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  1. What about The Schmidt Bender PMII 5-25x56 LT MTC P4 Fine Scope or US Optics US Optics SN3 T-Pal 3.2-17x44mm that would be a great addition to the ScopeMOD. I'm still thinking that this mod need one like SRifleMod or SniperRifleMod (both registred trade marks !!!!! lol :) ) It would be nice at least for me cause I'm the designated sniper of my team (most patient of the guys that's why) and I don't like the standard rifles (Semi-futuristics, wrong names, phew choices). I would be nice to have a MX2010, AX338 or a ORSIS T-5000 for the NightForce.

    Best regards

    or.. OR.... you could just get FHQ Remington weapons pack and joint rails or RHS and join rails and use the scope mod with the provided MX2010

  2. I will try and remember to post some ingame screens later but a minor bug is the hand animation config needs to be updated on the block II's. The trigger finger clips into the receiver on a few. The Mk18 doesn't do this however so im not sure why as other than the upper assembly, they are the same gun far as the mod is concerned.

  3. As Sabre commented above once more, our aim for the US forces is on the regular troops and equipment. Special Ops new stuff and improvements will come later on.

    You must have misinterpreted what I said. Like I said, Sabre is right, the Mk18 and M4A1 Block II are not the focus and I understand that. The models they provided in game are acceptable to play with and don't have to be 110%. I SAID I like that and basically echoed what sabre said.

  4. Any it doesn't matter I even try to use in the editor the ammo box containing all the scopes and is tha same. You too have the same problem????

    No I don't get this error at all. figured i'd ask though. I had a user report to me of a blue reticle issue with one of RHS's M4's that I was going to look into today.

  5. Is there a possibility to have the new Elcan SpectreDR with the backup red dot on top without a kill-flash? Don't know why maybe its the look but I think it looks better without one. Just my personal opinion :) Sorry if its already there I have a lot of mods that add scopes.

    I kinda agree with you. Would be nice to have a set with a Top mounted doctor sight to it. We'll see. Ian said the next version should replace the SpecterDR's with the tunnel effect to a colluminator effect. So maybe we may see additions. Might be hard to justify as it would require some more model work.