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  1. Squad Name: N/A - all Arma players Timezone/location : server in center of U.S. Gamemode preference: Army vs Army (advance & secure) Website address: http://globalconflict-A3.proboards.com Short description: We're not a clan and all are invited, starts Friday June 29th, 30 maps, Altis/Tanoa, various terrains and vehicles. 3 friendly bases each Army with neutral base as the objective, all bases vulnerable to attack. Language: doesn't matter, all welcome
  2. I've created a MP map using the RHS MOD with various vehicles (tanks/APC/jeeps/helos) etc. The skins (olive/camo) are different for each side and I've specified the items/weapons available in each vehicle (deleted for most). My problem is when the vehicles respawn, the skin and items default to their original design. I've created specific uniforms and items/weapons for the players and have a script that now saves the loadouts when the players respawn... onPlayerKilled - player setVariable["Saved_Loadout",getUnitLoadout player]; onPlayerRespawn - removeAllWeapons player; removeGoggles player; removeHeadgear player; removeVest player; removeUniform player; removeAllAssignedItems player; clearAllItemsFromBackpack player; removeBackpack player; player setUnitLoadout(player getVariable["Saved_Loadout",[]]); How can I make this script work on the vehicles? $20 Steam gift card for whoever can help me solve this! Thanks
  3. OK, so here are the details... I'm using the RHS MOD and the maps I've created are Multiplayer (Red/Blue) no Independence side. 1. Example 1 - I am using the (class name) "rhsusf_m113d_usarmy_supply" as a mobile armory. I've customized the internal armory with basic magazines, grenades, smoke, etc. I've deleted all the default items. I've also changed the skin to "camo" for red team and "olive" for blue team. 2. Example 2 - I'm using a Ghost Hawk and, here too, I've deleted all items and added 12 parachutes to the internal cargo and deleted all the other items such as first aid kits, magazines, etc. 3. All other vehicles (tanks, jeeps, APC's, helos) I have on the map, I've removed all their items, even the first aid kits that are on the quads. No other vehicles have items in them. I don't have an issue with the vehicles respawning, respawn positions, markers or anything like this. I used the respawn markers available in the editor. They respawn on their default marker, self destroy when their abandoned, the timers work perfect and I have them set for both sides (blue/red). What is happening is that when "any" of the vehicles are destroyed, they respawn with their default items as if I had just placed them on the map in their original state. Example: the armory vehicles I had set up with custom items, defaults to the original loadout that the editor gives it. The vehicles will also change their skin to either desert or the opposite of what I had assigned it (they have a random setting I think). I've tried messing with the dynamic settings and the others in that category, but nothing works. I don't understand scripting and I don't know how to modify them to suit my needs, thus, the offer of paying someone to do it for me. I've spent the past week working with the scripts provided but I have NO CLUE what I'm doing. I've got 20 different SQF files on my desktop that I've modified trying to make this work. I'm a total noob with this!! I even have all the scripting commands list, RHS class names, CFG lists for vehicles and weapons and everything to fill in the blanks, just don't know where they go :( I have a sample map in our TS (globalconflictA3.teamspeak3.com) if you want to take a look. It's in the Map Team room (if you need help with the download browser, I know how to do that :) Funny, I'm the only one on the map team so far lol wait don't laugh, I've learned a lot making these 30 maps :) and as soon as I resolve this last @#^@#% issue, I'll have them up on a server for all to play :)
