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  1. Not sure if my reply submitted correctly or not, so if this ends up being a double post I apologize. Sadly I am being serious. I enjoy flight in arma 2 moreso than all the other features. Back when arma 2 released I built a system with two 5970's in it to try and run it at 10k view distance. It failed miserably. Do the devs not test at all the highest settings the came can perform at? Or are they running much lower resolutions. The system I am planning on going with is going to be a I7 3930k 6 core overclocked to the 4.7GHz range. 64 gigs of 2400 MHz memory. 2 x GTX Titans in SLI. 16 gigs of that system memory will be converted into a RAMdisk, and arma 3 will be installed to the ramdisk to make sure there are no storage system bottlenecks. You guys think with this system spec I should be able to run ultra settings, 150% rendering resolution (2880x1800).... 1920x1200 resolution, at about 6k-8k view distance? Or still not likely?
  2. What hardware would be necessary to run Arma 3 under the following settings at a consistant rate > 80fps. Resolution = 1920 x 1200 Rendering Resolution = 2880x1800 (150%) Every other video and quality setting on max possible. IE ULTRA And most importantly... Visibility: Overall - 12,000 Object - 1,088 Shadow - 200 Please tell me there is some combination of hardware out there that will run this game at its max settings. Would a 3960x overclocked to 5ghz, 16 gigs of ram with 2 GTX Titans in SLI do it? Would a 3960x overclocked to 5ghz, 16 gigs of ram with 4 7970s in crossfire do it? Would a 3960x overclocked to 5ghz, 16 gigs of ram with 3 7970s in crossfire and a GTX Titan for physics do it? 12k view distance is a must, 150% rendering resolution + ultra settings on everything a must. Can it be done? Thanks