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  1. @dr_strangepete Did a little more testing for the little time I had last night. Sorry, I was mixing the different scripts. :o Re-tried yours and again, worked great in SP (did not try water landing) but in MP same issue. Backpack gets swallowed up in the gofer-holes. Notes: All my landings were on hillsides. And on one jump, I could see a Pack sticking slightly out but it was too buried to grab it. hmm... BTW, Thank you so much for your time with this. This part of design is over my head. You rock, man. :cool:
  2. Von Quest

    NSW Units & Gear (Retex.)

    Love the new HALO Vest! You beat me to it. Is there supposed to be cargo space in the rebreather? Always need more space. =) Wondering. Is there anyway to do or change the Wetsuit so you can wear a helmet with them? :confused:
  3. Von Quest

    Desert Tigerstripe Units

    UPDATE: For some odd reason, not getting any errors now. Bizarre . Maybe just an odd ArmA Beta thing? Or Map setup? :o
  4. Replaced all player with _unit (4 of them). Bunch of errors. Breaks script. Splat. :dead:
  5. OK, update and some testing yesterday. (always play on Home LAN if that makes a difference?) Works good in SP, but had issues in MP: @dr_strangepete - in MP the Backpack would disappear/sink into ground. @ItsThomas - in MP worked (mostly) but always the 2nd player (client?) would lose most of the custom stuff I packed for him. This has been an issue in general though. Also we ended up with 2 Parachutes with yours. One on the back, then extra one on the stomach area. hehe Odd. For MP have to go back and use the 'ol crate-at-a-distance trick. :icon_neutral:
  6. Yes! Needs fix. Possible? Died in wrecked building I was checking after I rained-down mortars on it. Those sharp corners are brutal. =)
  7. Von Quest

    context menus need to be fixed

    Definitely needs to be improved. +1 Easy to say 'fix' though. Believe several other threads/feedback somewhere on this. Maybe setup a STICKY with Brainstorm Ideas and Forum Voting? Most don't use Feedback. Dslyecxi has some solid ideas. Love the passion I see in the community. Hard not to be when you're so close to the ultimate military/combat sim/game. Dslyecxi: http://dslyecxi.com/arma-3-fixing-the-action-menu/ Feedback: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=10726 (I believe BIS can expand even more than this) At the very least (if not mod/script), allow more options by the average user (preferred) to customize the Menu/Options/Actions futher. I use a Power A Gaming Pad, which works awesome, and see there is some Custom Options but do not know how to use or setup. Maybe they're working in this direction? Who knows? Would like to see Options, for example as: Hold, Tap, Tap2x, Tap3x, Hold + D-Pad Scroll, Hold + Stick (compass wheel), etc... This is a CORE issue that effects the very heart of the experience. More than ready to take it to the next level by now. WAY TOO MANY times now I have died because of the mysterious fluctuating menu/action. Touch Off Bombs should never be that easy to detonate. Tap2x. Bigger ones (satchel) Tap3x. Using the Mouse Scroll & Button; too easy to roll while clicking: KABOOM! Like the idea of setting something up in the Inventory Screen: Setup each Item & Weapon needed to use Shift+Choice (THEN option of course to bind that to whatever Gaming Pad Button Setup). Maybe yo want SHIFT+S for Smoke, SHIFT+C for Chemlight, SHIFT+G for Grenade, SHIFT+L for Launcher, SHIFT+F for First Aid Kit, SHIFT+You decide. You Setup. You customize. Customize. Customize. Continuing to brainstorm here: The Adjust button (stance) is amazing! Keep it going... Holding ADJUST (call it SHIFT now) opens MORE options. ADJUST STANCE is just one. Holding ADJUST -- Tap with Trigger = Claymore Clacker. Tap2x = C4. Tap3x = Satchel. Holding ADJUST -- [Option with Button] = Action of YOUR CHOICE Leave as Default or Customize. Keyboard or Gaming Pad. And so on. While Holding the ADJUST you would get a pop-up display on side of screen (able to turn on/off of course) showing the SETUP you did in the Inventory Screen to ASSIGN what-to-what so you do not have to memorize. Sorry for the ramble. Off the top of my head just now. My 3 cents.
  8. Von Quest

    NATO Special Operations Command [BETA]

    Wow. Fantastic Units Mod. One of, if not, THE favorite. U_B_combatuniform_blk_crye Getting an error for a missing icon pic in the Inventory. Is this the mod its from? I lost track but the uniform is all black so was guessing it might be from yours someone suggested. :confused:
  9. Von Quest

