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    Why this game sucks...

    Lol, guys who operate effectively in a real-life Blackhawk Down scenario have months/years of experience under their belts. People who hop on a dedicated server, even in a mission structured to encourage that kind of gameplay, do not have any of the skills needed to do that, even though it's just a video game. Find a squad that's been around for awhile, has a good-sized & friendly player base, and who know what they're doing and you'll be set!
  2. AMEN! Yeah, maybe it's none of my business, but I am fed up with people using real-world-military medals like the Medal of Honor, Silver Star, etc. to award people for donating to servers or ridiculous stuff like that. And the rank nonsense really gets to me too -- these people didn't earn their ranks through years of dedication; they earned them by sitting on their rears for a few hours deciding which rank they think makes them sound most impressive. And before anyone turns my argument around by calling me out when they see "Captain" in my signature, you can ask any 31st ID member and they'll tell you that ranks mean very, very, little in our community. The only reason we use them is because it makes sense to use military titles for community authorities (some leadership in online teams is essential) since we are playing a military simulation game. That means no saluting anyone, no calling anyone by rank or "sir", and no showing extra respect or "fear" of "superior" members. It really bothers me when I log onto the Teamspeak server of another group to talk with them and get greeted by "Welcome, Captain, how can I help you sir?"
  3. GReeves

    Will Arma 3 replace Arma 2?

    For us, ARMA3 has replaced ARMA2 because it's brought many new cool people into our community while there were no recruits to be had in ARMA2. That said, I don't think that says anything about the quality of the game -- just how many "lone wolf" (not in a community) players there are out there for each game. However, I think the improvements (graphics, extra stances, combat pace, little fixes that make life nicer) really make ARMA3 flow much better than ARMA2 at this point (especially now that I can get decent FPS even in MP) although it has a LONG way to go before I could call it "superior". We still need ACE although I guess we can learn to live without it :)
  4. Nice recording IIN8II that was awesome :)
  5. GReeves

