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  1. Brilliant mate! This might be as close as I'm going to get (in beta anyway) for now. Been messing with this HALO thing all week. Will tinker with the MP side of things later. Thank you!!! :notworthy:
  2. How would you use this in a Radio Trigger? Need to use it just once OR only for a set Time. If I use a SQF and call it with trigger, the "Open" is always sitting in middle of screen. Would be nice to ONLY use Radio Trigger to OPEN Crate, then have the option gone after maybe 10 minutes or so. As is, you have to call with Radio, 0-0-Crate. THEN you get the "Open" option in your menu. You have to click again to actually use. But it never goes away... Currently trying to use as a second Backpack when using a Parachute to gear-up.
  3. This is a great idea. How? Will start doing some homework and testing on this... Thanks.
  4. Have a background in computer science, but never had the chance to play around with gaming stuff. I'm jealous. Wish I had the time... maybe over winter. Looks Great! Need more naval stuff.
  5. OMG! *needs new shorts* This is freaking AWESOME! I have a thing for all things SEAL. HALO/SCUBA/Etc. I only really play very small spec-ops style games. Very excited to see this finished and added. Thanks!!!!! :bounce3:
  6. Von Quest

    Scorch's Inventory Items

    Don't tease me! :p
  7. Von Quest

    Cannot launch Arma 3- Help please

    I'm suspicious... (Beta only been out 4 weeks?). Can't you just re-download the game from Steam?
  8. Von Quest

    Snipers need extra Realism tweaks

    At the risk of splitting hairs... It's a bit a misnomer the snipers hold their breath. They do whatever works best for them. Usually its just at the top or the bottom of the breath.
  9. Von Quest

    Cannot launch Arma 3- Help please

    1. How long have you had it? 2. Are you setup through Steam? 3. Last time you played?
  10. Von Quest

    Sounds too quiet

    Been an avid aviation fan for 30+ years. Was just wondering if indeed that was what the game was simulating or not. Not the actual concept of the sound barrier. ;)
  11. Amusing read. We all feel your pain. Civilians can be very frustrating right now. Believe they are still being tweaked & polished. Thread is kinda broad though? More of a rant... Did you have something a little bit more specific about AI and Waypoints? To use Waypoints in buildings you have to use a specific 'position' waypoint # inside. There should be a dropdown list of all available points inside. To find them you have to Jump in Preview, go into the building with an AI teammate and use the MoveTo command while pointing your cursor/crosshair, and it should snap-to and readout the #. Then if/when using that building, you have to Jump back to the Editor and double-click the building on it in the middle to get the NAME of it to show up. Then you will get the dropdown list options for the INSIDE WAYPOINTS. Make sense? Example: In my mega map I use over and over, I have Officers and a General scattered about. The General is set to randomly walk around the Airport. I have him (being important) going into and checking on things in the Air Control Tower. There are several other 'official' looking guys as well. To simulate him walking around the top (where a sniper might expect to watch, hint, hint) I had to use Waypoints #13 - #16. This makes him walk around checking the computers and looking out the windows in the top and other Commanding-looking things. So again, double-click on the MIDDLE of the building when the NAME of it pops-up to get the Waypoint # list inside (and sometimes even the roof). So for my example, I had 7-8 waypoints just in the Tower alone, and all Waypoints were all on top of each other (since they have to be in the same middle spot) with random variables and times as to be realistic and unpredictable. And in general; make good use of probability spawn, placement radius, and the timers' range for immersive and organic gameplay. Hope this helps? Maybe?
  12. OK, sold. Sounds freaking awesome! Will try out this week sometime. I love the fact you're not invincible. Also just read the details on that mission... again, sounds awesome. Will have to try that out soon. Very soon. Thanks for the detailed responses.
  13. So you can't carry? The picture shows you carrying someone? Also, states "Improved: Capturing wounded enemy units", how does this work? Would love to add capture and interrogation to some of my missions. This sounds cool! Last, can you compare & contrast yours with =BTC= Revive script? Using that right now...
  14. Von Quest

    Arma 3 Editor needs an upgrade

    +1 3D Editor. Love the options for Check Boxes, Sliders, etc to set things for Units/Groups. Set Loadouts, Skills, Uniforms, etc. Fingers crossed. Current Editor is good. Easy to wish to be better. I'm fine with it if stays the same. Good ideas though.
  15. Von Quest

