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    3CB BAF Units

    The quick answer to this is yes. That is exactly what we are seeking to do, with everything you have mentioned and more. Where we can collaborate with other mod makers and get their permissions to include their releases, we are. Where we can't, we are having to do it ourselves where possible. It would be great to work with others looking to do the same thing, rather than having multiple versions of BAF. Anyway, just this weekend we intend to test our 3CB Jackals and Coyotes, Apaches, backpacks, vests and weapons on our modding server for bugs. They all have brand new features and textures. Once they are passed and released, there is quite a bit more to come. There is a lot going on behind the scenes so please bear with us.
  2. evrik

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Hello wiggie, thanks for letting us know. We are currently tweaking a few things on the Jackal at the moment, so I'll see if I can replicate the issue.
  3. You are correct. Seems I've narrowed it down. In an empty vehicle in the editor, with me as a playable unit who then gets into the gunner spot, I can empty the GMG fine. No auto-rearm. No option to rearm and, as you say, I would need another Coyote to resupply the vehicle. Likewise, when I am a squad leader with a crew of AI manning the vehicle, again with me as gunner, I can empty the main gun without a problem. No auto-rearm. However, if I put down a manned vehicle in the editor and set myself as Gunner - meaning I have an AI commander and driver - when I get through the first 2 boxes of grenades,the AI Commander gives me the order to rearm the vehicle. I am automatically dismounted, as is the Commander and Driver, who then proceed to get back into the vehicle. When I retake the gunner slot, the vehicle is rearmed, and from that point on, as soon as I fire a single round, it automatically replenishes the weapon as fast as I can fire it. While annoying, it isn't as bad as I first feared as this is really for MP use and it will be player manned, not AI.
  4. At 3commandobrigade.com we are working on a Supacat Coyote to accompany the Jackal we released. The Coyote is a six-wheeled version of the Jackal, and is primarily deployed as a supply / logistics truck, therefore we have given it the ability in the config to refuel, repair and rearm vehicles with a small radius. However, it was noted that the GMG and HMG turret mounted on the Coyote was capable of rearming itself, meaning that it would never run out of ammunition. This wouldn't be too much of an issue if the weapon actually ran out of ammunition first, and then it was possible to rearm it. However, it is none stop. You can barely fire a few rounds from box before it is full again. Is it possible to prevent this or at least stop it from happening automatically? As it does not repair or refuel itself automatically, it seems reasonable that their must be a way of stopping the continuous and automatic rearming of the turret. I am starting to wonder if this is why none of the BIS logistics vehicles are armed. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
  5. evrik

    DG British Armed Forces

    The hook / sling issue is a weird one and not one we could resolve either. We looked at it at 3 Commando Brigade, using the helicopter example BIS provides in their editing tools to add the capability to lift, but there doesn't appear to be a reason why the key bind doesn't work. The hook deploys fine from the scroll wheel menu. If anyone resolves it, please let the rest of us know.
  6. evrik

    DG British Armed Forces

    Amazing work, Delta!
  7. evrik

    ChinookPack - Mod Release

    Excellent news. It will be great to see these finally heavy lifting in game.
  8. Hoping someone can help. I am in the closing stages of adding slingloading to a chinook pack. Everything is done (memory point, slingload code in the .cpp etc..) however for some reason the key command to lower the hook (2 x R) does not work. I have checked my controls are set correctly to 2xR and have tried switching it to something else, which does not work either. You CAN access the option from the scroll-wheel menu and ropes lower and hook up fine to the cargo. I'd really like to have the keys work though. Do I have to add something into the .cpp to ensure this? If so, what? Thanks.
  9. Ah, so it isn't just me. I can't get the MRAP to lift either. Its fine with the civilian vehicles (offroad, box trucks etc..) but for whatever reason the MRAP is too heavy, it hops off the ground when I max throttle lift, only to pull the helicopter back down to the ground. No idea why.
  10. Yeah, that is exactly what I have done - minus the part about adding it into the model.cfg skeleton bones. I've included the sounds, and like I say, the ropes now deploy, only the Chinook won't life anything heavier than a civilian offroad. Quads are no problem, same with hatchbacks, but as soon as you try to lift a hunter, the weight of the vehicle drags the chinook back down to the ground. Not sure why as I have given it the same slingLoadMaxCargoMass as a Huron. 10000. I tried increasing this, but it made no difference. There must be something else going on. I just don't know what. Does your helicopter lift a hunter with the slingLoadMaxCargoMass set to 6000?
  11. Okay, scratch that, I've got the ropes to work. However, only through the scroll wheel menu and selecting 'Hook'. For some reason my key bind of 2xR doesn't lower the ropes. Also, the Chinook can't lift a Hunter. I have its max load set to 10000. This should be enough right?
  12. Massi, could you give us a quick step-by-step recap of what you did? It would really help. We have a memory point called slingLoad0 on the underside of the helicopter (do we need to do anything else in the .p3d file?) In the config, I have tried using the code Delta provided above, changing the name to match our memory point, and then assigning integer values to maxload and maxmass. After packing up the model using pboproject, the ropes still don't work. Did you do anything else?
  13. It would be really handy to get some detail on the steps to add slingloading to a helicopter. I am working on an arma 2 helicopter port and would love to add this feature to it. So far we have added and named a memory point on the underside of the model, however we do not know what to add into the config.cpp or where. Any help would be great!
  14. evrik