    Blackop/Swat Units

    Ah, thanks for the tip. Will drop a line over there. :o
  10. DAP, my main man! Big gaming night Friday. Swapped out the other Medic System with yours... And the winner is.......... DAPMAN! Way to go brother!! I really liked it. Will be using now for a while to do some more testing. Felt WAY more realistic & immersive. Which IS the whole point right?. Very very nice job. Would of liked to see a better README or other detailed info. Maybe some more dramatic & varied sounds. Possibly random Blood graphics other than the 'blood goggles'. Other than that it's almost perfect (from a player/immersion point-of-view). You got my vote!
  11. (unitBackpack this) additemCargo ["NAME_of_Uniform _Here",1]; Recommend you use the Carry-All Backpack (large): B_Carryall_blk (or whatever color/type you want)
  12. Von Quest

    Desert Tigerstripe Units

    HUGE fan of the Tigrestripe! Getting an ERROR message when pulling uniform out of bag and putting on. config msg I believe. Using Option #3 (full camo). Only using uniform and not the pre-config Unit setup. Love the Mod. A MUST have!
  13. Von Quest

    Blackop/Swat Units

    U_B_combatuniform_blk_crye Getting an error for a missing icon pic in the Inventory. Is this the mod its from? I lost track but the uniform is all black so was guessing its this one...
  14. Looks really good! In testing during parachute freefall (do mostly HALOs), there is slight clipping on the right-side. Neck pops through. FYI. Thanks for the mod. Use all the time.
  15. Might have to try these out. Default sounds seem a bit 'sharp'. Especially the SMGs. Hurt my ears when I have headphones turned way up (only way to play, right?). Also, is that extra dust being kicked up I saw? Mod? Config?
  16. Too funny. The NV always bugged me. Pack those things away. They're expensive. Everyone walking around looking like unicorns with that sticking out. This will help alot thanks! Was tweaking each and every unit. You know IF this does anything IN-GAME? Does the AI need these to 'actually' see at night or no? Doing secret night-ops and the AI seems to find us way too easy. hmm... Thinking of doing two Maps for everything I do. One Day & one Night. Night one may reduce Units by 60% and lower spotDistance way down.
  17. Von Quest

    NSW Units & Gear (Retex.)

    Looks good. Can you explain how & what you did to get the Air Masks on when out of the water? Also, any plans on doing all the SEAL patches for any Units?
  18. Whoa! How did I miss this??? *Blown away* Using Trini's Dive Mate right now. Any update on release date?
  19. Von Quest

    Mitsubishi L200

    Very cool. We need more 'civilian' stuff in the game.
  20. Looks like you're gonna beat me to it. That's super bad-ass! I was using the Heli Helmet: H_CrewHelmetHeli_B Then I had the Pack jammed with gear and camo uniform, boonie hat, etc. Excited to see what you've done in your mod this weekend. Will be watching! btw: love the profile pic. HUGE David Duchovny fan. :cool:
  21. Found the same thing in testing. It can still work if you play around a bit. Jump into 1st person view and get your gun pointed to it as close as you can (feet on ground), and it should eventually give you the option to grab it. ---------- Post added at 13:00 ---------- Previous post was at 12:48 ---------- @ItsThomas Just went back and saw your picture on pg3. Very nice! I no longer have server space to upload and show you mine. Who do you use? My guy was in Black Jumpsuit, Black Mask, HALO Helmet, Black Re-breather, Black Carryall underneath, etc. Cool. How'd you get the O2 hoses working for the re-breather while still in the air? Thats freaking awesome!
  22. Von Quest

    Will there be rivers in Arma 3?

    All that water and no Rivers? Very very disappointed... :k:
  23. I love this mod! Hope it continues to get polished. Can't fly the plane for some reason. And you just clip through the ships. The submarine is too cool. Can't wait for that to get finished. Can't imagine what a complex process that must be to develop. Keep up the great work!
  24. Von Quest

    Arma 3 Editor needs an upgrade

    Would also love 'layers' option and color-coded Waypoint paths. I make huge, full, immersive maps; gets cluttered and starts to look like a child scribbled all over in black ink after a while. :p
  25. Do I smell genius? We have a WINNER!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Close enough bro. Love it. :dance1: Was using a 'crate-at-a-distance' work-around to simulate this. But this is the REAL deal here. Tried the attachTo thing but could not strap-on after landing. Also couldn't find setVector info in wiki. Didn't know what it was called. Checked forums then had to stay up late just to test quick. So far it looks almost perfect. Will test more scenarios and options later... Thanks again.