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  1. I already made a fix for this. kindly check it first before you post something. if that doesn't work to you, buy a new COMPUTER. also, using "search" would make it VERY EASY to YOU. ---------- Post added at 11:04 ---------- Previous post was at 10:53 ---------- Opps, sorry, didn't notice that you're the one who commented about the multiplayer in the FIX.
  2. I advice you not play multi? why? the files from 1.14 is different with 1.18 as I know, but using an exe of the 1.14 allows you to change the game version from 1.18 to 1.14 but not the files. it will result in MAJOR INSTABILITY OF THE GAME IF YOU TRY. I only conducted this research to allow me play a mod. that's all. I advice you do the same. or get arma 2 free or Arma 2 combine ops. ---------- Post added at 15:45 ---------- Previous post was at 15:27 ---------- BI staff Dominik Flandera allowed me to post the file with the solution, So if you want the file, Here it is: it's in a zip format, so what's in it? 1. arma.exe 2. permission.png - to prove that I have permission 3. virscan.txt - txt file of scan # 3 to prove no viruses in arma.exe 4. scan1.png - image file of the scan to prove no viruses in arma.exe 5. scan1.png - image file of the scan to prove no viruses in arma.exe *all scan are different. it means I scan if with 3 online virus scanner. namely: VirSCAN, Metascan Online, and VirusTotal.
  3. Lt. Fairace

    ArmA Gold Steam Graphics problems

    I got A fix for this, I'm just waiting for the moderators to approve it, in the meantime, check my armaholic post (it is same to the one I post in here): http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=22438
  4. HEY! tired of the 1.18 menu graphics bug? thinking you waste your money? HAHA well, dont worry! there's a fix for that! It took me 1 1/2 months to find a solution on this one. first: I bought ARMA X, the ARMA GOLD is already 1.18, I tried it out and tada, the graphics bug. -_- , I decided to borrow my cousins ARMED ASSAULT witch is 1.04. I ran the game and it worked pretty well. Now let see: 1.04 - worked fine! :-D Patched it to 1.05 - worked fine! :D Patched it to 1.08 - worked fine! :D Patched it to 1.14 - worked fine! :D Patched it to 1.18 - got the bug! :cry2: SO it is said that 1.14 is the version that will work on some users without the graphics bug. SO if I install ARMA GOLD I have 1.18. I should downgrade it but how? It's impossible. SO what's the fix? update my grahpics card? (well that will work but my solution is different) MY SOLUTION THAT WORK ON ME:HAVE THE ORIGINAL EXE OF THE 1.14 VERSION AND REPLACE THE 1.18 VERSION (just the arma.exe is required.) Doing this so is like downgrading your version. ;) ALSO, DONT FORGET TO BACKUP. What ERROR may I get If I did that? SURELY Multiplayer problem will be a big deal, but I tried everything and it's good with the GOLD edition, campaigns are present and islands too! Where I can get an ORIGINAL EUROPEAN EXE VERSION of 1.14? I Have one which I can send to anyone, but admins may not allow me to do so. BUT if they reply here and said I CAN! I'll give it to you. PS. DONT USE CRACK. MAY RESULT ON HAVING A VIRUS ON YOUR PC. ALSO MAY STEAL YOUR CD KEY!!! BEFORE AFTER http://imageshack.us/a/img59/2839/arma2013053123301952.png (702 kB) TAKE A LOOK AT THAT! :-D ALSO it SAYS ARMA ARMED ASSAULT BUT THIS IS ACTUALLY GOLD, IT IS BECAUSE OF THE EXE. :-D http://imageshack.us/a/img195/2571/arma2013053123302513.png (819 kB) See, missions do work. :cool: Also here's my Laptop specs. (I run arma gold on a laptop, DONT ASK WHY) Intel Core I3 2.3 GHz (2 cores, 4 threads) Intel HD 3000 with 1797 shared graphic memory, THIS IS THE REASON WHY I HAVE THAT PROBLEM even if it's LATEST. 4GB DDR3 ram Windows 7 x64 home premium. THIS IS THE SAME POST THAT I POST ON ARMAHOLIC FORUMS http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=22438
  5. Lt. Fairace

    Arma Graphics Bug

    to Teufelhunden_0351: I have a fix for that problem. I just need 2 post to create a new thread for the solution.
  6. I have a fix for that problem. I just need 2 post to create a new thread for the solution.