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  1. Yeah, it looks like a glitch to me. Re-download /patch.
  2. Seriously?.... I had to shave again by the end of that. Who's going to read through a million lines of config code? Good God man! Start small. Then work your way out from, and add to that. Just do ONE GUY, with an Uniform. That's it. One. Nothing else... Isolate the issue. You're gonna copy/paste your way down into a black hole. Geesh!
  3. Wow! Didn't know this exists. Sweet.
  4. Von Quest

    Put music in a radio with say3d

    _heli is not defined in the 2nd Function (you're using a local variable). Just change them all to a global variable (drop the _ and use just heli). .......but it still might continue to play as I believe it's just using the Location of that Object as reference point to start the sound at.
  5. Can you Upload the Original Mission/Folder to Dropbox (or similar)? We can take a look and go from there.
  6. Something doesn't add up.... You should have the Original Editor Mission. You shouldn't be changing things directly in the other versions. Just Open the Original Version (the Eden Editor one), and then you'd EXPORT as MP. Thus never touching the exported version. Each change and work done, has to be exported each and every time. Seems goofy. Not exactly sure what your Workflow is here. (lol, 😓 why are you taking screenshots with a physical camera?) Do you have an Official Version of ArmA 3, or is it a bootleg? Odd!
  7. Von Quest

    Can bleed out time be extended?

    You can also set your Settings in the description.ext file: reviveBleedOutDelay = 1200;
  8. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/forEach
  9. Von Quest

    you need supercomputer to play this game

    See my post above. ArmA is NOT a game for the general public. It's a Sandbox + Toolbox. You BUILD what you what, how you what it. That's it. It's no mystery. It's an "unlocked" dev kit, disguised as a shooter, marketed as a video game. I can still play and dev on an old 15 year old i3 shitty laptop at 60fps. You can't drive a Ferrari in the snow. Learn to drive, or go back to an easier climate on Xbox. You knuckleheads are completely missing the hobby!
  10. Von Quest

    Help with _this select 0;

    If using the Editor, just use.... this to refer to itself. Example: this doMove getMarkerPos "tankwest1";
  11. Von Quest

    Water reflection bug

    It's a limit of the current Game Engine. The only true water is the game water table at sea-level. It used to be way worse! It's not bad now... You can explore making your own custom "water objects" as they are just .pd3 objects, but probably not worth the effort nor time.
  12. BIS_fnc_taskSetStateetState
  13. Von Quest

    Arma 3 FPS in Alive

    Because it's Arma... FPS are always over 100 in the menu. With anything more than just a handful of activity, frames can drop significantly due to the intense number of calcs per cycle when dealing with an open-world simulation like ArmA under the current game engine. It's normal for everyone. You have to think of Arma as a sim, not a game. It's incredibly intensive and taxing on all systems.
  14. Also I believe the BACKSPACE key turns Off/On the Icons too for better viewing in the 3D View.
  15. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_objectType
  16. If you name something, like an in-game Object, then that's its name. It's then a Global Variable. You can set Names in the Field in the Editor. Also you may be interested in setVariable and getVariable, etc https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVariable (guessing there is a translation issue here?)
  17. currentWeapon player; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/currentWeapon
  18. Von Quest

    Zero Dark Zero

    Anyone else missing the Player Options Module?.... I think I goofed something. I'll fix and re-upload later this weekend.
  19. Look into animateDoor? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/animateDoor Or, Maybe attach object to the door, then check direction of object?
  20. Yes! If getting into the ArmA hobby, I HIGHLY suggest using Notepad++ for coding. Its Free and easy to use. You can also get a plugin to colorize the ArmA (sqf) code... Notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/ KK's plug-in http://killzonekid.com/arma-2-arma-3-hybrid-syntax-highlighter-for-notepad/
  21. Von Quest

    Zero Dark Zero

    UPDATE: v0.5.3 ============== ADDED: Player Radial Menu (experimental) SHIFT+D UPDATED: Upgraded the Long Range Support Radio UPDATED: Hit/Damage Event Handler UPDATED: Lost/Dropped Gear UPDATED: Rewrote about 95% of CORE UPDATED: Official Name Changed to: Zero Dark Zero FIXED: Tactical Throw OTHER: Numerous misc, fixes, and tweaks, etc This may get worse before it gets better. This is the first of several updates for the summer. I'm in the process of rewriting the entire project. I added an experimental Radial Type Player Menu that's gonna be specific for this. Let me know what you think. SHIFT+D (default, you can change). Its only partially functional as its going to tap into all player click-options once all files get converted into the New ZDZ system. Currently only CORE has been rewritten. Note: Click the center Icon to go back one-level. Example: To use the Long-Range Support Radio (LRSR), place Transceiver into Backpack, and the Accessories into Gear Slot #3 (radio). Press SHIFT+D to pull up the Menu. Click on "Gear" then the Radio Slot (gear slot #3) to pull up the Radio Dialog (don't forget to Place the Module of course). Default Range is 5km to make a call. Extend out to 10km if adding the LRSR RadioPack Backpack. Press the R/T (Range/Type) Key for more options specific to the Channel/Support you are calling, for example: If using a Jet Strike, you can select the Direction of the Strike Run. Super busy right now with other home projects and getting into the Unreal Engine, so not sure how much time or effort I can put into this. I would like to at least see the full rewrite of all files and a few expansions. Onward and upwards.......
  22. What exactly are you trying to do? Start there. Do you just want a blank empty screen while playing (realism)? You can turn Off everything in the Settings. You can run code from numerous places. It gets complicated... You can run code from .sqf files in your mission folder(s). Some Examples: - init.sqf (runs automatically at game start) - anyname.sqf (needs to be called to execute - example from a Trigger, etc) - Triggers can run code right inside them, by themselves - Objects have a box you can insert code into (double-click to open) - Debug Console (press ESC, paste/type code, then press Local, etc) - Mods/Addons (way too complicated to explain here)
  23. You'll have to create a Dialog to use the Mouse. All other controls will be disabled though. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma:_GUI_Configuration
  24. Von Quest

    Does anyone know

    It's in your Settings.... Main Menu >> Game (I think).
  25. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Dynamic_Object_Compositions Basic default functions: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_objectsMapper https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_objectsGrabber Larrow's system works great too.