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  1. Hello there, I've been having a problem for a few days now and quite frankly it's extremely annoying.I usually play as a chopper gunner and as of lately when I right click to have the gunner sights and use the cannon each time a round goes off the screen flashes either white or black depending on what I use,WHOT or BHOT.Consequently the screen starts to lag,less rounds go off and it's annoying to the eyes.It only happens on the AH-99 Blackfoot, so anyway, I was just wondering if it's something with the game or do I have to fix the problem myself?Thanks. :confused:
  2. GrumpyGunner

    Any planes or jets?

    This would be great:
  3. GrumpyGunner

    Fixed wing transports.

    Cool, thanks.
  4. GrumpyGunner

    Fixed wing transports.

    Will we be getting any fixed wing transports in beta for dev build in beta or maybe just in full release?If so any idea what would it be?C-17,A400M,upgraded version of the C-130?And what features would they have?Would they only be able to transport troops or do other things like carry ammo supply crates,vehicles etc.I havent seen lots of discussion revolving around transport planes so I was a bit curious about the subject.
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    Arma 3 Altis: Will there be any Main/Two Way streets ?

    I used to live on Lemnos and I'm here to tell you that yes, there are two way roads.
  6. GrumpyGunner

    Any planes or jets?

    I'm hoping we get c-17s or the A400m more than I'm looking forward to jets to be honest.Now I'm not saying I don't like jet fighters of course but I personally enjoy playing on the big transports more.Paradroping,being the loadmaster etc.I believe it's a critical part to operations:Being able to drop supplies,armored vehicles, provide a means of transportation for long distance.I hope they really make the best out of transports.The whole phase of opening the back and people jumping out, seeing the ammoboxes slide out...Ah yes I can see it now. >:D
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    Sounds nice :-)