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    Scorch's Inventory Items

    In 2003, Rolling Stone reporter Evan Wright was embedded in the US Marine Corps' First Recon, for the onset of the War in Iraq. Over the next two months, he would have a firsthand view into the lives of some of the toughest men on the planet, The War on Terror, —er— Saddam Hussein, and the command decisions that put them where they are. Wright compiled these articles into Generation Kill, which was later made into a seven-part miniseries by David Simon on HBO. Too funny! Didn't think you'd catch that. Awesome. "Po-lice that moo-stash!!!!"
  2. Von Quest

    Atmosphere and Immersion Elements

    Play around with the Editor. Its up to you to design & create anything you want. The genius of ArmA. Keep in mind the game is not finished yet. Large chunks are turned off, incomplete, or unstable. Storms, Rain, Random Weather, etc is not on the public Beta version yet. Recommend you try some missions already created by others here if you don't want to scale the steep learning curve for full mind-blowing customization. Play around for a day or two to setup some basics in the editor and *hook*, you'll be addicted like the rest of us... Welcome! :icon_w00t:
  3. I believe you just use to order your team to exit the Heli: [`] then [6] then [Eject] I'm the wrong one to ask as I never use Friendly AI (plus this is wrong thread?). Try Search, Google Search, Wiki, YouTube Search, Experiment, etc. Good question though, I might even try using it on some AI later myself. Another good resource is trying others missions then contact them directly or post in their thread for that mission to see what they did. ---------- Post added at 23:56 ---------- Previous post was at 23:54 ---------- Not sure what I'd change it to. Tried deleting the red text, then I do get a 'Paradrop' option but nothing happens. :confused: Back to the drawing board...
  4. Bingo. I think we got it. (can't test right now) I'm NOT in an aircraft. We HALO in mostly at over 36K feet (11,111m) so I just set us in the air to start. Guessing you have to be in a helicopter then? Which only seems to work at lower levels... Thanks for all your help so far. Will update later. Know the max height for a Helicopter by chance? What do you guys jump from?
  5. ---------- Post added at 16:28 ---------- Previous post was at 16:26 ---------- init.sqf //PARACHUTE: if (!isDedicated) then { waitUntil {!isNull player}; player addeventhandler ["Respawn", { player addaction [("<t color=""#ED2744"">") + ("Paradrop") + "</t>", "scripts\para\Paradrop.sqf", "", 1, false, true,"", "((vehicle player) iskindof ""Air"") && (((position player) select 2) > 20) && (player != driver (vehicle player))"]; }]; player addaction [("<t color=""#ED2744"">") + ("Paradrop") + "</t>", "scripts\para\Paradrop.sqf", "", 1, false, true,"", "((vehicle player) iskindof ""Air"") && (((position player) select 2) > 20) && (player != driver (vehicle player))"]; }; //SCUBA: code in player init codebox: null=[this, 25, 3000, 1.2, 0.15, 0.30, 0.55, 24] execVM "scripts\trindisplay\diverstats.sqf" //SCUBA: format null=[this, SAC, TankSize, MaxPPO2, O2%, N2%, He%, WaterTemp*C] note: mediterranean sea range Ave 11*C-28*C Use 2000/20? getGasTot = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\scuba\trindisplay\functions\trin_fn_gasCalc.sqf"; getTisTot = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\scuba\trindisplay\functions\trin_fn_initTissues.sqf"; //SNIPER: Works great. No add to player. Adjust Force as preference Lower is MORE FORCE, default 10 then 30 if (isServer) then {execVM "scripts\sniper\BWIS\bulletWindServer.sqf";}; execVM "scripts\sniper\BWIS\bulletWindClient.sqf"; //SNIPER: Von Quest Industries Sniper Buddy v0.1b execVM "scripts\sniper\Questrel\vqi_sniperbuddy.sqf"; //MEDIC: Revive Script call compile preprocessFile "scripts\medic\=BTC=_revive\=BTC=_revive_init.sqf"; // Use only 1 marker per Unit for UPS.spf random patrol OR WP dismissed "StratisAll" setMarkerAlpha 0; "Stratis" setMarkerAlpha 0; "Coast" setMarkerAlpha 0; "TownP1" setMarkerAlpha 0; "TownP2" setMarkerAlpha 0; "AirbaseP1" setMarkerAlpha 0; "AirbaseP2" setMarkerAlpha 0; "StratisG1" setMarkerAlpha 0; "StratisG2" setMarkerAlpha 0; "StratisG3" setMarkerAlpha 0; "StratisR1" setMarkerAlpha 0; "StratisR2" setMarkerAlpha 0;
  6. Von Quest

