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    Funny ArmA quotes

    Never talk about your success until you are in your base.
  2. GReeves

    Whats the secret to building a good clan?

    To add to my previous comments, I think the most important factor is patience. You just have to give your community enough time to grow and, before ya know it, you'll have a group full of active people who love playing with each other.
  3. That's your problem. No matter how high you set your view distance, you'll only be able to see the ground, not individual objects -- unless you set Objects detail to Normal or High. To test this, I just flew an F18 over Rasman at 1km altitude. All settings set to Very Low and my view distance at 3000. With Objects Detail also set to Very Low, I can see nothing on the ground. With Low, I can see hangars and tall towers. With Normal, I can make out almost all the buildings while zooming in my view. On High and Very High, I can see all of the structures and even some rock walls clearly while zoomed out. Like I said in my previous post, I would suggest setting your Objects Detail to the highest setting your machine can handle if you are going to be flying the majority of the time. However, if you are just jumping in and out of aircraft, you'll probably have severe FPS drops once you get back on foot.
  4. GReeves

    ARMA3 patch 1.02 discussion

    So if I buy the ARMA3 Standard Edition through Amazon, will I have to download like 5gb of updates? The problem is that I only have 10gb of bandwidth each month and that would cost me a ton of $$. :\
  5. Turn up Objects detail. It should be at least set to Normal. In fact, you could set the majority of your settings higher if you are going to be flying for a long time. It's a lot easier to run with high settings while you're up in the sky than when you are on the ground.
  6. GReeves

    Why in multiplayer no team balance?

    :lookaround: I think you're missing the point. An in-game autobalance feature would break many popular gametypes, like the aforementioned Insurgency. Unless BIS wants to ruin gametypes like those, then no, there will never be an auto-balance feature built into the game.
  7. GReeves

    Helicopter pedals animation

    Probably because Take On Helicopters is a helicopter simulator, while ARMA3 is mainly focused on infantry combat with some combined arms elements. This series has never really put too much detail into aircraft.
  8. It's probably the Chernarussian Anthem. The track name is: Track22_Chernarussian_Anthem I think you would have to de-PBO the music .pbo file in your game folder to listen to it outside of the game.
  9. GReeves

    Whats the secret to building a good clan?

    I've only played ARMA for about five or six months, but I have been in/started several communities for other games. My two cents: The thing that will make or break a squad is almost always the person/the people in charge. If you're in a milsim-type outfit, remember that you are not a real drill instructor, you are not really a five-star general, and the medals on your profile for gallantry are fake. There is nothing that will piss off people faster than playing with squeaky-voiced "officers" who yell in your face, boss you around, and act as if they're superior to you in every way. We've done some joint ops with some of these types, and let me tell you something -- it is miserable! On a less severe note, your appearance and attitude towards new members is really important. Act professional but friendly when meeting with new guys, and make sure you don't overwhelm people who are new to the game/mods being used/tactics utilized by your community. Introduce new concepts slowly or you'll scare potentially good members away. Finally, don't accept new members just because you need people to keep your unit going -- nothing will ruin your community faster than a troublemaker or someone who is too lazy to do their part in running things smoothly. When you start getting nice things like servers and websites, there will be a cost involved, and only the committed and unselfish people will help you with that cost. If you plan on having a server/website and don't want to support it entirely yourself, make it clear to new members that they will, after getting a feel for the group, need to help out with payments. Of course, you don't want to push this too early on or you'll seem like a jerk. Also, when troubles start (arguments between members, loss of server because of no funds, etc.) you will want members who will stick with you. I have been in some groups with people who are only around for the fun ride and disappear the minute hard times begin. You want your members to be your friends.
  10. Lol, I don't want to sound like a smartass, but I would assume they want to know how to stop the hacker.
  11. I'm not sure if this is the right forum of if this kind of thread is even allowed, but I thought it would be cool to have a place for posting awesome stories from your online experiences. I'll start us off. We were doing a coop on Takistan and needed to clear the field south of Zavarak. After an intense firefight with thirty or more insurgents, we had lost several men and had to fall back. After a wild sprint through enemy fire, the remaining members of our team reached the vehicle. After driving away, one guy asked where Henrik was. That's when we decided to do a head count and found out we had left Henrik behind. Once we had argued about leaving his unconscious body in the hands of the enemy, we told ourselves it was no man left behind and sped back to the field. Two of us jumped out and ran into the house and I treated Henrik. Once I got him awake, we jumped in the vehicle and shouted at Gabriel to start going. We told him to move about five times before realizing he was knocked out. I pulled him out of the driver seat, loaded him into the back, and we flew through hordes of hostile forces. After our escape, we slowed down and joked as we drove back to base. Just as we reached the main road and safety, we heard a huge explosion at our rear and saw an artillery shell land right behind our back tires. I bailed out and survived several shells impacting nearby. Just as I revived the last wounded man, Gabriel asked how I had survived. I answered, "I willed myself to live. I'm not about to die after such a great firefigh..." The fourth artillery shell got me right in the head, and my corpse reportedly burst into flames after I was sent flying into the burning wreck of our vehicle.
  12. If you're looking for team based multiplayer games, joining a squad is the way to go. If you don't want that kind of commitment, there are plenty of communities out there such as CiA that have coop games every week for anyone to participate in.
  13. GReeves

