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  1. Thanks Ringo. I didn't know this was a script. I hope it works OK with the full release.
  2. What is disappointing is, that this feature has been shown in an early video from Dyslexi, and it seemed to work well. The first time I have launched the Alpha, I have wondered where this features was...
  3. This issue is already in the bugtacker system. It's marked as a minor issue, though it totally ruins the graphics. BI, please fix it.
  4. Isn't it simply due to reinstalling it clean ?
  5. What is your setting in CCC for Vsync? On my rig, if I choose "always enabled" or "enabled unless specified by app", I get the FPS stuck to 30 or 60. If I set it to "disabled unless specifed by app", my FPS vary between 30 and 60 as intended.