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  1. The model of the optic is within the static weapon model. I therefore can't use the RHS models as I don't have access to the source model to add to the static weapon. As for the 3CB BAF Weapons variant, I'll check whether or not it is the correct scope and what our permissions are for use. Regardless, any changes won't be a part of this update as it is now in final internal testing for future release.

  2. I am not sure if there is much I can do about that. It is likely due to a combination of the shape of the AAV and the percentage of it that sits under water while swimming, combined with the amphibious system provided by the game engine itself, and finally how ACRE works. We use TFAR and don't have the issue. However, during testing with ACRE, I was able to replicate the issue on the BIS AAF Strider while in heavy waves / weather.


    If anyone knows of a solution, please let me know.

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  3. It will likely need a completely new fire geometry. However I don't have the time to fix it at the moment prior to the update I am attempting to finish. Making stuff like that will be a step-by-step process to go through the existing vehicles and create fire geometries - if I ever get time. I am trying to do it for the older tanks in the pack first.

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  4. @Koxxus: Thanks for the offer. When I move onto the overhaul, after this next update, I'll send you a PM.

    @Blacktitan99: Plan is to add a generic middle east insurgent and middle east extremist factions with the next update. I will be using generic names rather than RL terrorist organizations etc...



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  5. Okay thanks for letting us know. We'll take a look at fixing it as the NLAW is supposed to be single shot only without reload. Until it is resolved, you could just blacklist the extra ammo from the arsenal? The weapon has a single round anyway. Just a suggestion.

  6. When you say OG Arma, are you meaning the Altis FIA from arma 3 or the FIA from Operation Flashpoint? If its the former, its on the list at some point. If its the latter, its already in there as the NFA (Nogovan Freedom Alliance) as I didn't want to have two factions potentially named FIA. As for a wish list of items, it's relatively meaningless when it comes to vehicles and weapons. I can only work on models I have access to. I don't have SKS, PSSH or RP46s, nor a Centurion tank. The Mosin is already in the pack as part of RHS.

  7. Not sure why that would be other than init speed. All of the G3 / HK33 ammo is directly inherited from the RHS version. All I do is create the different tracer round colours.




    class rhs_ammo_556x45_M855A1_Ball;
    class rhs_ammo_556x45_M855A1_Ball_Red;
    class UK3CB_556x45_Ball_Green : rhs_ammo_556x45_M855A1_Ball {
            model = "\a3\Weapons_f\Data\bullettracer\tracer_green";
    class UK3CB_556x45_Ball_Tracer_Green : rhs_ammo_556x45_M855A1_Ball_Red {
            model = "\a3\Weapons_f\Data\bullettracer\tracer_green";




    class rhs_ammo_762x51_M80A1EPR_Ball;

    class rhs_ammo_762x51_M62_tracer;
    class UK3CB_762x51_Ball_Green : rhs_ammo_762x51_M80A1EPR_Ball {
            model = "\a3\Weapons_f\Data\bullettracer\tracer_green";
    class UK3CB_762x51_Ball_Tracer_Green : rhs_ammo_762x51_M62_tracer {
            model = "\a3\Weapons_f\Data\bullettracer\tracer_green";

  8. I would love to add it. I spoke to RHS regarding the chances of using their M113 as the base but could not get permission from the original author. With luck hopefully it is something they could add directly into USAF or Gref for Tanoa. It would provide a good alternative to the ZU-23, Shilka and Tunguska.

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