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  1. Got a Vilayer ARMA2 server today and have been working on setting it up. We've used this company in the past with decent results, but that's beside the point. The server is running fine and runs any vanilla ARMA mission just fine. However, I get the following error in the server's report file when I try to launch missions that use ACE assets. Unlike the other mods that I installed manually by uploading them to the server, I installed ACE and the ACEX mods through an optional pack that is provided by Vilayer. However the version is correct. On other missions it also mentions the files "acex_veh_stryker" and some other ACE_SYS... files. Players trying to join (me) get a Wait for Host message until I change to a mission without ACE assets through server control. Maybe I should just reinstall all the ACE and ACEX files on the server? ---------- Post added at 19:22 ---------- Previous post was at 19:21 ---------- BTW I replaced the files mentioned in the error with the ones from my own computer's ACE folder in case they were corrupt. Didn't do anything.
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    The AI really need to be improved before this game becomes successful in co-op. They blindly spray while sprinting around corners, missing ninety percent of the time and sometimes totally ignore you if you get too close to them.
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    ACE Mission Errors

    Okay, I wondered about that. Thanks.
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    Video Questions

    How often do you watch the videos in the User Video thread? I don't watch very many of them (mostly because my bandwidth is very limited) but I was wondering if people even watch the ones we post.
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    Video Questions

    I know you saw that video of one of CAST's first missions when we got wiped out on that hillside Lol.
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    An Honest Review

    I thought it was time somebody summed up what we're currently facing in ARMA3. This is the opinion of myself and my squad, so I don't expect everyone to agree with me. However, I think BI would do well to take some time and read what we've got to say. One crazy dude in our team has wanted to switch over to ARMA3 ever since it was released. He'd ignore our pleas to join the ARMA2 server and we'd see a notification telling us that he was launching ARMA3. This happened every single day and after awhile we started thinking, man, ARMA3 must be pretty interesting. After a few weeks, we decided that ARMA3 would give us some cool new features, open up some refreshing features, and possibly boost our member count. By Christmas, almost all of us had our copies and we were starting to do some tests and figure out what kind of campaign we wanted to run on our ARMA3 server. Let me make it clear at this point that I am in no way trying to blame Diogo, the ARMA3 fanatic, for any of this. I'm just using him as an example of how enthusiastic he, and later all of us, were about the new game. Once I had spent a miserable two days burning up my bandwidth to download the massive 10gb update for ARMA3, fighting Steam in a struggle to run my game on offline mode without the latest version, and manipulating the graphics settings to get my FPS above the 15-20 range, I finally started to play ARMA3. I messed around in the editor to try out the new stances and features and I liked what I saw. The extra stances and movement speeds are really neat and useful, although I'd prefer something more flexible like Raven Shield's adjustment system. When I was happy with my controls and more familiar with the game mechanics, I decided to have some fun in the editor since none of my teammates were online to try out the new game with me. I was a bit surprised to find absolutely no fixed wing aircraft for the NATO or CSAT forces, but I knew we'd be able to find some good mods to add in cool jets like the FA18. I was also disappointed with the other ground vehicles, especially the pathetically weak Hunter MRAP and the clumsy HEMTT cargo truck. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I've hit rocks at about 10mph in the Hunter and caused my tires to pop and the engine to explode. It feels like I'm driving cars made out of cheap plastic, but maybe that's the new thing in 2035. I also don't like the new MX series of weapons, especially those that fire the underpowered 6.5mil cartridge. We'll be able to port ARMA2 content anyway, so the vehicles and weapons aren't that much of an issue. However, over the last few days, I've seen our excitement about the new features getting drowned out by annoying problems that are actually features of the game. I'm allowed to fight terrorism in my underwear, while I can't wear an enemy uniform to blend in behind enemy lines because to do so would, paraphrasing from the in-game manual, be "against the Geneva Convention regulations." I can use the simple but refreshing attachment system to build my own personal loadout, but immediately after picking up any item from a crate, the game will not let me put it back into the crate. I'm able to perform daring underwater insertions into hostile territory, yet the "dual-purpose" magazines (which I can only assume should be effective both underwater and on the ground) are totally ineffective unless you're using them in a backyard airsoft game. It's not just little things that can be overlooked though. The enemy AI are the biggest problem we've encountered. The first time I got into a firefight with them, I came up behind a sentry standing next to an armored car. I fired three 5.56mm rounds into his back, but he didn't even flinch, so I had to run away and reload for another go at him. Using the 6.5mm MX rifle, I've poured at least eight rounds into an enemy soldier without affecting his ability to whip up his rifle and pull off two perfectly accurate shots fired at my face while crawling around in a puddle of his own blood. I also find it interesting how fearless they are when you are pouring high volume fire towards them, but can you blame them? If I were invincible, I guess I'd be pretty brave too. And it wouldn't be so bad if BI had the excuse of 2035's futuristic armor being able to stop that kind of damage. I mean, impenetrable forcefield armor is kind of stupid and gameplay-degrading, but hey, it's all in the name of realism, right? But what I find funny is that while the CSAT's men are equipped with this incredibly durable armor that keeps them from even being stunned by the impact of a high-caliber rifle round in center mass, we poor NATO guys can only take about two shots before collapsing in a pile of dead-ness. If we do manage to survive a hit, we're so crippled and shaky that we can't even run or shoot effectively enough to keep ourselves alive long enough to use one of those great magic FAKs. But there's good news -- the Firefight Improvement System makes a huge difference in AI behavior, and while they still have their superarmor, they actually react to fire and try to make it to cover like they should. Firefights are actually kind of fun in ARMA3. It's a good thing that this great community is pumping out these awesome addons to make this game playable. With enough effort from all our faithful modders, I think ARMA3 will eventually become a great game equal, if not superior, to the previous titles in this series. But maybe as you read my post you realized the same thing that Diogo and I did after a long session of ARMA3 tonight. Our modders are spending months working on mods to fix these issues, while we're spending weeks testing mods to make the game playable against BI's CSAT soldiers who are obviously immigrants from some galaxy far, far, away where people have dorky futuristic costumes and can only be taken down with a laser gun or the force. Like one of my friends said, maybe someday soon "ARMA3 will have lots of good vehicles, weapons, and units, and the AI won't be superhuman. Then we should switch games." However, until that happens, I guess the community will just have to make do with porting ARMA2 content to get good vehicles, units, and weapons, and downloading mods to reduce the AI's skill, endurance, and fear-instilling armor plates. But is ARMA3 worth the trouble? I mean, the diving is fun and I like the new stances. But is ARMA3 really worth it? That's what I asked Diogo, the ARMA3 fanatic. And his answer was: "NO WAY. LET'S PLAY SOME ARMA2." And that's exactly what I plan to do until BI takes matters into their own hands and fixes these ridiculous, intolerable, and major issues with THEIR game that modders should not have to deal with.
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    An Honest Review

