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  1. Excited to see this finished/polished. Ever since I Found ArmA 3 a short time ago, I've been showing it to friends & family. Brother is a huge 'Nam fan (right word?) and keeps asking if/when this will be finished. We both will watching and waiting. Very Cool! Keep it up...
  2. Looks good. Love the Beret! How did you set the poses?
  3. Using TrackIR as well. Refuse to play without now. Love it! Will chime in as stating I'm not a big fan of the newer "3D" Scopes also. How are they "3D" exactly? Just Zooms-In the entire screen. Not good. The Sniper (Optic SOS) works good though. TrackIR is not effected. Would be great if ONLY the scope-part was zoomed but the outer was still in 'normal' view (even possible?). I'm all for just going back to the black outer screens. My 2 cents...
  4. Whoa! Anyone else? Unable to load any and ALL Maps now after update BETA 0.72. Can not load already made Maps OR even just PREVIEW a new/blank map. Anyone know a fix for this? I'm fairly new at ArmA (about a month) so I'm not sure if I can fix this myself, or wait for another quick official update. Had a ArmA party planned today for a few weeks now, but now can not play. Zoiks! Starting to panic a tad. Had huge plans for tonight but now will have to cancel if unable to fix. BIS: Releasing an update works better on a Monday or Tuesday. Most of us have plans and squad parties on weekends and do not have time to fix. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: FIXED - DELETE THREAD: Forgot to try and disable MODs before I freaked. cfgFoot/insertIntoMouth/go.exe Will now have to track down which one of the zillion addons I have that was the issue. Sorry guys! :o
  5. Von Quest

    Controlling parachutes

    Having issues myself. Freefall can control left/right spin (yaw) with gaming controller analog stick. BUT have to use keyboard for forward/backward tracking. Once chute is pulled, can not control in MP. Spin is erratic and we often break ankles on impact. Tested and played dozens of jumps so far. Always the same. SP works good to use keyboard, but MP odd behavior and THUD, ouch! :k: Good times. Even with current (public beta) version, still super fun! ---------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: BETA 0.72 Did more testing and still major problems in MP. Single player works good, but in MP its near impossible to controller after we pull cord. Chutes always pull hard to left and we die on impact may 80% of the time. And the 20% we do not we always get hurt pretty bad. Believe we've done 60 or 70 jumps now and NEVER have we both had good clean landings at the same time. Hmmm... Fingers crossed this gets fixed at some point.
  6. Von Quest

    Missions with parachutes

    300m is a bit low? I jump over 36,000' (11,111m) then fall through the great clouds. Good chance you miss the LZ but trying to 'fly' there is half the fun. :p What I do to keep everything in-game; is set your chemlights and smoke (both or one) then just Sync with Trigger. Set Trigger to activate when ANY BLUFOR enters the LZ, or you can GROUP the Trigger to you (or anyone) so only YOU would trigger it. Set the Trigger around the LZ at whatever size you want/need. Sidenote: Parachuting in MP (LAN) causes most landings to be very rough because can not steer. Also hand positions are not correct. Just hang there. Oh, and no sound when opening the chute. Should be loud and dramatic. Anyone else? Love parachuting into an operation! Very Cool!!
  7. This is amazing! When I first found ArmA this was the first addon I tried. Freaking awesome! Is there any update/fix so it can detect IF you are wearing the re-breather? Seems to turn ON no matter what you are doing. Obviously you can use only IF you're going to dive. But I run games/ops (LAN) where I have large missions where we drop our water gear and continue on with the mission but we can't swim without the Dive Mate turning ON even though we are only in plain fatigues. (Or maybe some clever work-around that I'm missing being new? Re-breather init field perhaps?) Also, any plans on doing a SCUBA Open-Circut Mod addon? It would be great to have the choice of either the re-breather for combat ops AND also a SCUBA setup (w/ your Dive Mate) when doing deep dive missions like recovering sensitive intel or items that went down in, for example, an aircraft crash over deep ocean. Wouldn't need be be fancy or exact with hoses, just a Backpack mod with the cylinders to sell it. Anyway... Great work! Thanks!!
  8. Von Quest

    JTD Flies ArmA3 version

    I love this idea (kinda dark, I know). Didn't want to work in MP though. I have the same issue/question also; anyway to set the time to longer? Would love to have just 1 fly show up after like 10 or 20 minutes. Then add 1 for every minute thereafter to a max of X. (maybe 7-12?) Great work so far.
  9. Von Quest


    I was just thinking about this the other day. I found ArmA just a month ago or so and WOW! This might be the greatest game/sim ever created. Never thought I'd see the day... Anyway, being new I haven't found too many issues yet that kinda irked me. (Plus don't want to be too harsh as the game is in Beta, obviously.) After suffering through the early stages of this new addiction, I decided to finally jump in on this thread: I agree. Would LOVE to see the Doors addressed at some point (or mod). There are a few 'mini-game' elements that could be tackled for a huge impact. Medic-type stuff, disarming explosives, etc., and the CQC side of ArmA. Doors could just clip through you when opening, or open inward as suggested. I love the idea of a scroll-wheel option to control an incremental opening to peek inside. This is a great idea! Using your wheel to slowly open would cause the enemy to notice if opened too far, OR, too fast. Using default would open as usual (when fixed) if you didn't want to spend the time or just need to enter guns-a-blazin'. Another level: Door types with breachable options. Normal, reinforced, and steal doors. All with LOCK options! Whatcha think? IF Locked, normal can be kicked-in? Reinforced needs to be introduced to Mr. Shotgun? And Steel may need some explosive to breach. Different locks could be used also. Key needed. Keypad with combination. etc. This would add another large immersion layer to the mix. The game is already super-awesome, but the CQC area still needs a good dose of polish. Its a glaring contrast to the genius you find everywhere else. Think of the complexity and game-play if the Doors were improved. Hostage Rescue, Intel Op, etc., and you have to deal with clearing and/or sneaking through a office building or command center. Super cool... "Its 0300hrs and you HALO in under the cover of darkness. The sky is black. The sea is black. You can smell the saltwater as you race toward it. You splash down and then SCUBA toward the target. After finding the drain you make your way through the system and then up into the basement. The stank odor reminds you of that op last year that went pair-shaped. Not this time you think. As you work your way through the complex, activity is very light. Most doors are unlocked. Using blueprints from a CIA contact you find the target room. Valuable Intel is just a few feet away. This mission is a breeze. Another medal for sure... You enter the passkey: *buzz; red light*. Crap! Locked!! Son-of-a%$#@! The passkey is wrong or its been changed! What do you do? Scrub the mission, or blow the door and wake every grumpy AK wielding knucklehead in this backwater stink shop? Hmm..." Yes, DOORS! Better doors.