    Scorch's Inventory Items

    No Charms? Looks really good! Gets my wheels turning. Left my other ideas in old thread. Will be trying these out in the next week or so for some ops. Thanks for the contribution.
  7. Von Quest

    [SP/Coop 04] Find the Evidence

    How do I find those scripts? The Mission is just a .pbo file. I don't believe you can open those can you? Recommend: Sprinkle a few guys around the entire area (5-6) and set them to Limited, Safe, then WP Dismissed. For the guys camped out, several WPs with a Cycle works really good. Just set down 3-4 WPs right in the middle of camp with the outer radius around the buildings/camp using timed stops as well (min2, mid22, max222) so its random and unpredictable each and every time you play.
  8. Thanks mantls. Splat! :dead: Tried and tried all night. Could not get it to work. I'm new to ArmA and scripting in general. Missing something simple? Script was working (sorta) in MP; but NOT in SP/Testing through preview. In MP would just fall with Backpack and then splat, bounce, and respawn over dead body in standard BLUFOR guy. Looking to keep my custom guy (mod) with the Backpack filled with all the items I prefer. At this point don't really care if it steerable or not. Didn't know non-steerable was even in game. Seen some brilliant scripting in the game from you guys so far. Hope someone has the magical sqf for this. Will play around more this weekend when I get home. Any ideas welcome!
  9. Von Quest

    Scorch 's Inventory Item Pack

    I think this would be a good addon. The MOLLE pouches would work just fine. You can spread them around a room or use some random spawn-type script. Example: You have to recover some troop movement and logistics maps. Check X, Y, and Z rooms and all the pouches to ID the sensitive intel you're looking for. Grab and run! Keep us up-to-date in your first post with the current list. Like I posted earlier, personally looking for high-value type stuff: Various maps, blueprints, paperwork, schedules, passcodes, routes, contacts, plans, microchips, guidance-chips, decoders, encryption, prototypes, radios, frequency charts, satellite data, shipping manifests, classified folders, top secret intel, components, electronics, timers, detonators, medical items, virus, culture dishes, chemicals, compounds, radioactive isotopes, bio-warfare, experimental formulas, keys, keycards, variety of ID cards, passports, RFID, launch codes, the secret formula to take over the world... *holds pinky up to mouth* ok, getting carried away. You get the drift. Off the top of my head.
  10. Von Quest

    Some thoughts on reloading

    I would love to see a complex reloading option. (difficulty/option setting) Several button pushes. One for each animation and stage [gaming pad]: [O]-Eject clip, [holdLB1]-Grab new clip, [holdLB2]-Slam into weapon, [LStick back]-Cock back, [LStick release]-Chambered! Sgt: "Reloading!" Eject-->Grab-->Slam-->Cock. *Chicsk Chicsk* :coop: -------- Wishlist: Thread is inefficient. Series of just posts hundreds of pages long. Too hard to have dialog/feedback/mod-options/etc.
  11. Von Quest

    bulet trace foir diagnostic

    Try this: VTS Ballistic
  12. Von Quest

    [SP/Coop 04] Find the Evidence

    Just finished... Lost 1 man right away. Not sure how. Drown? (not your fault) Good Mission. 1st Mission I've ever tried; feel honored? :o The change-your-clothes caught my eye as this is something I was trying to figure out. How do you set it up so you start with the uniform you want in your Backpack? I started a thread asking this just earlier today. Also the weapon. Was under the impression you could not pack these up at start. Very cool. Thanks. Only critique: (besides the two errors [public beta]) is the enemy is too static. Should have them wonder about a bit to feel more natural. Guessing the Briefcase is always in the last place you look? LOL Good job! Update: Was wondering if you also knew a work-around to land with, or maybe create a Backpack, when you land after parachuting in? Sucks to land in mission area but not have hardly any gear.
  13. Von Quest

    [SP/Coop 04] Find the Evidence

    Did I just read you can change clothes? Or was that just AI? Also, how did you setup so you can pickup something? Will have to download now and try... :D
  14. Not sure if this applies to ArmA; but also use Notepad++ because with editing Flight Sims, there were often small errors if you use the standard Notepad or other simple text editors that were almost undetectable (forgot the specifics).
  15. Try using Completion Radius. Aircraft can get goofy because of all the different variables at play. I have been frustrated myself. If you use Completion Radius of X (200-300m) for Helicopters (larger for fixed-wing) then the aircraft just has to get close to register as 'reached'. Otherwise it can miss then try and correct to find that pin-point location which may be out of its current flight envelope. Height. I also had issues with trying to get the Helicopters to fly right if the altitude is too high. I believe 500 should be ok, but you'll have to experiment. To get the copper jockey to hover make sure you set the time at the Waypoint. For 20 seconds set: min 20, mid 20, max 20 - set all three fields. Another option which I use to keep it simple is set the Waypoints so the path goes over the jump area then wait & watch until you cross over the area and just click EJECT when ready. Last option. Do you need the helicopter? My favorite. Could just place your character at X alt (11,111m) and HALO in! :cool:
  16. Von Quest

