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  1. Von Quest

    Player/spectator... is it possible?

    George to the rescue!
  2. Von Quest

    Player/spectator... is it possible?

    Press ESC, and there is literally a button called SPECTATOR. Press ESC and click it again to switch back to Player.
  3. Von Quest

    Zero Dark Zero

    Right now it's only 1 hour of battery life I believe (once turned On). There is no recharge, or extra batteries. I'm currently redoing and expanding this whole project and will be adding Batteries and other features to the next evolution of all this. You'll have to manage when it's on, and select your timing to avoid a dead device. If you want to override it for unlimited Battery Life, the Global Variable is: BatteryIMS You can set it to true to override it once it dies ( BatteryIMS = true; )
  4. Von Quest

    Zero Dark Zero

    Thanks pal. Still active, just not much publicly. Spending most of my time on the Unreal Engine. Top Secret. 😉
  5. Von Quest

    Zero Dark Zero

    Double-Click on the Module and set it to what you want. All (most) the Info and Details are listed right there. The Default Classnames are listed right in the setup fields. If you don't want to wear Facewear, just delete it or set your own. The Default Helmet is the only one that produces the overlay helmet graphics. All Notes, and Example is a separate Download on the Steam Page. You'll need to DL the Example Mission, then Open the Map to read the notes on how to use the basics. Sidenote - currently rewriting the entire project, and will be changing the Name and adding several new features and Radial Menu.
  6. You Googled... "arma double click inventory"? A bunch of results pop right up.
  7. Derp. Sped-read while tired. Yup, sorry.
  8. Or.... Random Waypoints. Just paste into squad leader's init box: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_taskPatrol
  9. Some specific default functions: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_objectsGrabber https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_objectsMapper
  10. Von Quest

    Cookie Policy Popup

    Now me! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!! Every page. Every time. (using Android phone for forums) WTF????
  11. Von Quest

    Xbox One Controller Mapping (Xpadder)

    Don't spend money on either at this point. You'll lose it. Dev has stopped and there is no way to receive the License/Keys since Rob is gone. Websites, software, and payment system are still up and online. Not sure if anyone is gonna take over for him or not. Buyer Beware. DO NOT BUY. I may have to switch over to Xpadder at some point, or make my own software.
  12. Von Quest

    Xbox One Controller Mapping (Xpadder)

    We use Pinnicle Game Profiler, then had to switch to Padstarr. Sadly the Dev passed away recently. Rob worked on both. RIP.
  13. Von Quest

    Bitcoin mining scrypt

    It would just be a script that counts at a rate you set, to x decimals. It's just counting. Sounds odd/fishy. Not enough details.
  14. Von Quest

    Disable GPS globally

    -You can disable GPS, etc settings right in the Map/Mission settings. -ACE3 just remove that .pbo file that adds that GPS.
  15. You can do this manually in the Editor... Just mouse-drag over any and all Objects to select several at once. (you can also use Ctrl to select/unselect objects as needed also) Then Right-click on one of those Object (now highlighted) and select "Attributes" from the Menu/List to apply settings to all those at once. Icon Colors will also change and reflect the current state (red, grey, etc).
  16. Von Quest

    you need supercomputer to play this game

    ArmA is NOT a Game. It's a Hobby. It looks like just another shooter game, and is marketed as one, but it's an Open World, Sandbox, Development, Game Design and Creation Toolbox. It's like a epic Lego Set. You have to make and build most of what you want. It's up to you to make your own custom game. You're complaining about a box of Lego pieces that's rattling about and incomplete. We've all been there. It takes a long time to tweak and find all the hidden gems that will ultimately blow your mind if you stick with it. New users, (especially if you are coming from the Xbox and PlayStation world) will struggle for a few weeks until it "clicks". This is meant to be experienced as a simulation more than a simple First Person Shooter. If you stick with it a little while longer, and explore what it can truly do, you'll have an epiphany some day, and be like.... "Whoa! This is a game changer!"
  17. Just place into the Map as any Unit, Object, etc from the Eden Editor. Then right-click on it to pull up the Menu Options. You can change settings and it's appearance from there. You can do this with any object. Place on Map first, the Edit it by right-clicking for Menu.
  18. Von Quest

    Wind bug (weird)

    You stated it yourself...... You are using... Wait for it.... SQS! Rewrite it in SQF.
  19. Your model is a "suitpack" - which is the model that sits on the ground (folded uniform). You need to reference the actual uniform that is worn. It's 2 separate .p3d models.
  20. Von Quest

    Pretorian deactivate KI?

    Just place an Empty one.
  21. You have to leave the Trigger Area, then go back in. It needs to reset. To have it repeat while inside a trigger you'll have to run a script or turn On/Off a variable so the trigger resets via script.
  22. Von Quest

    AI can see through tree tops?

    Thermal Vision?
  23. Von Quest

    Unedited tanoa map

    You can use Modules and/or Scripts to delete on-map objects. Look at the included Hide/Edit Terrain Module in the Editor.
  24. Welcome to ArmA! You may or may not know already.... If you want to play around with bullet penetration (as per your workshop link), you may want to check out: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_traceBullets Enjoy!