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    Yeah, there's a lot that I wish BiStudio was doing with this series but frankly they can't make everyone happy and I just appreciate them for trying (and succeeding) at giving us something different than the CoD/BF series. I was one of the guys who was disgusted with ARMA3 at its release but it's gotten a lot better and I can get a lot better (if you call 25-30 better :D) FPS after the last few patches. Keep up the good work guys!
  6. As long as minors are respectful and mature I don't mind being led by them. Sounds like you're just too proud to be given orders by someone who you don't see as "superior".
  7. Since we had some confusion about the purpose of ArmAlliance, a nice mod said I could re-post this here. Thanks. :) ArmAlliance is a joint operation community designed to build relationships between small milsim squads. The idea began when our group considered a merge with another group, but we soon realized that people don't like big changes in their rank structures, training methods, and tightly-knit communities. The goal of ArmAlliance is to combine the forces of multiple squads on a regular basis, so it will be an ongoing project unlike the average joint operation. As the ArmAlliance community grows, we hope to reach a point where every unit in this joint community can maintain its current tactics, techniques, and codes of conduct while being able to fight alongside other ArmAlliance members in a fun, friendly, and tactical environment. If your squad is interested in joining, please check out our forums (CAST is the founder unit so we use our own forums for the joint discussion to keep things simple with only one website) at the link below: http://castriketeam.boards.net/ NOTE: ArmAlliance is not a squad/clan/unit and we are NOT recruiting individuals for ArmAlliance. We are a joint community of multiple milsim groups where ENTIRE SQUADS can sign up to participate in our Multi-Session Operations.
  8. ArmAlliance has been shut down due to a lack of interest from other communities. It was a lot of fun while it lasted, guys :)
  9. 99% sure you can't code a bot and have it join someone's server to do something. It just doesn't work that way. You would have to edit the mission file and script in an AI to do all that stuff, and as far as I know you can't just join a server as a bot and do anything this complex.
  10. We're using a modified version of your 12-man Lingor MSO and it worked quite well for a few weeks. However, over the last few days I have to restart the server every day to make things run. If the server runs for more than a day we get extreme FPS drops (10FPS for me) and weird things like dozens of trucks start spawning, usually in the same place. I will just go back to an old version that worked for now but I was wondering if you guys could tell me what the problem might be.
  11. Well in that case put me down for 35th Realism Unit xD It's worth a warning to mention them and they don't even exist anymore so it can't hurt to tell the story. My team was doing a joint op with them (I wasn't a member of their group) and they said we had to go through their training course so we were like, "Okay." We get in the server and there's this guy yelling in our face telling us "LINE UP SHOULDER TO SHOULDER YOU FAGGOTS!!!" Then they drive up a truck and we have to load up one at a time by name, and if you moved before being called you got screamed at and cussed out. At the range, we had to watch them showing us basic formations but failing at it miserably (2 meter spacing on their staggered column). When we got in the field they flew the chopper right into AA and crash landed it into a compound. Of course before leaving they had refused to give anyone but the medic ANY med supplies, so as you might have guessed the medic was the one guy who got killed in the crash. Thanks to good ol' ARMA, his body vaporized into thin air so we had no med supplies. Before leaving I saw a machinegun on the ground UNDER the chopper, picked it up, and took it with me when we moved out since I was armed with an M4 with ironsights, with targets out there at 800m +. Later, I was firing the MG at a horde of soldiers on a distant hilltop when I hear somebody next to me, "What the hell man that's my machinegun!" Since he was aiming a rifle at my head I dropped the MG and gave it to him. He obviously didn't care that he had left it under a helicopter several hours ago and that it would still be there if I hadn't picked it up. Hilariously, just as he picked up the machinegun (while still holding his rifle and mags), he lost connection, and I watched in horror as BOTH our weapons sunk into the ground with his disappearing body. At this point I heard yelling coming from a house where the 35th's leader was cussing some people out for "deleting my freaking map markers! Whoever is doing this needs to cut the BS out now!!!" Apparently somebody was deleting map markers to annoy him (I can't blame them, lol) and he finally shut down the server and loaded a lame PvP mission up because the guy wouldn't stop deleting the markers. Good times lol
  12. Thread lock in 3...2...1.... :D Not that I don't agree with you that a lot of units out there are pretty pathetic, but I know the moderators won't allow anything like this for long.
  13. Today's operation was a bit rough -- in the end we were forced to ban one of the units in the Alliance since they were ignoring leadership and our plan, shooting each other and wasting ammo by firing at seagulls, windows, and friendly choppers, and messing around in every way possible. I wouldn't normally post something like this in a public forum but I want everyone who may consider joining the Alliance that we don't tolerate people who have no respect for the effort we've made to make our joint community a place where we can work as a team without any of this nonsense.
  14. GReeves

    Funny ArmA quotes

  15. This Saturday marks the first day that ArmAlliance, a joint milsim community founded by CAST, played an official game together. As expected, things were a bit bumpy at first, but aside from a few server errors and the inevitable difficulty in our first attempt at working together, we all had a great time and we did surpising well for having very little global training yet. Some information on our current operation, an MSO on Lingor:
  16. Just a couple random things I'd like to know about the game. 1. Are windows breakable? Bulletproof glass in poor Takistani villager homes is kind of silly. 2. How flexible are the new stances? Will it be something like the dynamic movement of Rainbow Six Raven Shield, or simply a few extra stances in between the old ones? 3. Can players ride on tank turrets? I really think that something like this needs to be implemented -- it would save our team a lot of trouble with transportation.
  17. GReeves

    Ping Question

    I can get a 100 ping with my cell phone hotspot but it's a pain to manage...I was able to get away with using a more reliable satellite connection although it caused my ping to go extremely high like that most of the time...I guess I'll just see when we switch to ARMA3.
  18. GReeves

    Ping Question

    In ARMA2 I usually get a ping anywhere from 400 to 700 because I am on satellite internet. It hasn't caused any problems but I'm wondering if this will affect gameplay for others on our server when we move to ARMA3.
  19. GReeves

    what fps do you have in sp?

