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  1. Do any of you old ArmA veterans have some pointers for helping a new squad to grow? We have seven members after just two months of existence so I think we're doing quite well. I just feel overwhelmed by all of these "clone clans" that are constantly springing up -- it seems everyone is more interested in the same old mil sim stuff, and there are way too many groups supporting the same ideals, in my opinion. I guess I'm just wondering if there are any things I could do to keep our little group running well and with a good player count.
  2. This may be unrelated but the latest version of Teamspeak, .13 I believe, breaks ACRE functionality. That may be your problem.
  3. He's opened 2302, 2303, and 2305 and he still doesn't see them. When he filters for 'CAST' he doesn't see any servers at all, which is strange since I see some dedicated servers when filtering for that name.
  4. Two problems. 1. Our new member has version of OA. I have 1.62.95248 and can't find this other version that he got from Steam a few days ago. 2. He is also unable to find non-dedicated servers in the in-game browser and we can't join his non-dedicated server (we get a 'connecting failed' notice or a 2500/? ping). Could this be related to the above problem?
  5. GReeves

    my cd-keys get instantly taken from me

    I hate to be the guy who posts off-topic stuff but dude, that is the best run-on sentence I've ever seen in my entire life. Kudos to you.
  6. GReeves

    Missile lock and parachutes

    1) Use the Lock or Zoom key binding; it defaults to Hold Right Mouse Button. Then get the reticle on your jet's HUD pointed at the target, hold down the right mouse button, and a green square should appear around the target. Then a green ring will appear inside the circle and slowly shrink to fit into the square. Once the tone of the beeping signal changes and the ring stops shrinking, you can fire. 2) What mission are you on? Are you using the mod ACE?
  7. GReeves

    Can your PC max out ArmA 2?

    Could you give me details on how to get more advanced PC specs? I used Speccy to get those so I'm not sure what else you need.
  8. GReeves

    Can your PC max out ArmA 2?

    If you're referring to me about the integrated video card, then do you think that would explain why sometimes I see the AI turn very, very slowly to aim at me? :D
  9. Not working for me, at least not in singleplayer. I've already got Radio Subtitles off and I still see "G.Reeves: ENEMY MAN, etc." at bottom left. This is in the editor. Hmm, it seems the option reset after I restarted ARMA. It's working now; thanks a lot for pointing out something so obvious :D
  10. We are fed up with the automatic contact reports in multiplayer -- they don't even go away when there are no AI on the team. It totally ruins the entire game for us when we're walking along in formation, scanning the distance, and suddenly see at the bottom left of the screen, "CONTACT, ENEMY MAN, 200M" Arghghghgh!!!!!!!! There is no point in training our new guys to be alert with this ridiculous crutch because there's no need to act intelligent when you have the game telling you where the enemy soldiers are. We've tried playing on every difficulty level, setting different game options, editing our ACE config files...but nothing works. How could a supposedly realistic game like A2 not have a way to disable this feature? This is something you'd expect from Call of Duty. I'm going to feel stupid if you tell me that there's an option in the A2 Settings menu now lol.
  11. GReeves

    Can your PC max out ArmA 2?

    Summary Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core i3 @ 2.60GHz 40 °C Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology RAM 6.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard Dell Inc. 0MTFWP (CPU 1) 28 °C Graphics DELL 20 (1600x900@60Hz) Intel HD Graphics Family (Dell) Hard Drives 932GB Western Digital WDC WD10EALX-759BA1 ATA Device (SATA) 34 °C Optical Drives PLDS DVD+-RW DS-8A8SH ATA Device Audio Realtek High Definition Audio
  12. GReeves

    Can your PC max out ArmA 2?

    I am a newbie when it comes to technical stuff, but this is what I'm able to find. Please tell me if you need more info. :) Intel Core i3-2120T CPU @ 2.60GHz 5.90GB of RAM usable
  13. GReeves

    Can your PC max out ArmA 2?

    Any suggestions for playing Island Panthera? I planned a campaign on it and just realized that I struggle to even turn because of the FPS lag coming from all those trees. I've put my view distance down to 500, all graphics settings on Very Low, and my 3D resolution to 75%. Lowering the resolution to 50% makes it great, but then things are so blurry that I can't even see. Sorry if this is the wrong place; please remove my post if so.
  14. I'm going to butt in and say that I think translating something like this would not go well. Aside from the time and work it would take, a translation might be unclear. Not saying that my fellow Texan Dslyecxi isn't up to the task, but if he's anything like me, the translation would confuse you more than the English version. :D
  15. Some kind of, excuse my use of the CoD term, melee attack for use in close-quarters. I can't tell you how many times I've run out of ammo in a building and ran circles around an enemy soldier until I reloaded again. It's ridiculous and I think a simple "knockdown" feature as seen in ACE2 would be just fine. I'm not sure how real soldiers are trained to use their rifles as hand-to-hand weapons, but I think a simple jab with the muzzle would be easy to work into the game.
  16. ARMA 3 definitely needs a new gear system. Going through a box full of hundreds of M4 variants just to find the one ( or not find) with the exact attachment setup you want takes a long time. I also would like it if you looked at objects and hit one action key to use it. For example, looking at the back seat of a jeep makes text saying " Enter as rider" instead of having to scroll through a bunch of options. Of course the scroll menu is still useful at times but everything that is related to a thing like closing a door, getting in a car, or dragging a teammate to cover should be the default option that is activated when you hit the action key.
  17. Is it worth making the move from ARMA2 to ARMA3? Our little group is not a milsim group, but we always take missions with a tactical approach and use constant teamwork, so I'm worried about unrealistic elements in the new installment. Without ACE3, will this game be too arcade-ish?
  18. GReeves

    Should Our Group Switch Games?

    We've decided to wait for awhile. A2 serves our purposes just fine for the time being.
  19. Aside from that, I've had a ton of trouble with Steam in the past. It may just be entirely my fault, but I've ended up losing some games because Steam forces me to download 10gb+ updates when the game files magically disappear.
  20. GReeves

    Looking for a Faction I can Join

    Okay, no problem :)
  21. Sorry for the late notice. The MSO our group is participating in has lost a squad, and CPT Wilson of the 23rd AA says there are now two places left. Operation Phalanx will begin in just two days, with a server stress test taking place tonight at 8PM CST. I would only recommend signing up at this point if your group has experience with bigger operations -- trying to learn the ropes now might be too much trouble for everyone. If your unit would be interested, please check out the 23rd's website at the below link. CPT Wilson would be glad to speak with you on the 23rd's Teamspeak server. If you are looking for a squad to join up with to take part in an intense operation like this, click on the link in my signature to check out our group's website. http://www.assaultgroup.com/ Thanks,
  22. GReeves

    Too many destroyed cars in Altis

    I still think a 'Ambient Vehicle Wrecks' module would work just fine -- the campaign could use the module, the mission makers who wanted destroyed vehicles could use the module, and those who don't want any wrecked vehicles can choose not to use the module. Will somebody please tell me why this wouldn't work?
  23. Mainly because of Steam and the unrealistic elements, in my opinion. The only reason I've chosen the ArmA series over any other is because it's authentic and it encourages team work. I'm not sure yet if I can say the same about the new installment.
  24. I am going to stick with ArmA 2 for now. I think ArmA 3 would be too much of a change for me, especially since I'm a relatively new player when it comes to this series. I also have already established my current squad as an ArmA 2 group and we would probably lose several members if we switched now.
  25. GReeves

    Tips for building a community

    I've been in plenty of groups with those kinds of leaders. Therefore, I've learned very quickly to avoid such behavior :)