  4. Sorry pierremgi, I meant no disrespect in any way. I'm an idiot when it comes to the scripting in ARMA 3 and I was looking for a little more assistance to get the script in my mission file. I tried your script several ways and couldn't get the instructions you sent to work. Unfortunately, I have no clue how to adapt them, what get/setvehicle/loadout, dynamic loadout or pylons mean, your speaking in a tech language that I don't know, I'm serious when I say this is over my head. I also never placed any pressure on you to provide this and I stated that the gift was for whoever could help me "solve" this, its not solved at this point. As an apology for any confusion and a thank you for your what you've done, I'll go ahead and sent you a $20 gift card. In the mean time, I'm offering $40 to whomever can help me resolve this issue by providing me simple instructions on how I can get this last detail resolved for my maps. I'm serious about getting this done which is why I'm willing to pay for the expertise. If the value is worth more than I'm offering, let me know because I have no idea but would sincerely appreciate the help.
  5. Thanks pierremgi, I put the script in a sqf file and it didn't save the skin or load. I appreciate your input. $30 Steam Gift card to whomever can help me sort this out.
  6. We've created 27 maps that are of the Attack & Defend type on Apex/Altis lanscapes with the RHS mods. There are (2) Red and (2) Blue bases with a neutral base in the center. Each base has vehicle and player respawn points with armories (except the neutral). Each base has a "sector" with attributes set for who captures it. The uniforms and weapons are also loaded and saved (we will create an option to alter weapons once we get some of these questions resolved) On the below list are the areas we need help with. We've searched the internet but most of the answers are 3-5 years old and were having trouble sorting through them to find what we need. Thus, we're reaching out here to hopefully find the help and willing to pay for it. We have a Paypal account or can do something like purchase Amazon gift cards or if you have another way to collect your fee, it's ok with us. We're hoping to find one person that's knowledgeable with Arma scripting/triggers & modules who can answer all the questions as oppose to going through several people for them. If you'd like to get an idea of what our maps look like, there's (2) in the "Map Team" on our TeamSpeak (globalconflictA3.teamspeak3.com) These are the questions we need help with: 1. The KOTH maps all have a "rearm box" and players don't have to open it to rearm, they just click rearm. How can we get this option/script? 2. Currently, if we use any ammo, when we respawn the loadout doesn't replenish, it stays the same as when we died. Is there a script to reload all ammo automatically? Can this be applied to resupply vehicles as well? 3. How to set up the helo and tank "rearm" locations. 4. Each friendly base has a respawn with the possibility that the opposing army can take it. Can we make the respawns unavailable to the side that owned them when thier captured? 5. Currently the "tasks" show the neutral base along with the opposing army bases as "tasks" (all are visible) Can we set it so that the "tasks" start with the neutral base (with the other bases hidden) and then once the neutral base is captured, the next base appears as the next "task" and so on? (we know this is done with the triggers and modules, but can't figure out the exact process to link them) 5. We want to set the maps to play 1 hour each. Is this something that is done in Eden Editor or on a server? 6. We need help creating (3) "End Game" scenarious: a. Blue Team wins b. Red Team wins c. Draw 7. Can we make a setting that should one side take all opposing army bases, along with the neutral base, the game will end before the 1 hour timer ends? 8. How to put maps on a server? (or is this something the server support people could help me with) And lastly, there's a lot of servers out there. What options should we look for in choosing one? We dont want the cheapest, but not the most expensive either. We're anxious about getting these maps on a server soon. Your assistance will truly be appreciated.
  7. We're looking for people who enjoy making maps? We'd like to create team of Map Makers that can make "Attack & Secure" style maps in the RHS MOD for a Tournament. If your interested, contact us on our forums - http://globalconflict-A3.proboards.com or TeamSpeak - globalconflictA3.teamspeak3.com Your contributions to the tournament wont go unrecognized. Salute!
  8. GC-Reno

