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  1. Hello I have an Issue, 1) I've tried to add RHS units to classnames.sqf and replace some vanilla units. After that respawn stopped working correctly and I respawned in that bottom island all the time. 2) After I figured out about classnames extensions and added all my units to that section. For instance : light_vehicles_extension = [["rhs_tigr_vdv",0,0,10],["rhs_tigr_3camo_vdv",0,0,15],["rhs_tigr_sts_vdv",0,0,15],["rhs_tigr_m_vdv",0,0,15],["rhs_uaz_open_vdv",0,0,2],["rhs_uaz_dshkm_chdkz",0,10,2],["rhs_uaz_ags_chdkz",0,15,2],["rhs_uaz_spg9_chdkz",0,10,2],["rhs_bmp3mera_msv",0,20,10],["rhs_bmd4ma_vdv",0,30,10],["rhs_bmd1pk",0,20,10],["rhs_bmp1_vdv",0,20,10],["rhs_prp3_tv",0,40,10],["rhs_sprut_vdv",0,60,20],["RHS_Ural_VDV_01",0,0,5],["RHS_Ural_Flat_VDV_01",0,0,5],["RHS_Ural_Open_VDV_01",0,0,5],["RHS_Ural_Open_Flat_VDV_01",0,0,5], ]; Respawns started working normally, however all the units from building menu have disappeared. Is there any way to add these units or replace vanilla ones without issues? Thanks in advance !
  2. blezar

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    This mod is awesome ! However is it possible to set-up this mod on Bornholm map(Multiplayer) ??? I would really appreciate your help !!! Thanks in advance