    Scorch 's Inventory Item Pack

    Could you be a bit more specific? Are these just visual items? Looking for some things you can actually grab and move like intel-type things; classified folders, files, blueprints, microchips, etc. I play mostly spec-ops style missions. HALO in and sneak to a comm tower, intercept encrypted enemy communications, or hit a command building and simulate grabbing some X intel. And so on... If you could fill-in the X part with cool stuff, that would rock! I tried ARP2 but I don't think you can grab anything either (unless I missed something). I have yet to contact the maker but saw your post and decided to chime in quick.
  17. Von Quest

    AI Skill Settings

    Should this be in BETA TROUBLESHOOTING? Perhaps Map & Mission Editing? Being new I'm finding these Forums a bit awkward and disheveled at times. :o Anyway, If you use this in your init.sqf file, can you still customize certain Units/Groups? Also, is there an explanation in detail on these somewhere? Wiki? Can't find... For example: spotDistance if set to 1 (100% max) would be what? 1km, 2km? Does anyone have the most current list? - aimingAccuracy - aimingShake - aimingSpeed - spotDistance - spotTime - courage - commanding - general - endurance - reloadSpeed What I've found so far (unofficial).
  18. You can setup the exact dimensions of the field. Use 100m or 1km and then place in the exact middle of the Map Grid. Use landmarks from X to Y to 'know', or set down Markers to 'see' while playing. There are a zillion Marker types, colors, etc you can use. You can set these when map/mission making AND you can even set and mark on Map WHILE you are playing in real-time. (double-click RMB I think, then use arrows to adjust?) Something to think about anyway. Any context to your map/mission? Helps to give examples and detail in here as this game is so customizable and there are many different ways to do the same thing. My 2 cents.
  19. Von Quest

    Hidden Identity Pack v1.

    I love this idea! Will DL soon. Thanks for the contribution.
  20. Von Quest

    Bush wookie

    Why is it every time you see a Bush Wookie you never have a camera ready? I want to believe...
  21. Can I wish for a better "Wishlist" Thread? :p Just ONE Thread of over 200 pages? Whoa! Each 'wish' should be a Thread (if possible) so everyone can comment on that one idea/request/wish. Be a better way to find something, fix an issue, or start a possible mod/script project by someone.
  22. Von Quest

    Snipers need extra Realism tweaks

    Works great. Both SP & MP. [view/try here] First mod/script I downloaded. Won't play without it. Can adjust the force-variable as you like for realistic or exaggerated effect. (read my post on pg4, looking for info) Sniping is one of the great potentials of the game!
  23. Freaking Love It! This is a MUST in every Map/Mission I do. Seems to work perfect. Q's: 1. Played around with your numbers. Do you know by some slim chance what THE exact value is to be realistic? Or are you just guessing? I tried the range from 10-30. Right now I think I just settled on 20 for now until further testing when I get more time. Will have to do some homework with a known Rifle/Cartridge, known Distance, and known Wind Strength (?) to get close to published data to find the closest variable to use in your script. [Will also need something to measure the drift of projectile from scope crosshair; so add known width of Target] 2. Also was thinking about working on my first script for a Kestrel/Sniper System to use in concert with your script. Any thoughts on this? I would be doing a script to somehow pullup the "Quest Sniper Buddy" (or whatever) and it would show on the graphical display the details you would need to calculate that long-range shot. My main question is do you know what range the (windStr) Wind Strength is? If I cant find the exact data, I would have to display something vague like nil,light,fair,strong,etc wind readout. What is the max Wind Strength when at 100%? You (or anyone) know? Great Script! Thanks!!
  24. Von Quest

    Chernobyl and Pripyat map.

    Chernobyl Map here --> http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21332 Enjoy.
  25. Von Quest

    Poll - Rather Modern or Futuristic?

    So many genius sides to ArmA. One of the best is its 100% customizable. Anything that ADDS to the game, ADDS to the Game. Love the futuristic theme but play with alot of modern mods added in. One quirk though; if this if semi-futurisitc... the buildings on Stratis are fairly rundown. Hoping some of the Bases, Command Centers, Buildings, etc will reflect that a tad more (maybe?) in final version with Altis.