    This game is starting to get good, guys. I'm actually looking forward to a switch to ARMA3 after we finish our next campaign in A2. With these three mods (and a few others that don't affect gameplay like weapons & vehicles), I am having a great time just playing around in the editor. With the following addons the AI actually react to fire, drop with just one or two shots at the most, etc. forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?171382-NATO-5-56-and-7-62-adjustor forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?161738-Fire-Fight-Improvement-System www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21785
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    ACE Mission Errors

    Sorry for the late reply. Are you using Vilayer? If not, I don't know if I'd be able to help you. Here is the command line for our server: @CBA;@CBA_A2;@CBA_CO;@CBA_OA;@ACE;@ACEX;@ACEX_RU;@ACEX_SM;@ACEX_USNavy;@ACRE;@GBL_Aim;@GBL_Items;@JayArma2Lib;@mcc_sandbox;@sthud;@stmovement;@st_interact Everything else is set to default.
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    Fps increase question

    Sorry for off-topic but I've got to say it -- this thread is making me cry. I get 5fps low 25fps high, and about 200-600ms on most servers :D
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    User Set Squad Formations

    Well, maybe I should reword that. Smarta** :P You're always the leading element in formations, but when I think about it I guess it wouldn't really work having an AI taking point in any formation.
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    Fall Damage

    Nobody said anything about five meters, I don't think. So true. I hate jumping off a 2ft ledge and being frozen in place for those crucial seconds.
  12. Any progress on this? We're very interested in a ration mod for when we make the switch to ARMA 3.
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    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    Way to go Redfield. It sounds kind of harsh but it's great being able to kill people easily again lol
  14. If you're banned on Valve then I'm thinking you won't be able to play any Steam games. If it's Battleye ban then ARMA3 will probably keep the ban, but not other games that don't use Battleye. Correct me if I'm wrong please.
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    Fall Damage

    True. I think this and many other issues would be less of a problem if ARMA's movement wasn't so "sticky".
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    User Set Squad Formations

    Yeah, I think they probably thought that the default formations included have been proven to be the most effective and that you wouldn't need any others. I don't think you can set other units to be on point in the formation, either. It's always you up front.
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    Fall Damage

    ^what he said. 5m fall -- yeah that's pushing it. But a 10ft/2m fall is not going to kill you.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fallOBg9BU&feature=youtu.be Got my Littlebird shot down just outside of the old mine north of Feruz Abad where several enemy AA guns were located. Barely escaped at the end when the enemy chopper crashed into the mountainside.
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    ACE Mission Errors

    Found out the problem. It was an error in the commandline, nothing to do with ACE.
  20. Go to C:\Program Files (maybe x86)\Bohemia Interactive\ARMA2\userconfig\acre. Open the acre_keys file with a text editor and change the keybindings using the key chart that shows what number each key is represented by. ---------- Post added at 08:25 ---------- Previous post was at 08:25 ---------- Or just leave the ACRE bindings as they are and change your PTT key to Tab or something. I would never use Shift for PTT too many things connected to it.
  21. Roshnak, I think the 60FPS guys' argument is that you can't expect that kind of performance out of ARMA3 -- it is a totally different kind of animal than any other game out there. However I do think that I should be getting better than 15FPS.
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    JUMP please!!

    NeuroFunker's comments are wearing me out. Just had to say that. :) My two cents: Jumping would be a nice feature -- not top priority -- but I think it would be cool and useful. If I am trying to get across a ditch quickly I am not going to run down it and then slowly walk up the other side (like you are forced to do when trying to sprint up inclines in ARMA). Instead I would probably leap across and I really don't think it would be impossible even with a heavy load of gear.
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    infantry needs.

    Play Ghost Recon 1 for an hour in singleplayer and you will know what it is like to be suppressed when you hear an MG3 chewing up the side of the wall you are behind. No hokey blur effects or stupid limitations needed :)
  24. People whining about not getting solid 60 FPS? Yeah, that's pretty pathetic. But there is a problem when I can run any game with high graphics just fine while I only get 10FPS in ARMA3 but 30 in ARMA2. That's crazy and unplayable.