    I think those expectations are a bit high. 1k view distance with medium settings is more reasonable. But I'm not even able to get above 20 FPS with Very Low settings and 800m view distance.
  20. GReeves

    Pet Peeves of A3

    Well, somebody will probably say, "The default ARMA3 settings are for newcomers to the series. If you are an ARMA veteran, use the "Classic" settings plan." However, I still think G should have stayed the same for all of those presets -- that's the first thing I reset when I played my first game of ARMA3 (after struggling to get more than 10 fps, of course) because I kept throwing grenades at my feet while trying to open crates or check my inventory.
  21. GReeves

    Pet Peeves of A3

    There is a great video rant on ARMA's action menu by Dslyecxi, but instead of linking to it... The action menu is the stupidest thing in any game I have ever seen. There, I said it. Our FOB is getting torn apart by a massive enemy counter-attack. My crew rushes to the tanks and sprints up to our Slammer. In the distance I see an insurgent setting up a guided missile launcher. Our only chance is to get in the tank and kill him before he takes us out. I clearly see a hatch on the right-top of our tank and I go to that side. Since I'm the junior in the crew, I am supposed to go as Driver. But when I look up at the hatch while standing next to the tank, I can only mount up as Gunner or Commander. The senior member of the crew tells me to get to the other side. "This is ARMA -- don't you know that tank drivers have to get in on the left side of the vehicle!?" I run to the front left and look up at the hatch but I still can't get in. "THE BACK LEFT SIDE, SERIOUSLY!!!" I sigh with relief when I finally see Get in Slammer as Driver. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to be happy because the enemy soldier has fired his weapon at our tank and our Driver and Gunner are lying dead next to the destroyed Slammer. Insurgents are overrunning my position! I'm the last man standing and all eyes are on me!! I just shot through my last M4 magazine!!! I drop my rifle to the sling and grab for my pistol and...whip out a pair of binoculars? Now I have to slowly place my binoculars back in their place, go through a few seconds of a clunky waiting time once it's done, just to finally be able to pull out my pistol after struggling to find "Weapon M9" in the list that's cluttered with Open Door, Lower Headset, Mission Generator, etc. Once I get my pistol out, I start pumping rounds into the enemy soldiers as they rush into the building but...oh wait, this is ARMA3 so ten rounds from my 9mil pistol to center mass don't really do anything and I die. Okay. A teammate lays down suppressive fire with his 249 on a nearby house filled with insurgents as a buddy and I rush across the street and stack up to clear a building. Rounds start tearing through the wall next to us and we have no choice but to immediately begin the breach and get inside before we are shredded by machine gun fire. "BREACHING, BREACHING," is shouted as I reach for the handle of the first door (there are two near each other) and hit Open Door in the scroll menu. Nothing happens. I swing around and fire a volley of rounds towards the guy shooting at us while we desperately try to get inside. Is it lag? Is it a bug? Is the door locked? Does ARMA hate us (the answer is always yes)? The rest of our fireteam has swept down the street and pushed back the insurgents, so all is calm. Finally we give up and decide to try the door next to us, which we haven't really paid attention to since we've been in a firefight. Strangely, it's open. We look around for any enemy soldiers who could have gone through it during the action. After all, I'm positive the door wasn't like that when we stacked up. Suddenly I see Close Door when I look at the first closed door and hit it. The second door closes. While looking at the first door, I hit Open Door again. The second door opens. Brilliant.
  22. Yes, I have the same problem. I can run any game with Medium or High graphics and I'm running ARMA on Very Low settings for everything and I still get 15fps all the time. It's ridiculous and I'm sick of it -- I can't even play the game I paid $60 for.
  23. GReeves

    Pet Peeves of A3

    This. BIS watched way too many Hollywood movies during the development of ARMA.
  24. GReeves

    Pet Peeves of A3

    What he said.