    Sounds too quiet

    With sound turned up, sounds amazing! In 1st person view, the sounds do seem a bit off. Especially your own footsteps. Luckily I always play in 3rd person view. The other odd sound for me is the *snap* when being shot at. What is that? My brother says its the speed-of-sound being broken by the bullet as it flies by. It that true, or is it simulating hitting rocks or something? Playing on a sound system, when a chopper flies overhead, it can shake the room. Amazing!
  16. Can you give us more context? Why do they need to respawn?
  17. You need a description.ext file in the Mission Folder. More info here and here. You can use the same editor. Here is an example of my main one. Change the text to anything: onLoadName = "COMMANDO"; author = "R. Von Quest"; OnLoadMission = "CIA Intel has indicated suspicious activity off the coast of Greece. JSOC has authorized several Covert Ops throughout the region.";
  18. Don't get me started about the pesky choppers! They are terrible right now. Should be fixed by full release. My fix: Set up the entire Map with Invisible Helipads all over. Find good open and flat areas where you can place them and then record the location, OR, you can place those Helipads on something easy to remember. I place them on all open beaches and road intersections cross entire Map. Works well a good chunk of the time. When you need that EVAC, just find one of those locations to call the chopper to and wait for it to show up. Recommend you test them all (takes time though), but once you have the 'working' list of locations you'll be set for every game thereafter. Remember you can Copy & Paste from any Map you use. To expedite the testing, try a blank empty Map for this, then when you have all your working Helipads on those locations, Copy the Pads then Paste into your Mission Map. Copy = Ctrl+C Paste= Ctrl+V The Helipads are not for decoration. They're meant to be used. Sprinkle them around, set height to 1m and you're set.
  19. @matbkob try --> this addBackpack "B_Parachute"; to all your units. Was thinking you wanted a soft pile of dead guys to land on. =) Update: So for a work-around I'm now using a custom-loaded crate placed on Map named whatever (crate1), then using a script I can access that crate from anywhere on the Map I land. This (for now) will simulate grabbing the Backpack and all the pre-selected gear off the ground next to me as it would be in real life since you would HALO in using High-Alt gear; ie Helmet, O2 Supply, Black Thermal Coveralls, Black Facemask, etc. When I hit the ground (or ocean, lake, pond, etc) I can dump the Jump gear and gear-up as pre-planned. Works ok for now. If anyone knows a better idea, don't be shy... Chime in!
  20. OK, so far the code seems to work good. Can call the script using a Radio Trigger. Data pops-up as text in the Hint Box. I'm guessing max wind strength would be around 20mph. Does this sound about right? As of now will be using a range of readouts like for example; (value is 0.4) Wind at 5-8mph - Tree leaves in constant motion. Then direction of lets say a 45* angle across trajectory would also display a readout of Force Effect = 1/2, etc. Thoughts? (This project is a tad more detailed, but waiting to post more later pending testing/research in the WIP Thread)
  21. Von Quest

    bulet trace foir diagnostic

    You also need CBA (Community Base Addons) I believe as well in order to get it to run as you see in the video.
  22. Open up the mission.sqm file in an editor (I use Notepad++). Then in top menu click Search >> Replace... Type in Site_Civilian to be replace by Site_OPFOR. Click Replace ALL. At that point you will now be able to see all those sites on Map. Leave in or just delete them. (Always leave Notepad++ and the files up in the background so you can just use Alt+Tab to jump back and UNDO if you made a mistake.) Hope that helps.
  23. Currently working on several odd projects. 1. Can not figure out how you would set it up so your Script would only run if you had or was wearing X. Example: for a possible HALO project, would check to see if you had on a parachute then execVM somescript.sqf to display an Altimeter device (WIP), or Trini's Dive Mate would not run if you did not have on the re-breather, etc. 2. Also was wondering how you could set a certain script to run ONLY for a specific person. Tried Radio Triggers using Group but doesn't work, and just Radio Triggers set alone shows up for everyone instead of intended player. Could of sworn I saw it before but now can't find it.
  24. SCUBA: OK, I think I have the SCUBA issue worked out. I was over-thinking it I guess. I just needed a bigger pack to haul the extra gear and uniform (or it was an update issue). Should be good now. HALO / Parachuting: I think I'm on the right track. Just need to figure out how to Spawn a Backpack (with custom loadout) as soon as you land on the ground. The game checks your Altitude then when on ground (getPos? getPosATL?) spawns the Backpack next to you on the ground you set up in SQF file (maybe?). ((vehicle player) in thisList) and ((getPos (vehicle player) select 2) < 2) _halopack = "Backpack1" createVehicle (position player); Call with init.sqf: null = [] execVM "halopack.sqf" I'm just guessing here... I've been looking and experimenting for 3 days now. Not getting very far. If it matters, I technically need to Spawn more than 1 Backpack for anyone playing on my server. Each person has their own custom loadout. So I'm guessing would need some identifier per player/unit. Example: I crash through the trees and hit the ground *thud, uff* (game checks - on ground 'yes' - run execVM "halopack.sqf" - spawns Backpack #1 at feet) Repeats for second player; but his Backpack #2 wherever he crashed down at. From what I can find, there are spawn scripts for gear boxes and things; but since we are falling from great heights we are always in flux and need to simulate stashing the chute and gearing up in-country with as much immersion as possible right where we land. The gear box/crate option is just a bit too 'gamey'. I feel we are so close to getting this working... [ moderators: Permission to start a new thread with more focus and better Title on this specifically? ]
  25. Great GUI. How did you set that up? Looking into making something similar for a Kestrel/Sniper type device in the next month or so.