    Need some editing help

    Thanks drift, I was hoping it wouldn't be too difficult to get the player markers and base locations on the map since every KOTH map on the servers has them. Is this a script that needs to be added somewhere? I did some searches for the "blufor tracking scripts" that you mentioned and cant find anything in the ARMA forums or with a google search. Any idea where I might find them? I'm playing around with the "triggers" and "sector" commands tonight and I think I might have figured a work around for what I'm trying to do. Thanks Next question I'm trying to find - how can I set a timer delay of 2 minutes prior to each map start?
  9. Hi, I've created some MP maps, 21 so far, using the RHS MOD on Tanoa and Stratis with Eden Editor. When I play the maps, I don't see my player on the "map" or friendly bases. Can this be fixed? Also, how can I add player ICONS so I can see my teammates during play? I have many more questions but I wont overwhelm this post. But one more is...I've created Red/Blue bases with a neutral base in the center. I set the trigger so the neutral can be taken by either side and go back and forth as may happen. After the neutral is captured, is it possible to make the next base, that belongs to the opposing side, appear on the "map" as the next target? Thanks for any assistance.
  10. GC-Reno

    Any Map Makers available?

    Hey I4, Ok, so first I need to apologize to everyone reading this post for my ignorance. I had no clue what it took to create a map in ARMA...until now. I can now certainly understand why M1 asked if there was any money involved, I wish I was being paid for all this time lol. I've learned so much over the last 4 weeks watching videos and learning what is involved with making these maps. OMG I've learned more than I really wanted to lol I should be making some of those YouTube videos now, especially the ones where the information provided is outdated. So here's where I'm at now, and I4, if your interested in being a part of this, you more than welcome and I would truly appreciate any help along this journey. My Goal: to create a fun campaign with Arma that has a variety of scenarios (maps) and involves team play. I see 100's of players in KOTH playing those same maps over and over and rarely seeing players working together. I played Joint Ops for 7 years, not many will know this one, but we had an organized tournament for many years and so many playing options. The possibilities with ARMA will surely last much longer. My need: 27 maps, I've got 14 done so far. I have another 8 with bases created but no additional details done, I'm working on it. I'm averaging 1 per day now after experiencing 4 days for my first map lol I'd like to create a map team of several people that can edit maps as needed and create new ones if you feel the excitement of where this journey is headed. Even if its just providing me with the advice to make these maps playable, I'll truly appreciate it. I'd even be willing to remove my name on the maps already created and give away the recognition. This is what I have so far: Red/Blue bases placed and designed (with distances and zone sizes) All Assets placed Player re-spawns placed Vehicle re-spawns placed All Attributes are set (have a few questions on some of them) Neutral base trigger set (a few questions on this) Where I'm stuck: custom armories (these need specific guidelines) cant see self/teammates on map make next base objective (switch back as needed) (trigger setting?) player loadout/attributes Once I have 27 maps, I'll get a server and run it for 30 days with these maps. I'll get feedback from the community on the best maps, modify/add more maps as needed and get a feel if the tournament is something that will prosper. If yes, we'll prepare our first campaign. I have the a forum and TeamSpeak already set up. So this is the plan. I'm excited and optimistic that this will work and be great!
  11. GC-Reno

    Any Map Makers available?

    Sorry, in our previous tournament we had players who made maps all the time for fun, was hoping to find similar for A3. However, should the tournament be successful, we would no doubt recognize any contributions made. I'm the only one, but what were looking for is really over my head, sorta. That's why we'd like to find a few people who know how to create maps within the guidelines we desire but the map makers would have free rain to create them.
  12. I hope it's is ok to post here since this forum has all the map makers info, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm looking for a map I can use/download on my own that has all the items listed in the "Virtual Armory" and all the vehicles available in ARMA so I can experiment with them. I appreciate the info. Salute!
  13. GC-Reno

    Need a map

    Thanks very much for the info guys. I started looking at the editor, which I never even knew was there duhhh lol and I can see the awesome potential! Couple of questions: 1. How can I add a Virtual Armory on the map (didn't see that on the list) 2. I've seen in some of the KOTH maps a "re-arm box" (didn't see this option either) I checked some of the YouTube videos, good idea lawman, and some say there's a code for the VA that would be needed. Heading to Steam now, thanks ineptaphid!
  14. GC-Reno

    Need a map

    Thanks! I didn't even know I could do that. Now I'm excited and can wait to start. Thanks again.
  15. OK, so I got a new mb, crosshair v form x w/8350 processor. I get internet next Wednesday and I'll do all the updates and download my purchase of arma3 from 2 years ago... Don't laugh :) believe me I've missed it badly! I need help tuning in the game & my computer so I can play and was hoping I could get with a guru who can help me out. I'm not a noob so I need someone who knows the game well and hopefully has the same mb...please :) I'm on the west coast and would be around after 6pm next Friday or even Saturday if that works better. Thanks for any assistance or suggestions. Salute!
  16. Since I no longer have my previous computer with the Arma download, do I have to purchase the game again? Is there a record somewhere of my purchase so I can download again? This is why I prefer hard copies instead of digital downloads. Thanks for any suggestions.
  17. GC-Reno

    How to reinstall

    Lol you have no idea how many times I've done that!! I see everything ;) and your right, my addiction is insatiable. CPU, MB and other attachments are done, now just need a geek to tune it in. I've washed my fatigues, they have s few hole's, but I'm so ready. Cya soon. Salute!
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    How to reinstall

    Thanks pig, I owe ya 1 ;) I'm doing all this from my phone until the computer is done and this browser stinks.
  19. GC-Reno

    How to reinstall

    This is absolutely great news! Thanks a lot for the info guys, I appreciate it. One last question, do you happen to have the link?
  20. Located in NV, played tournament in JO for 7 years. Got ARMA and computer couldn't handle it then crashed. Rebuild is almost done and can't wait to play. I like tactics & teamwork and I'm very competitive. I don't like COOPs except for training purposes. If I'm online I'm here to play and have fun, not bs on TS. I'm a vet and looking for a disciplined Team who likes to kick butt.