    Sling Loading Feedback

    Following on from Andy's question. We now have the memory points on the Jackal and Landrovers from the Hafm pack. The Huron can see the points and connect the lines. However, when you attempt to lift, if you do it slowly the Jackal just slides along the floor and the ropes extend until they snap. If you quickly throttle up and lift quite hard with the Huron, the Jackal does lift, but bounces upward before it then levels out below the helicopter. I notice this does not happen with the Hunters. It is usable as is, but I'd like to make it smoother. I am guessing the physics if off somewhere. Any ideas? Has anyone else tried to add sling points to an arma 2 model port and had the same issue?
  15. Hello all, I am attempting to remove the following errors being generated from the Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled mod. 'Cannot load surface info ca\data\Penetration\rubber.bisurf' 'Cannot load surface info ca\data\Penetration\plastic.bisurf' 'Cannot load surface info ca\data\Penetration\armor_11mm.bisurf' 'Cannot load surface info ca\data\Penetration\armor_7mm.bisurf' 'Cannot load surface info ca\data\Penetration\armor_5mm.bisurf' 'Cannot load surface info ca\data\Penetration\fabricP.bisurf' 'Cannot load surface info ca\data\Penetration\mattress.bisurf' Having opened the .pbo it is clear that no files exist at that location. There is no ca\data\penetration folder with those .bisurf files. There is a penetration folder within the main Hafm folder, so I believe that the surface info should be looking at: ‘Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\Penetration\rubber.bisurf' ‘Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\Penetration\plastic.bisurf' ‘Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\Penetration\armor_11mm.bisurf' ‘Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\Penetration\armor_7mm.bisurf' ‘Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\Penetration\armor_5mm.bisurf' ‘Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\Penetration\fabricP.bisurf' ‘Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\Penetration\mattress.bisurf' or the corresponding .rvmat file. How would I go about changing the .p3d’s of the Jackals to look at the correct location for these files? I have tried altering all references of the ca\data\penetration within the binarized .p3d using notepad++, and the .rvmats of the materials in question to look at: ‘Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\Penetration\rubber.bisurf' ‘Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\Penetration\plastic.bisurf' ‘Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\Penetration\armor_11mm.bisurf' ‘Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\Penetration\armor_7mm.bisurf' ‘Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\Penetration\armor_5mm.bisurf' ‘Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\Penetration\fabricP.bisurf' ‘Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\Penetration\mattress.bisurf' Instead of ca\data\.... However this does not seem to work, presumably because they are binarised? Is that correct? I have since managed to find the unbinarised versions of the mod files, but if anyone has any knowledge of modelling, I would love to know how I would go about altering the unpacked version so that these errors do not occur, or if indeed there is an easier way to resolve the problem. Thanks.
  16. What is the best way to re-path them? Is it even possible to re-path the binarized .rvmat files?
  17. Has anyone been able to fix the surface info errors on this mod? The error rpt lists: Cannot load surface info ca\data\penetration\rubber.bisurf Cannot load surface info ca\data\penetration\fabricP.bisurf There are more for other materials. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know as I am trying to resolve the issue. I have both the binarised and unbinarised files. Thanks.
  18. Hello all, I am hoping someone on here can help. The clan I am a part of is currently on a drive to reduce the error reports generated by the mods we use / wish to use, either by correcting open source mods ourselves or by identifying problems and notifying the mod makers with potential solutions. I am taking part in this and have recently been working on the Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled mod as we are a UK clan and wish to use BAF equipment - in this case the Jackals and Land Rovers. I have identified and successfully corrected the bone / skeleton errors, but there is an outstanding issue regarding an incorrect surface material path / file location within the .p3ds. There are half a dozen entries, and essentially they are looking in the wrong place for the .rvmat/ .bisurf files within the mod folder. All others appear correct. This takes the form as following: Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\penetration\rubber.bisurf Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\penetration\plastic.bisurf etc.... These links to the texture / material files are correct. However, the Surface material paths are incorrect. These are listed as: ca\data\penetration\rubber.bisurf ca\data\penetration\plastic.bisurf No such folder or file exists so it returns: 'Cannot load surface info ca\data\Penetration\rubber.bisurf' in the error report log. I am certain the paths should be the same as the texture files, as these Surface files deal with how the Jackal reacts to rounds (pinging off armour, thudding off rubber etc...) and penetration values. Is it possible to edit and alter where the .p3d is looking for these surface files? I basically want to change any instance of: ca\data\penetration\rubber.bisurf to Hafm_arma2_uk_wheeled\penetration\rubber.bisurf Are there any tools which would allow this? Is this something MoveObject.exe could do? Thanks for any help.
  19. Great mod! It is a must for any public server! This may have been requested already, but I'd like to request compatibility for Taviana and Napf maps if at all possible. Thanks. Keep up the good work, guys!