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  1. Hi all, I only just found these beta patch topics on these forums. I must say i am very impressed that this branch still seems to be getting very active development/patching after all this time (and in co-existence with Arma 3). Out of pure interest could i please ask 2 things: -Are these patches server side only? -In the past year or so, have there been any significant changes to the multplayer/netcode performance that have been addressed with these patches? To clarify: I am a huge fan of Arma 2. The gameplay (mission editor), simulation (ballistics etc) and sandbox scale (as well as ordnance) makes this game stand out amongst all other military shooters in my opinion. I love playing the game...but the only big letdown for me has been the laggy multiplayer experience and hard graphics performance during online play. I can definitely understand that it could be very hard (if in some cases not impossible) to optimise some of these fundamental mechanics in the game engine...but i really wonder if there is an incentive to work on, or look into such subjects? Put simply...if this game had a steady 60 FPS in multiplayer mode and very responsive netcode...this would easily be one of the best games ever created (especially if you take into account the scripting versatility etc etc).
  2. da_maniac

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Hi there, :-) Well maybe i am looking at things too narrowminded but what would you suggest as the best Wasteland alternative for playing Wasteland on Arma 3 then? ( I mean...lets face it...Stratis is a joke....even more so compared to Chernarus) I would guess that with AiA mod, playing Chernarus wasteland (which is still very popular) will be very accessible to Arma players. Are there better ways?
  3. da_maniac

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Hey guys, Just wanted to land a post here, saying that Sa-matra Wasteland has been a blast for me over the past few months. Me and a few friends play this game (mission) a lot and surely hope it will keep on receiving updates. Recent events have made me wonder something... did anyone here already try and set up a Arma 3 Sa-matra Chernarus Wasteland server, using the All in Arma (AiA) ?Ever since me and my friends found out about it we cant stop raving on how awesome it would be to play wasteland on the Arma 3 engine this way. Is the mod ever going to be promoted this way? :)