    shooting a moving tank

    If your rockets are hitting to the side of the target, there's a very subtle effect I've noticed. When you're aiming at a very distant target, the sway from your breathing moves the optic just slightly and it can throw off your aim. At close range it doesn't really matter much, but it can seriously mess up long range shots like the ones we're talking about. It's kind of hard for me to explain, but watching the video will help. Notice how on the first shot I was swaying back and forth just a tiny bit while looking down the optic. I waited until, for a split second, it stopped swaying and was lined up with the target. That's when you take the shot. In regards to getting your range correct, you really just have to get a feel for the weapon if you're shooting anything past 800m or so. Under that, the range adjustment and optic range marks work just fine. I always fire a 9 mil spotting rifle round whenever possible. I love the SMAW because of the spotting rifle -- it allows you to guarantee first-round hit probability. Keep in mind that it can alert AI if they hear or see the spotting round. It can also kill people, so it's really epic when someone surprises you while you're using the SMAW and you nail them with the spotting rifle. :D
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0FPXpSMyJU&feature=youtu.be I should have some videos of bigger groups in the near future. Enjoy.
  15. GReeves

    shooting a moving tank

    I didn't really want to get involved in this discussion, but this is ridiculous. EliteSniper, you need to stop insulting people's military training when you don't even know what country they serve in. If you don't mind my asking, I'd like to hear about your real life military experience.
  16. GReeves

    Area color change

    Really? Okay I'll shut up now lol
  17. GReeves

    shooting a moving tank

    Couldn't let that comment go unchallenged, Mirek. :p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47wgWUgxhZU&feature=youtu.be For shots under 800m, I can use the optic markings to adjust for the range when it exceeds the sight adjustment limit of 500m. Any farther and you really have to just get a feel for it -- the optic markings don't really seem to be accurate, as you can see in the video. I was aiming for 1000m with the first shot and it hit short, even though the target was closer than a kilometer. The best way obviously is to use the nine mil spotting rifle until you get it in the right spot. My best shot with the SMAW was probably in an MSO our unit did awhile back. I had forgotten the spotting rifle rounds in the SOV and didn't have time to go back for them. There was an enemy sniper in a building 675m away, so I adjusted to 500m, aimed two optic marks high, and hit it with my first shot, destroying the entire building. I'm not bragging or anything though. :cool:
  18. GReeves

    Area color change

    I think you're telling him how to change the color of a marker. He wants to change the color of a grid, like in the ACE Insurgency gametype. Unfortunately I don't know how to do that.
  19. GReeves

    shooting a moving tank

    I can push the SMAW to its limits with 900m shots. :P But yeah, with any other free-fire rocket launchers, 500m is about as far as I can effectively use them.
  20. GReeves

    What made you buy ArmA 2

    I was tired of the Ghost Recon series (the community of that 12yr old game was not enough to keep my squad going) and I was looking for a similar alternative. I wanted a game that realistically modeled combat, supported teamwork in multiplayer, and wasn't restrictive like most FPS games these days. ARMA fit the bill and I haven't played any other games since I bought it a few months ago.
  21. GReeves

    ACE Artillery High Angle Fire Mission?

    I'm a noob when it comes to arty but I have a guy in my team who is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to mortars and artillery pieces. He may be able to help you out, so you can get on our website (link below), go to the Information page, and get the address for our Teamspeak server. Diogo, our artillery specialist, is usually online after four PM UTC or so.
  22. GReeves

    shooting a moving tank

    It depends on which weapon you're using. With ACE, tanks have fire control systems that calculate shots at moving targets. With unguided shoulder launched weapons like the SMAW and AT4 you just have to practice with them and get a feel for how they work. The Javelin should be easy to use.
  23. GReeves

    Tips for building a community

    Yeah, without ACE I have to say the ARMA series would have lost my interest by now. Also having ACRE really makes communication much easier than the silly vanilla ARMA system. In case anyone is interested, our community is doing well and we've gotten quite a few good members recently. Thanks for the advice everyone.