest Reception forum (see the FAQ & SIGNUP thread).


    Group Page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/surgeons-pmc

    Teamspeak 3: thesurgeons.ts.nfoservers.com

    Arma 2 Server: The Surgeons PMC (locked)

  3. But honestly Greeves how can you survive a night of gameplay without being called "sir"? and not yelling at people like an insecure brat... god save the realism community.

    I know, I know. I've never told anyone this before, but...I'm a softie. But I'm doing my best to learn -- my current role model is a guy who screamed at me and called me a "dumb cuntfuck" when I told him I wasn't interested in merging with his hardcore milsim community (after hearing him brag about cussing out his teammate for filing some report incorrectly). That's the kind of man I admire.

  4. I don't like being the guy who jumps into a thread and says "this is pointless"...

    But this thread is pointless. Lol. If you're running a milsim group that wants to get the best most uber-reeulistic experience ever (which, to a certain degree, describes me, minus the stupid stuff like calling people "sir" or saluting them), then disable third-person. Problem solved. If you like 3rd-person and you're running an Altis Life Dress-Up-My-Character-And-Look-How-Cool-I-Am server or whatever, then you can use 3rd Person until your brain rots. It's not bothering me.

    I think the real issue here is that people are arguing about whether 3rd person IS REALISTIC or NOT REALISTIC. Again, I think that discussion is a bit pointless. It's obvious that seeing over a ridge by elevating my eyes ten feet into the air above my head, or seeing around a corner or over a eight-foot wall magically, or being able to watch my rear while driving an IFV, etc. is NOT realistic because it defies physics.


  5. I thought I'd share some videos of our Arma milsim community, the 31st Infantry Division, playing Half Life, one of our secondary games. All of these videos were made possible thanks to the awesome mod Synergy, which allows you to play all of the HL2 campaigns in co-op mode. Please Like and share if you enjoy!


    Videos organized in chronological order, as they appear in the campaigns.

  6. Hey BIS, since you announced that Arma 3 will focus primarily on the Infantry aspect of the game, here are some things you can work on. Taken straight from the Pet Peeves of Arma 3 Thread, this is what´s currently wrong with the infantry part of the game:

    I suggest you print these points, pin them to a wall and start working on them one by one.

    Seriously? You got an infraction for posting that? What is this forum coming to? :(

  7. I don't know if this is present in ARMA3, but in ARMA2 a couple months ago I saw a baddie driving off in an offroad truck. I unloaded about five or eight rounds from my 7.62mm rifle into the back and lo and behold the entire thing bursts into flames, careens off the road, and explodes in the most epic fireball ever. Seriously BI...

  8. One of my biggest complaints:

    Get a nice-sized rucksack and a chest rig. Load up several magazines in your BDUs, several in your vest, several DOZEN in your rucksack. Okay, in ARMA2 (and in real life) that would already weigh you down quite a bit. So let's grab a 240 Bravo or some other heavy weapon that should really slow us down. In real life and ARMA2, you're gonna be moving pretty slowly and getting worn out after moving much at all. ARMA3? Nope, no ill effects there. Hey, we should try packing about twenty-four 2-O-3 shells into our rucksack now. Still not even half of our capacity in ARMA3? Awesome, let's throw on a Titan rocket launcher and a couple rockets for it. That, plus our machinegun, HAS to exceed the limit and make movement way too slow and tiring. NOT EVEN 3/4 FULL IN ARMA3? This is getting crazy!

    The worst part is NOT that you can carry this much -- the problem is that no matter how much gear you throw on yourself, you still move like a ninja. Some of the guys in my squad were testing a mod with me and while we waited they were spinning around on the ground prone with a full combat loadout. They were doing instant 360 turns every second. I would love to see the ARMA3 devs throw on a helmet, Camelbak, rucksack loaded with 50lbs of gear, a chest rig full of magazines, some BDUs, knee pads and arm pads, gloves, boots, and run for about a minute with a 249 SAW and 3x 200rnd box mags, a pistol, several frag grenades, a few smoke grenades, and several chemlights and strobes. Then let's see them go prone and do some 360 spins. THAT would be great.

  9. but you guys do not know Portuguese anyway,

    A guy from my squad is from Portugal and talks with a Brazilian member in Portuguese around me just to annoy me since I can't understand them :P

    Nice shooting in the video jlopes. You guys might wanna spread out a bit more though, grenades love people who are bunched up! :D

  10. I don't know why people are making such a big deal out of the futuristic thing.. Its not like star wars, it isn't that different from now. Sure, they got rid of the m16s etc and made their own guns, but nothing is outside of our current capabilities, technologically speaking. Most of the vehicles exist in real life anyways, and are just modified slightly so BI doesn't have to waste money buying rights and such. Personally, I don't see why it's such a big deal.

    I'm not really sure why either but there's something just wrong about it since everyone is always complaining about it...to be honest I get pissed off anytime I have to use one of those stupid MX rifles, too. But when I get an M4 in my hands from a NATO weapon mod... :D I also hate the Ghosthawks, those models are terrible.

  11. What the heck are you talking about?

    In ARMA2, if you disabled, for example, CBA and ACE and joined a server that required them it would automatically detect that you have them installed and it would let you join. In ARMA3 you would have to back out, activate them, restart ARMA, and then join. Then if you join a server WITHOUT those mods, unlike in ARMA2, ARMA3 will make you repeat the stupid process and disable all the mods again and restart, then finally join again. This may seem insignificant but it's really annoying when you're jumping back and forth between servers to recruit.

  12. 1. The new stances are awesome. I love the animations, the graphics, and the overall cleaner and nicer interface and flow ARMA3 has. I also like the cool little features such as helicopter co pilots.

    2. Expansions are really annoying in ARMA3. In ARMA2 they automatically enabled when needed to join a server if you had them installed but now it must be done manually. The Steam workshop drives me insane and I don't like the futuristic MX weapons and the looks of the vehicles.

  13. We really need a complex damage system for fixed wing aircraft, something like choppers. Just having the Call of Duty-style "health bar" is lame and leads to some weird situations where light bumps cause you to blow up if you're in the red zone of the damage levels.

  14. I expected to have some structure in the MP like a Black Hawk Down type of scenario, where you had bad guys in a town and you had to go and extract a VIP or something. I always saw so many amazing looking ARMA 2 MP videos of teams all working together and it actually looked like it could be a missions from real life with how it was structured. Sadly though I've learnt that these missions are only available if you have friends who play the game because there is no structure to the MP at all.

    Lol, guys who operate effectively in a real-life Blackhawk Down scenario have months/years of experience under their belts. People who hop on a dedicated server, even in a mission structured to encourage that kind of gameplay, do not have any of the skills needed to do that, even though it's just a video game. Find a squad that's been around for awhile, has a good-sized & friendly player base, and who know what they're doing and you'll be set!